or a dress!!


News Update

Great prices at Sew Mama Sew as well as wonderful tutorials..  Quilt Home has got all your favorites including loads of So St. Croix, the New Marlo pattern is almost here!!!! Carla is going to kill me and Jenny!!! Start with Jenny she had hers posted before me!!!!! The adult version to Cathy!!! Just in time for Summer and remind me at the end of April to tell you something about a Poodle.  And of course Tim Geaney was in the house with his amazing eye!!  Thanks Tim!!!   That's all for now friends, I wish you all a blessed day!!


See what I see

Sometimes I see patchwork in the coolest of places!!Halucination-of-Amai-Rodriguez--2

Chit Chat

Somehow with all of the chit chat I was doing I actually accomplished a square ok maybe Maddie pinned it all together and maybe I was doing an unusual amount of talking but somehow it got done and here are some pics from the quilt a long!!!  Looky me on the sewing machine…I don't know how you all do it ..It snagged three times and I just wanted to run away and not play anymore (not really) but I'll stick to the hand sewing my grandma Tyra taught me.  xoxox


Big Hugs for all of you

Seriously, one happy crafternoon making quilt squares for Haiti !!  Tammy You will be so moved by all the hearts that gathered for your charity today!!!  Nancy was in the middle guiding everyone towards creating this beautiful tribute.  We can never thank you all enough for showing up and helping to create this wonderful quilt and to Make and Mingle for hosting such a joyous celebration of life.  I loved meeting you all and in that environment it was so easy to get to know one another. So to Peg, Julia, Charlotte,Karen,Melissa, Linda, Diane, Natalie, Ashley, Madeline, Cindy, Cheryl, Lynn, little Madeline (birdie), the other wonderful designer Kate Spain...yes !!!!  and her lovely friend Amy!!


A little Birdy told me!!!

So many of you know my girlfriend Nancy Geaney!!!!  Well guess what????  Nancy has  been highlighted in this new amazing book!!!  Love the cover ,who doesn't love the bird motif!!!  Nancy contributed the most amazing quilt to this wonderful LITTLE BIRDS book. It's a book of 26 handmade projects to sew stitch and quilt .So congratulate Nancy  and tell her a little birdy sent you! Oh and there are many other amazing woman creating wonderful things but one of my favorites is Bari J's little birds that she designed for this sweet little book. So tell BariJ who many of you know as another amazing fabric designer , that her birds are so way cool.   Congrats to everyone involved!!


See you Sunday

OOPS there seems to be some confusion the event is at Make and Mingle Please don't show up at my house cause I won't be there!!!!!

Sisboom quilt for haiti at copy

Mark the Date!!

Come help us make way for new ideas and creativity!!!  We are doing quite a bit of house cleaning and it's all going!!!! For those of you who live far away. …..There is product out there your job is to find it and there will be lots more to come!!!!  So view the aprons and tablecloths and have fun.  You all have waited so long for product and this is just the beginning. xoxoxo

Call your Peking Handicraft representative to find products near you!

FRONT Sis Boom Sale postcard

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Blocks for Haiti

Just had to share these blocks!! Be inspired!!!  Read earlier post about quilting for Haiti (if I could do a trackback I would)  You all are the very best!!!!


Oodles of Charm

Take a looky and get inspired!!!  We found another Sis Boombette!!!!  Amy Humphreys is so talented and I found her by accident I guess you could say. She is an extraordinary designer that mixes it up with knits and quilting fabrics and even lycra looks like.  I just adore her designs and the photos speak for themselves.  Make certain you stumble across her website and give her a shout.  Amy we really appreciate you opening your world up to the Sis Boom reader.  Your work is amazing.  She also suggested doing knits with Sis Boom designs I think she's onto something.  So if it ever comes about we will have Amy to thank.  BTW The Quilted Castle has unbelievable prices looks like everyone is making room for May Market so take advantage and load on up!! xoxoxo