Sweet Girls

I met these girls at Silver Bella , Two sisters and their terrific mom all took classes and could not have been nicer. Then I kind of put it all together and realized they are the Popin girls. They are so creative and the store looks amazing. Wendy Updegraff keeps this chic store well stocked and bubbling with creativity. So go see the wonderful online shop and blog and tell them I sent you!! Say hi to her sis Jamie and loving mom! Get a load of the cool bedding…Sisboombeddingset3

Hoard them

Below is the definition of Hoard !!!

hoard |hôrd|
a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded : he came back to rescue his little hoard of gold.
• an ancient store of coins or other valuable artifacts : a hoard of Romano-British bronzes.
• an amassed store of useful information or facts, retained for future use : a hoard of secret information about his work.

True Confessions, I’m worried about Casey Scroll! It wasn’t a big launch it kind of came out with a whimper and I’m afraid it will get lost with all the hoopala of the Portland Quilt Market Introductions….So I’m making a pitch to buy more than you might and save it because it will always be great groundwork for the Sis Boom Collection Introductions. I love the movement the scale and the possibilities of amazing quilts!!! I had to show you what our dressmakers are making with Casey Scroll and coordinating stripe…love love love….So hoard this debut! I found a ton on Ebay by putting Sis Boom Fabrics into the search box! Keep scrolling down there are hundreds of Sis Boom Fabrics!! Hoard!! This is a loving suggestion not a demand..your girlfriend, Jen.Img_0923
Then we took older lines and played with the stripe!!!Img_0896

Guardian Angels

They are everywhere!!!!! I swear sometimes I feel so taken care of by my angels that come in the form of my mom, my sisters, my husband, my son, my daughter, my brother, my friends, strangers and yes even George the labradoodle! They all take turns guiding my thoughts and illuminating my mind! So today while playing with photoshop I found these two incredibly beautiful victorian angels that moved my soul and wanted to share their incredible spirits with all of you…Minusarm

Day Dreaming for Real

Just want to thank you all for supporting the new mindset and getting behind me on my last post. I’m grateful for the new year and all my blogging buddies that sustain me and keep the creative cells juiced up! We are blessed! Below is a floral hat that belonged to Grandma inside a glittered urn!! Img_0855

It’s all Good!!

Thanks everyone for your loving Birthday wishes I have my friend Charlotte Lyons to thank because I loved getting them!!!!….I’ve been hiding. You see it was my birthday, a very big birthday and I wasn’t where my mind thought I should be !!! That’s a drag and a heavy burden to carry. I just turned 50 and and became a card carrying member of AARP!! Who Knew? I saw a wonderful picture today and on it said what age would you be if you didn’t know how old we were?? Loving that sooo much. I am 27 have been and always will be and yes chronologically I am 50 but I don’t live there. I live inside my heart like my mom always did. You see She’s 75 and I am going to surprise her with a trip to Paris this summer because we don’t stop living!! We’ve learned numbers don’t define who we really and truly are. They are always playing with our minds those numbers, be it age , size, weight, and we give them so much power. But I’ve decided to out myself and you know what I’ve never felt more at peace. It’s so freeing !!! I love my life! I love my family and friends! But it’s more than that…I have faith that I’m right where I’m supposed to be! Not less than or more than just right size. Thanks for celebrating with me and enjoy 2008 wherever you are at in life be grateful for everyday because more will be revealed and you will discover as I have to savor the truth and not to buy into the numbers game. You define you…noone else.
Thanks Nuala and Karen for the absolute perfect day in Old Saybrook with all the amazing memories we shared yesterday…my fabulous fiftieth birthday. Thegirls111608

By the way

The winners of the 3 yard give away have been notified !! Honestly I wish I could give you each 1 yard for just entering…. so not kidding!!! You all mean the world to me. Have a Happy New Year and watch for more raffles in the future. Also heads up we now have a distributer in Spain and Portugal so for the rest of you around the world it’s only a matter of time…
All the best, Jennifer

She’s soooo cool..

The past issue of CountryLiving Magazine highlighted a dear old friend of mine Judy Lake who does the most amazing fabric lampshades and even offered a tutorial on her signature style….She basically rocks!!!…….here are two she did in Sis Boom Girlfriends Karen fabric…so lovin them!Img_0687

Teaching Gig at Tinsel Trading

Sign up early for my very first class at Tinsel Trading. We will have so much fun!! For times and all of that just follow the link to Tinsel Trading. We are on the Calender March 1st and a big thanks to the gals there for making it happen!!! A dream come true!!!!

Winner will be picked Monday AM

Wow after #78 I had trouble saying thanks to all you commenters! My stars have finally aligned and I am so grateful to all of you for encouraging me through this incredible process. I noticed some of you have difficulty finding the fabric so please let me know. I do try to keep my site updated and current. Likewise if someone is carrying the Sis Boom fabric line I want to know so I can list them on the site. Please help me help you! Everything I hear goes back to Westminster fabrics!! Also I understand we are breaking ground in the Europeon Countries and all of the Free Spirit and Westminster Fabrics will be available. For those of you in the UK please let me know what country and I will try to locate a distributer or store. This is a very exciting time
and I want to meet your demands. So stay tuned and again to all of you I say a humble thank you because it means a great deal to me that you are pleased with what you see. Good luck to all of you in the Raffle!!!!…Forgive me for not getting back to all of you, I am trying. I stole this photo from our last winner, the talented Ana Teixeira.2184991899_86f06e7d8d_m

RAFFLE!!!!! 3 Yards for 3 Terrific People

That’s right folks 3 winners each get 3 yards of Modgirls or Basics you pick the one!! So lets get this Party started!!!!Img_0104