4 yards on me!!!

Whirlwind family excursion and back to work.  So pick your fave from the last three collections while I get my act together!!!  Thanks for all your sweet comments about my kiddos they are heartfelt!  Working on two new collections so stay tuned..As always I appreciate your flickr postings and your wonderful comments, I love the trail and support of caring that I always hear from you guys….  Tell me how your summer is going or not just leave a comment and enter to win. Raffle ends when my mom comes to visit from Puerto Rico!!! July 30th, we'll let her pick !!! Love this photo from my fave photographer and I believe his beautiful wife has a raffle as well.  Scroll down and get happy!!

Their Essence

Look at these amazing photos done by my friend Tim Geaney!  These photos were a gift to my husband and I on our birthdays.  I've never held a picture of my two that moved me so.  It's them in all their essence.  It evokes such a maternal instinct in me.  First and foremost I am mother to Matthew 19 and Katie 15.  They are the reason for everything I do.  All the hardship, all the joy , wrapped up in this single black and white.  Along time ago, when the kids were very small, I made a deal with God after a long mysterious illness that almost broke me, that if God would keep me here long enough to raise my kids I would never ask for another thing…..well guess what…everything after that day has been a gift.  So here they are , my blessings, my loves.  I could never possibly thank Tim enough for this priceless gift.   Well last week Tim launched his own personnel blog and I can tell you everything he does is pure poetry.  Wait until his blog unfolds before your eyes.  I won't give it away but the first picture he posted of the deer is mesmerizing as is everything he touches.  What I love about Tim is that he has an old world sensibility when he employs his digital expertise that truly expands the experience.  You can see for miles in his work.  Crazy about the man??? You bet!!!  How we are linked?  Through his beautiful wife Nancy Deweir Geaney of Dark Horse Farm Fame.  My close friend who happens to quilt the most amazing pieces of artwork.  These two individuals have inspired me greatly to work outside the box and not be fearful of the outcome .The creativity when we get together is endless….often breathless with enthusiasm whenever we begin to talk.   So Tim I wish you enormous blessings in all your blogging pursuits its time the world heard you in your own voice through the lens of a camera. all my love, Jennifer
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I’m so not alone!

Thanks for all that comfort!!!  I loved all your honesty!!!  The funny thing is  the moment it happened I wanted to blame someone !!! If I wasn't so rushed,If my son would get out of bed, if people could have helped me load the car, If my daughter would clean her room, If my husband had pulled his car up it never would have happened.  Oh my God self righteous anger came right in the side door and almost had me blurt out stupid stuff !!  Thank God I didn't cause hindsight tells me I need to slow down.  Rationale can take a life on of its own.  So I really appreciated you fessing up cause that pride can so get in the way of just keeping the peace!!  Speaking of fessing up my friend Victoria Bryant who writes the blog for Fabric.com  admitted to her little fender bender!!  I love you guys!!!  Speaking of loves I have another special love Terri Wilhelm of Terri's notebook  she has been one of those incredible Sis Boom supporters and I can't thank her enough!!  She looks like she's 12 has a heart of gold and delights in crafting beautiful quilts and I know lots of you identify with that!!  She loves Nature and quilts and believes in living in the moment.
Truly a lovely human being, a quality person who appreciates the everydayness of her life.  I learn so much from her!  Take a look at her coin quilt!!
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Car crash and pretty things!

Backed into the hubby's car over the weekend not something I recommend.  It still feels awful but I must say after sharing it on facebook  I am struck by how many folks have done it and aren't ashamed to say it!!!  It happens in a flash and when all the math is tabulated it feels like you want to hurl….oh and the question on everyone's mind is what kind of car?  He bought a nice Volkswagon economy car with a diesel engine just about two weeks ago and he couldn't wait to get it on the open road and travel forever on a dollars worth of gas.  I told you I was in a fog! Well somehow the fog lifts when you back your car into your husband's car that crunch of metal and steel and then him (my husband) flying out the screen door to see what happened.   In a flash I was stunned and mortified.  Somehow  saying nothing is the best thing to do.   Your son whose 19 telling you to go inside he'll talk to dad..talk about a roll reversal.  Why when we are economically challenged do these things occur????  So anyway I thought I'd share this with you and if you can top that please do cause my ego could use the balm.  While I'm here I thought I'd show some more pics of the Flower Power  bed.  Have fun creating your own nest.

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Nothing to say

oh don't feel sorry for me..theres a bunch going on my head is swimming and the kids are home for the summer.  I'm sure you can relate.  You ever get to the point that you don't know what to do next you are sort of in a fog but you have great people around to guide you so you feel ok about it all.  That's me today.  I am so grateful for my close friends and of course the husband who never waivers.  He's so clear headed that I am intrigued by that.  I didn't get that in my set of genes I'm an artist that thinks chalkboard walls and vintage hats are a priority.  When we redid the house 10 years ago all I kept saying was french doors, french doors as though nothing structural even mattered. Sometimes its a bit to superficial and I'm so grateful for George the big lug dog who eyes you as he walks closely by with a rubber toy in his mouth close enough where he can run if he needs to just out of reach hoping you'll need the same rubber toy at that moment, or hides behind your legs in a thunderstorm..that's the best.  alas you know how I get when I talk George sometimes I think this should be a blog about him and his friends.  It's almost the 4th and I got one of those wonderful e-mails the ones you stop to read but you really want to delete and it hurts to slowdown and take it in cause your too busy.   They are almost always forwarded  from my mother. The funny thing is as cliche and redundant as most of them seem if I stop and breathe and take them in they are rich with meaning.  This one was just a simple reminder to remember the soldiers this weekend.  Funny thing is we would be planning the BBQ and it would be so easy to get caught up in July 4ths festivities that I sometimes forget that .  So I wanted to just give a shout out to the soldiers and their families and thank them for the privilege of spending the 4th with mine.