Contest!!!!!!!Drawing December 31st 2008

We have a contest!!!!! You can win 5yards of fabric from the Bell Bottoms Collection!!!!!
Here’s the deal!!!! Using Georgette Bouquet and Kat Stripe make something wonderful and show us the goods!! Go to www.freespirit to see how beautifully these coordinate…They are meant to be used together!!!!!! Post your anything on our Sis Boom Sightings site on Flickr and at the end of this year we will pull a winner!!!!! This is your challange!!! Can be anything you’d like to make but must include these two fabric coordinates…!!! You’ll also be highlighted here on my blog and put on the blog roll…prime real estate if you ask me!!! So let’s go have some fun with these!!! Feel free to incorporate dots they work beautifully also!!!!Img_1213Jeniferjanuary

You carried me!!

A long way home from dropping him off lots of tears…mainly I felt it all went so fast one night I’m reaching in his bassinet at 3am scared to death he won’t be there…..(that sleep depravation was so real) and the next he has a girlfriend and spends very little time with old mom……life on lifes terms but at any rate through the blurred vision on my black berry you all comforted me on that drive home each and everyone of you !!! So thank you….so guess what I picked a winner Jeanetta Darley so keep an eye on her blog for the second raffle!!!! Thanks a ton for all your comments..keep um coming..they are so important to me..Jennifer

I don’t know if I can do this….

Today’s the day we take my son Matt to UVM to drop him off for his first year at college! Yowser(?) The days leading up to this have been a ton of teenage angst and difficulty and I wondered if God makes teenagers so it’s easier to say good- by for awhile…But inside those arguments are a young boy that I don’t want to lose …see I’m losing it….may have to give up on this post……My boy, my first born is leaving the nest, that lump
that keeps closing in my throat. I love him so much and the man he has become, kind considerate and extremely loyal to family and friends…..(as I write father and son are at odds packing him up) but no matter what at the end of the day with lots of sweat and tears we are very much a family! The kind I always wanted. The kind that loves unconditionally………so why this book of all his childhood favorites because I will always remember the nights together cuddled up on the sofa before bedtime and how we would read 2-3 books a night and end with “Goodnight Moon”……that is until he learned to speak his first words…..”no moon”!!!!!…because for Matthew it meant the end of the day and bedtime!!! A boy who always wants more!!! No doubt in my mind he will achieve greatness not because he’s smart but because he’s honest and loving and will always do the next right thing ….I adore you Master Matt whether you ever find this or not …my heart is right next to yours…listen for it…MaMa48837198

I adore this Quilt!!!!

The balance of color the symmetry …all of it !! I love when someone else has a vision of how to put these fabrics together….Anyway while you are waiting for your name to be picked from the raffle below download the pattern for this from Freespirit and start sewing….Love to see if anyone is doing anything fun with the dots would love to see and please post everything you make with Sis Boom fabric on our Flickr site …Okay take a look would love to know what you think and as always I think you guys are just the greatest…JPQ143_1_2

Aug 24th raffle deadline!!

Not Sept 24th as posted on prior post…..I know what you all are thinking……I had a ton going on that day I swear!!!

Okay Okay Okay Raffle starts now!!

I put this post under games cause we do have fun with them…..Here’s the deal, Leave a comment and on September 24th at 5 o’clock from those peeps who left a comment we will draw a winner!! The winner gets two Sis Boom Composition books!! One for them and one to raffle on their blog!!! If you don’t have a blog I will pick the second winner!! Choose from the basket your favorite Sis Boom fabric notebook. If you are in, just start leaving your sweet messages cause I luv them so much…Have a great week!!!! By the way thanks Patrice for putting up with my blond moments at the flea market this morning, Good luck to you all……Img_2530_3

Some more photos!!!

Just a few more and then a raffle!!!!! The first picture is actually a room for sale in the flea market when a mansion or castle in Paris is renovated the complete room is sometimes cast out !! It’s amazing!! Believe me if I could have afforded it and found away to bring it home it would be mine right now!! Anyway these pictures our of the Siene, Notre Dame cathedral, Rodin Museum and incredible Rose Garden, The Louvre, and some girls behaving badly!! Thanks for indulging me!! So watch for the raffle starting next friday!!Img_2024

Bonjour!!! (mom kept up)!!

wowowowow!!! The Eiffel Tower is unreal!!! Thanks for dropping by with all the well wishes!!! It truly is all that I fantasized about! …on top of it all I hired a fleamarket guide named Merry Liuzzo who will take you to the hot spots of Paris and beyond…with the dollar at an all time low I didn’t go crazy but I saw the most amazing artifacts that came via the flea markets..she grew up in the flea market where there are almost 2000 vendors and she knows everyone so if you are planning to go hire her for a couple of mornings to get your bearings and see the underground of Paris through her eyes! …Anyway three generations seven incredible nights booked through Paris Perfect. We stayed in Rully and through the Laundry-room window we could see the Eiffel Tower and the magical light show every half hour when the sun went down and of course we went to the top our trip would not have been complete otherwise…The weather could not have been kinder! Beautiful summer days and we averaged 4-5 miles a day walking!!! It was all about mom who giggled endlessly at the site of the lights on the Eiffel Tower! The Tower is blue in honor of the French Presidency of the European Union! Please watch this You -tube to understand the shimmering spectacle! Just posting a few photos today of this wonderful experience! Thanks to Sophie (my niece) Katie (my daughter) Meghan (my sissy) and of course mom who kept up and at times blew us away with the passion of the city to you all I give great hugs and thanks. My husband Peter and Matthew, my son stayed back from this girlie trip and rightly so, shopping the Champs Elysee is not for them! Img_1919_2


Just arrived back from Paris and found this amongst my e-mails!!!!! Totally Parisian I must say! I got whiplash! Michelle Dyer made this for her daughter! So while the pictures are downloading I thought I’d show you! Please e-mail her and get her started on a blog!