check this out from Laurie Taylor of The Wooden Spool ..I never know what my peeps are going to do next but I am always impressed!!! Laurie has a great blog and just the nicest person you’d like to know…She is loving Modgirls and uses them in the coolest way… I just love the rick-rack and how she’s put it all together…6 fabrics work so beautifully together and I love the touch of Zebra around the shoulder! Thanks for showing us Laurie!Img_19131jpg

Wash is in…

I’m having one of those long awaited days …laundry is in my lovely assistant Jackie is coming in to spray .We are getting everything ready for classes at Silver Bella oh and please e-mail me if you are going would love to meet you before hand…. so hard to keep up in the yahoo venue…my stars…so summer is upon us and I wanted to post a picture of our new and improved little Katie bag we love that it goes over the shoulder!! So tell us what you think! Modgirls is rushing off the shelves so if you are anything like my friends you are stashing it away….I’m learning if there is a quilt fabric that you love, buy it….because it could be gone tomorrow…Img_0052

Girlfriends are Forever

Debbie Livingston my new best friend has three beautiful kids and quite the stunning girl herself has finally done a blog and look at all the cuteness for her girls…boy is pretty terrific too! She loves Nuala the Girlfriends toile that has now been discontinued but stay tuned these are Sis Boom colors and they will reappear mark my words..Img_3754

This Sunday in Connecticut

Come see for yourself the best antique show in CT right here in our little town of Wilton…Moon Hollow (the only shop in Wilton that carries Sis Boom) has the very best antique show on their property across from the Wilton High School Dennis Dunaway and his very attractive wife Cindy (people say we look alike so it works for me) open their doors to outside vintage vendors who have the very best in the cottage style elements we so desperately love to collect..I’ve been shopping there for years and they have quite the collection of Americana lovelies…I never leave empty handed….always a ton of painted furniture and vintage collectables…Go see for yourself and tell them Jen sent you give them lots of smooches they love that…..Goingbonkers

Attention Horse Lovers

My friend Nancy Deweir Geaney has finally opened a website!!! Many know her as the ex-super model Nancy Deweir…. Ralph Laurens Muse at one point…She has that amazing grace Ralph seems to capture in his models and just exquisite without make up! Despite her misfortune……she is the most lovely and grounded human being you ever want to meet…….She is also a crafty super model and cooks and bakes and rides horses and quilts the most exquisite saddle pads and quilts ….. just look what she did with Sis Boom girlfriends fabrics…I’ve met her horse Tys a very big boy I might add!! So I’ve included a picture of her on her horse that I love and if you want some good recipies and great garden ideas please visit her at the Lucky”U”ranch and tell her I sent you over…_mg_6490

Twirling Olivia

Can you believe this girl….how sweet is she….I wish you could have been flies on the wall while we took photos so many questions??? Why you put that there? why you have a chair outside? Where’s George? Why he not coming? Can I have a lollipop? and there are a whole host of other phrases only moommy Marie could understand…..Love these folks…. Marie has a great business I’ll post about later called Witchiepoo…she’s working on the website now …..but here is Olivia just imagine the spirit that we captured in the space of 20 minutes….Img_0154_205516

Rock the cradle!!!!!

Ok now we are rockin!! Look at the fab crib from my girl Susan Bridgefarmer from When-I-was-your-age well look at her crib and bedding made from none other than Sis Boom Fabric...this is what I’m getting at !!! Combine them if you love them they will work for you…She’s got the knack and she’s a great gal…tell all your friends and go see her stuff!Epsn0007

Scenes from the day

Thanks for coming !!Img_0084_2

Glimpses of the event

I am blessed!! Feel like the luckiest woman alive today …privledged and honored to have worked side by side with the Honorable Barbara Strawser whose art worked enlivened my porch with wit and whimsy! Today I looked out the window and got a sad pang looking out where she painted in the sun enjoying the weather and all the people !! I benefited by having her here enlightening me with her wisdom and kindness….I hope to make that our Spring event if she can squeeze us in on the calender !!! She understood why I do this twice a year because the people that come from near and far are so amazing...Danielle Muller from the Vintage Dragonflyand her Aunt Teresa Jenny from Everydays a Holiday My daughter Kate (13) says “Is Jenny Everyday coming?” she brought me the most amazing gift but check out what she and Aaron are making…to die for right so what are you waiting for ??? Go and see the girl….Who else? Oh my gosh Karla at Sugar Bear Designs stopped with some delicious treats for George and my Girlfriend Nuala’s daughter Siobahn (2) got a hold of one ….she was suppossed to be feeding George but it was to hard to resist these doggie delicacies. …and my friend Laurie, glitter lady from Martha was here!Also lets put pressure on Missy Galante who did the Interiors below to start a blog dontchathink? All in all it was magical!! Also I could never have done it without my daughter Katies friends who with their cheerleading and great music and laughter filled the house with a buzz of life and happiness and keep this place from turning into a Library…Love them all and thank them for their enthusiasm of everything bright and Sis Boom!! Tops off to Nancy Geaney and her daughter Genevieve who were held hostage for three days modeling and writing up sales receipts!! Last but not least my assistant Jackie who puts up with the silly humor of mine and grueling glitter tasks….Danielle_muller_jennifer_paganell_3

See you later