Pretty in Pink

Laine rocked the Mary Fancy Sash Dress in our Girls World Book!!  She’s 14 and it fits her beautifully!!  I love the pink!! or should I say Candice in red!  This is one to hoard. I hate when I say that sounds like I’m trying to get you to buy but that’s not it.  Everyday I get inquiries on older lines that are off the shelves and it breaks my heart when I can’t help you find something.  If you love a fabric try to  really put some away I know folks that wait a year or two and then sell on ebay because they know the demand will be there.  If it’s something you really really love get it while it’s hot.  nuf said.  Remember Girls World is our first book and this lovely dress can be found inside and the book includes the pattern.  Makes a great Holiday Gift.  Only 14 on Amazon as of right now!   The value is terrific if you had to purchase all the patterns individually it would be a $60.00 book!!  Thanks Laine for making our photoshoot complete and for mom and dad to trust us with her!!

Hancock’s of Paduchah has the fabric in Pink.


Tim Geaney

Whenever Tim comes in the house I feel so special.  He’s a busy man, hugely in demand, and always so gracious.  His wife is ever so busy as well with the demands of Vagabond’s Daughter. Nancy always gives 100% to me.  She is make up and good cheer and adds such good humor to the day.  Madeline (read about her here and her amazing services) this was her first photo shoot on her own.  I was blown away… and of course the models and especially their mothers who trust us!!! Big responsibility.  Stage moms don’t have it easy and Nicole Morris takes it all in stride.  The children our hers. Then we brought in Laine Parsons who just yesterday was the little one trailing her older brother and sister, and look how she has blossomed. That’s the beauty in the long dark hair. I am so blessed with well-mannered, good looking children in my neighborhood!!!  The best is that we have fun on set!!  Tim, even as the sun sets at 4:00 and it’s dark outside, still rolls with it, even as we know natural light is always preferred. I really love this amazing team.  Happy Holidays to all.

Here is Madeline in this beautiful photo.

Don’t miss our Holiday show! 9-5 coming in two weeks..I should start making stuff. 🙂


Holiday Dress

We introduced the Betty Ann later in the game to get a jump on spring but look what Jenny did for her daughter Kelsey.

She made a Leighanna peasant and used it beautifully under the Betty Ann.  This is sensational for the cooler months.  Jenny you’ll have to tell us that sweet fabric on the blouse. Lovely.  We will never ever get enough of Jenny’s wonderful work!

Look at some of her amazing work using our patterns and even one she designed herself.  Jenny at Sew Pretty Dresses you make my world go round.!




I love a patch!!

Something about patchwork makes me giddy.  My friend Lynn Harris who I had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting at Quilt Market made this amazing quilt.  I just adore it in every possible way.  First it is made from the latest collection Happy Land which is so high on my hit list of favorite textile lines.  It is so exciting to share this with you. So check out my friend Lynn of The Little Red Hen and enjoy her amazing world of quilting. Mwah!!!

Great Holiday Gift

Create boxer shorts for everyone on your list!!  Google Jennifer Paganelli Fabrics and lots of seller choices come up.  Search Etsy and ebay too!! Pattern  here!!


Everythings working for good..

That’s just what it feels like this Holiday season.  So much handmade love going around.  This holiday season let’s keep it in America.  It may be a tiny bit pricier but it’s keeping business in the USA and keeping business local.  We employ about five people and that number can shoot to 15 during the Holidays, although it’s not a lot we feel good about it and know in time that number will grow.  So here are a few things from our very own Judy Buchanan who creates hundreds of items to be sold around the world.  She works diligently and long hours to keep her small business humming along.  If that sounds like you, we are 100% behind you. We are such a big supporter and we know firsthand what it takes.  She’s got everything for the season. Stockings, pillows, clothing, ties.  She can help make it magical so please keep her in mind.  Judy you are such the best!!


Georgia Pape Handy photography!

Going fast! Holiday Deal!

Our Holiday offer has been extended!! The demand has been unreal!!  We love you all soooooooooooo much!!  Please order early to save on shipping!!  We send Priority so it will get there if ordered in the next two weeks!! Please tell your friends!! Have a cozy Sunday and watch for fabric raffle coming soon.



OK so this is the fabric of the week!!  Must be!!  Check out our lovely Monique!!  do you believe how she rocks the Rebecca!!  The two of these girls I tell you make me look so darn good like I actually know what I’m doing.  So Carla technical writer extraordinaire says lets put these on sale on Black Friday and get the buzz going. PDF’s are here to stay so try them at our new reduced price..PLEASE!! So go crazy will you?? Coupon code BFSIS12 $8.00 and yes Bettyann and Vanessa are there!!! Oh and you’ve never made a dress??? only quilts??? We say these are Quilter Friendly so give them a try.  share your concerns with us we are standing by!! Get on our mailing list to hear all the wonderful things going on at Sis Boom.

What I’m thankful for..

That’s easy..all of you!! and your photos and your smiles and your incredible generosity.  But most of all the amazing love you all send me everyday.  For that I am truly Thankful.

Below Jenny in her Thanksgiving dress The Shana Bell Tunic she wears so well.  Fabric can be found at Quilt Home.

All my love, Jennifer


That’s right Laminate is sweeping the nation!!  Folks be loving this new product and love the way it sews.  I asked  Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars to show folks what to do with Laminate and she went long!!!!!  As in garment Bag!!  She didn’t stop there she’s even offering this cool design for free!!!  This is one talented lady!!!  We all know that Laminate can be a bit pricey bit remember it’s 54″ wide and that’s quite a bit of goods to do several projects. Melissa also told me to make Laminate last longer line with less expensive fabric.  We are the cheat club!!!  Keeping costs down is our mission when we are in business!!  Thanks Melissa.  I love your surprises!!  This is so uber cool and I am enormously grateful for your amazing ideas.  A book is in this girls future!! I want a signed copy!!!  Ask her questions about using Laminate.  She is a pro and has great ideas for you!!  Painters tape..she’s got the 411!