I adore these

Special ones for the special time of year!Cimg4901

Crowning Glory!!

These are so addictive!! My very special friend Casey wore her the other night on her birthday and by accident all the photos are deleted!! I hate when that happens maybe I can get her to wear it again so you can see how cute they are on!! Take a look!Cimg4903

Some more close-ups


Long Overdue

Someone requested a picture of the tree so here it is laden with Sis Boom Pennants I feel like the studio was waiting for a craft like this to show off all the hunting and gathering I’ve done over the years…I’m going into places I haven’t been for awhile and Having my own little fleamarket in the craft room! Please feel free to ask any questions they will be for sale at the upcoming show so keep a watch! Best to you all enjoy the visuals!Cimg4937_2

New Friend!

Cari Kraft is a very talented crafter ! I forgot to ask her if that’s her real name if it is I am soooo way Jealous!! i once met a woman who changed her last name to Christmas Tree!! Have you ever heard of Laurie Christmastree? It’s a name you don’t forget! Any way Cari makes cute stuff and sells it in her Etsy shop go see but come back tomorrow I’ll have more to post…Il_430xn5082228Is this so cool I even bought one to have for my tree!