A Piece of Girl’s World…

We couldn’t possibly gush about Girl’s World without giving you a sneak peak into the beautiful pages… the heart and soul of the story… the precious Sis Boom moments so beautifully captured by our very dear Tim Geaney. Enjoy!…

It’s really just an itty bitty taste. The awesome models below are Sophie and Lola!

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Our BIGGEST Reveal EVER!….

We’ve kept it a secret for so long.. and now is the time to share the joy and excitement! It’s Girls World!!!!!! Jennifer’s Book! 21 Sewing Projects for Girls!

This is the time for Girls World!!
A time to invite our daughters to share in the most sacred of ways..creativity

You will experience the most perfect and magical of moments just dreaming of ways to create your very own signature style in your very own girls world.

Sis Boom adores children and we are grateful to be a part of your connection to your children.
Truly the world is their oyster and they get to imprint their own notion of design.

With Girls World, we get to be the message carrier of the generations that go before us.
Sis Boom celebrates your world!

It’s not just an amazing book full of special, near & dear to our hearts sewing projects… but also a Sis Boom journal AND Sis Boom Notecards!

Big News Coming Your Way Tomorrow Morning!

Mondays are usually blah… but, not this Monday!…..

We promise that your Monday, aka tomorrow, will be fabulous, amazing and exciting. We’re about to drop some super big, huge, wonderful, exciting news..

That’s all we can say for now!

See you first thing in the morning. Check back at 8:00 for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! xo

A Seriously Quick DIY Project!!

Flipping through Flickr we’re always, always inspired by your genius creations. A recent photo posted by our dear friend, 100 Billion Stars really got us excited. It was a simple Queen Street dot in a teeny frame, topped off with a J. Wow… we thought.. How simple, how special, how quick. This is when we had an urge to share a special DIY idea!

Finally– a use for all of those stray frames lying around the house and in the attic!!! Here we used mostly Honey Child with a teeny splash of Queen Street to get a happy, bright, bold vibe going. All you have to do is frame the fabric, cluster the frames up on a wall and viola! It’s SO COOL!

Our Marcella Pillow is HUGE hit!!

So in writing about the Marcella Pillow (featured in the most recent Sis Boom Room), we performed a little Google search… and to our surprise we discovered something really AWESOME!!!!!……. Hold On to your seats!!!…

These pillows are not only hot off the press, but they’re HOT HOT HOT!!!! They’ve been featured in a super rad online Magazine, High Gloss in a segment named “Roll Call: Pillows”… Our Favorite Pillows of the Moment!! But that’s not it, folks… Within the TOP 25 pillows are TWO MORE from Sis Boom!!!! How Fun and exciting and what a special surprise!!!

Below are snapshots of Super Sweet High Gloss Magazine… fun, fun, fun!

Like what you see? Shop Ten 25 Boutique has ALL FOUR colorways of the Marcella Pillow! Go check it out! For a complete list of stores that sell Sis boom Product (pillows, rugs & aprons), check out the list to the left, “Sis Boom Products”. Enjoy!! xo

Sis Boom Room Marcella IV

This is the fourth Marcella pillow of the collection, and we can’t get over how fun it is to take them from bohemian to sleek and modern to comfortable and cozy. Possibilities are limitless! This particular Sis Boom Room is near and dear to our hearts, as it features a couple works by our dear friend, Barbara Strawser!! … And how sweet is that little Gnome Table by Kartel?!

Here are all four Marcella Pillows…

Now, we all know a Sis Boom Room is never complete without some Straight up Sis Boom Fabric accents… With that being said, my picks for this Sis Boom Room are Rosetta & Mikalea from Honey Child!!! While geometric Mikaela will make beautiful, flowy curtains, lace-like, floral Rosetta can be whipped up into some quick, huge statement pillows! Have fun!!

To check out all Sis Boom Rooms HERE!

Take My Breath Away!

This dress is like a little bit of magic… and this sweet little girl is also quite magical herself. How fun are the Poodle tiers?! Turns out this adorable pattern is a Palm Tree Princess exclusive and we just loving it!

Monique Dress!!

What a pretty, pretty dress!! Makes you long for Spring, eh? We spotted it on the Sis Boom Sightings Flickr Page!!! We’re loving the Poodle Tanya in Green as a full dress! How happy!!! That little touch of Marnie in Green certainly doesn’t go unnoticed! So crisp & clean! This dress is called The Monique Dress– and was a sample made for City Craft. She’s a beauty!

Ever Seen A Labradoodle Read?!

We were walking through the house the other day, working very hard, of course on exciting Sis Boom related sorts of things, when we stumbled upon Georgie (of customer service) reading a Country Living book, Perfect Patterns! Go figure!!!!…. George is into fabric?!!

We could hardly believe our eyes when we picked up the book and noticed a number of totally exciting things… Not only is this book absolutely beautiful, but the cover of the Perfect Patterns book is a design by Your very own Jennifer Paganelli!!! yeahh!!!…

Then, just when we didn’t think it could get any cooler, George flipped to a page he had previously DOG eared (eh hem, get it?) and we saw a pillow designed from, yet again, an oldie, but great-y, Jennifer Paganelli design! We were all pumped up and just about to get back to work when George hollered, “There’s more! There’s more!”… He then proceeded to flip over to a page that featured Jennifer’s very own bedroom! How awesome!!! Way to discover, George! Like what you see? Order yours today by clicking HERE

Oblong Pillow is Jennifer's Fabric Design!!!

Jennifer's Bedroom!!!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!!! What a treat when we flipped open All People Quilt and saw a beautiful journal cover designed with our very own Sis Boom Poodle Fabric!

Two things we L-O-V-E… Poodle and journaling!!! Thanks Nancy Wiles, All People Quilt Design Director! What an honor!!! And yes – we agree, makes a wonderful gift! Take some time today to journal or craft… You deserve it!