5 yard giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

In one yard increments!!!!! Any way you would like!!  Get started with your fantasies !!!!  You've got a whole week. Going to class today at Make and Mingle the fabric store with a pheonomenal twist  to learn from the great Maya Luz from Project Runway. God I hope she likes me!!! I don't think my day could possibly get much better except I'll be hanging with my girl the very famous and starting to get famouser Nancy Geaney.  Weez gonna be makin handbags!!!!  I'll show you after only if it turns out ok!!!!!  So hook up with Maya on her website..I'll tell her you say hey!!!  She's so clever how about that ball and chain handbag of hers..adorable love the metaphor!!  So that's where I'll be while you leave a comment for five yards yup five yards of So St. Croix the back of a quilt, a dress, a skirt, whatever you can dream up ok???  Don't forget to leave a comment and enter to win.  This raffle ends this thursday at 5pm.  You go girls and boys!!!


The Cathy Pattern

The Cathy pattern is clogging up the  world wide web! Folks with their rubber necking ways trying to get the ultimate peek.  This Cathy dress done by the amazing talented Mindy Adkinson on facebook is so super delicious I just had to share with you.  You can make this and all our other patterns at You can make this.com a bit of a tongue twister there.  We like to make it easy and then don't forget all of Carla's other patterns too.  About a jazillion!!!

Different views

You’ll love this!!!!

My friend Marnie over at MRR design makes these by the thousands and sells them to boutiques most likely in your area.  She does all the designers great fabrics as well as denim and other solids. They are a great gift and I love giving them away..Remember Mothers Day  Sunday May 9th 2010 will be around the corner soon. They look like little presents before you even put the picture in.  There is a design for everyone in the family and she even personalizes!!! The perfect gift for mom. Tell her I sent you she'll be glad you stopped by. oh and by the way Jona at Fabritopia has got So St. Croix love that girl and I also got a shout out for Sew Fun on Etsy!!

also sew love on etsy..we got you covered

show us what you are working on..


The Scientific Seamstress

Look what Carla wrote on her blog yesterday

Yesterday a.m. I was getting my daily dose of Craft Gossip, and I came across a post about something very bright and beautiful. The Dolly Donations Blog offers free patterns and instructions for making sweet dollies to give to charities. Spearheaded by Sarah Hanson, a talented and energetic artist, the drive brings crafters from around the globe together to provide comfort to children in need. Currently, they are working to make 181 dolls for the Abundant Ground Foundation, which will provide the dolls to Haitian orphans.

via scientificseamstress.blogspot.com


Piping Roses on Felt

Remember those roses we made about 2 months ago???   OK so now we take those and adhere them to cardboard circles on the underside of the tulle and voila like magic they stick.  I adore this if you make one please show me , you know how I get when you don't share!!!!  Also the quilt for So St. Croix by our friend Scott Hansen  is up on the site and you can now make one for yourself!!!!!!  It's a bit hard to find but it's there and it's a free download.  Yes and don't forget all the good deals on Sis Boom fabrics in the previous post ok??????   oh yes and George in the background is sleeping sort of with one eye opened (he's being punished )because he took out all the trash from the garbage can!! yes, covered with coffee grounds when I was upstairs embellishing the tulle skirt..You could call that place where he's sitting the doghouse!!!  


The Sidebar

Tons of my fabric on sale at Hancocks of Paduchah  .and at Sew Mama Sew..START THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Marie Madeline and the Fat Quarter Shop  have So St. Croix ..and I've also got something brewing for Spring so stay close no need to go anywhere!!  As you can see lots of exciting things happening in the world of Sis Boom.  So on your marks get set and don't forget how much we appreciate all of you!!!!!! LOADS I'm talkin LOADS.  Hey If you are a store and you've gotten So St. Croix and you want to whip something up and be spotlighted on our blog well we would love to have you!!!!! Monique also saysFabric com has Dance with me on sale..great prices..go crazy boys and girls.

Yes this beauty is on sale!!!  So love when it is quilted up.


Flash back

Actually we had three more winners of fat quarters….big wins at Sis Boom so keep coming back…Congrats to Angela Spalsbury, Suzi King, and Beth Prince ..lots of fun we have here..I'm telling you..OK so like I said flash back here I am at a photoshoot for a local mag around Christmas time and right now I'm working on a cool stocking having fun with sequins..I could do this all day…photo by Pam Rouleau for Wilton Magazine.



Winners have been chosen

but then again you are all winners in my book….I mean it when I say this I fantasize about the day when everyone that leaves a comment gets a prize!!!  You all make this business most meaningful with your incredible hearts.   Talk about winners how about all the folks that post pictures up in our flickr group that's what I want to talk about!!!!  You must visit and see all the fun we have over there. Get inspired cause there are folks making wonderful things.  Check out Jenny from Sew Pretty dresses and Monique from Sew Fun Just check out how Jenny used the peasant pattern to make a sweet top for her gorgeous daughter It's an all out party with these two!!!!! Whether you use our patterns or our fabric we want to see the goods..Just ask Jenny and Monique!!!!!  xoxoxo

February2010 058
February2010 060

Here’s how it’s going down!!

Leave a comment and enter to win one of three fatquarter stacks of So St. Croix …Absolutely right, 3 winners!!! That's 18 individual fatquarters.  We like to up the odds here at Sis Boom because we all love winning!!!  You guys have been so loving and patient and I want to let you know how much I appreciate it!!!  So the clock is starting and will end this Sunday the  21st at 5pm .  I figured somewhere in the world it is now the morning so lets get this party started……

Sostcroix raffle copy

Cutting Room Floor

Yes we are cutting those fatquarters as fast as we can and the angels have heard your requests.  Tomorrow we will raffle 3 sets of fatquarters of So St. Croix, yes you heard that right Three lucky winners!!!  We'll see you here bright and early tomorrow morning when the raffle starts. For now you are going to need to lean on this little lady!!!