The Finale


A couple more


Salute to Pam!

I can’t thank Pam Garrison enough for sharing her enormous talents, my heart lunged for the pennants and I know have a new lease on life! My wallpapers,my text,my images,my trims, were all looking for a place to be and they just look so pretty together! With each one it’s of feeling of meant to be! I love them all! they speak to me!! I wish you lived closer to CT. but someday I will come to one of your classes…thanks for your generous spirit…..
Take a look……


You guys are teaching me sooooo much we are all bogged down with gifts! I’m telling you I walk around like the cat’s pajamas and then I see someone’s blog and I am greatly humbled…Pamela Garrison has it going on and all the girls at silver bella ! Go nuts girls..Jenny and I are traveling to see you so look out here we come.!! I am in awe! So please continue to spellbind me with your dazzle!! Blessings to the camp and camp leaders because without you i would be uninspired and that is very very bad for the creative soul…Love, JenniferWallpapersweet_2

Ladies Home Journal

Look what my friend Amy Leonard did…She is an uber stylist for many books and Magazine publications and quite Humble I might add…Wait until you see her spread for Ladies Home Journal this December 2006! So elegant…you can e-mail her for the know how!Silouette_1