Follow up to my sisters ongoing Dog Saga……

This link will take you to an interview of my sister Meghan for the local Atlanta news …type in" Wild Dogs Loose" the new concern is having the children trick or treat with the dogs lurking somewhere…sounds like a pretty scary Halloween to me.  Very frustrating circumstances but now maybe someone in the Atlanta area will see this and something more will be done.  Thanks for all your comments they were a huge source of comfort to my sis…the last frame of the dog rolling in the grass is her new rescue….JJ  Life goes on…Jennifer

Another One with Prelude

Look what NancyIMG_3044
 made and she's happy to give directions ….great for the beginner!!!  Contact her and she'll give you the how to.

Casey Scroll Lovingly Transforms

I say lovingly because that uses my artistic license, Prized simply for their handcrafted quality they sell for up to $150.00 on ebay but I found them at the flea market for a song!  Some may say I have devalued them but I saw them regally transformed when I purchased them.  Crepe Paper and IMG_2969IMG_2968IMG_2970
Casey Scroll fabric give them a sweetness that came alive when I clothed them.  Maybe someday, long after I'm gone, they will be worth even more because they landed at the home of Jennifer Paganelli designer and visionary to castoffs.  I can only hope!!  I've got another quilt to share and will post as soon as my daughter gives me my camera back…… these days…

5 lucky winners!!!!!

Lots of Winners in our Prelude raffle , I love 5 chances to win !!!!  So congrats to Gina Flusser,Teresa Bennett, Heather Hall, Carrie West, Stephanie LeMasters, and I threw in one moreStephanei Chan!!!!  Don't worry we'll have another one soon….also please whatever you make with Sis Boom Fabrics put into our flickr site Sis Boom Sightings!!!  Wanted to tell you my friend Nancy Geaney master quilter and good friend made this quilt and funky pillows  with the 5 Prelude fabrics.  The Pattern is called Times Square and will be available through Roxanne at Quilters Alley in Ridgefield CT.  I'm hoping that Roxanne will make up some kits up with Prelude when it becomes available in January for all of you so email her and if you'd like a kit made just ask……Boomer

Imaginary Friends

Don't you love these guys???? I found the rabbit at the flea market for $75.00 and I never pay that for anything but I think he's the Velveteen rabbit and believe me time worn from incredible love but what took my breath away is that he appears to be praying and I need the reminder!!  So he sits in my studio watching and just when I have any less than feelings he's there to remind me I'm ok!!!!  It was a ton of money but he called to me and his message is priceless to me…I know when I craft I can sometimes be judgmental and if you ever feel this way find yourself questioning your abilities you can come back to this post time and time again and know that you have a cheerleader in me and my bunny!!


The I Almost Forgot Raffle!!!

Hey friends 5 Sweet Fat quarters to 5 Sweet Gals go on leave a comment and that will enter you to win the raffle!!!! Raffle ends this Sunday the 19th of October at 5pm!!Prelude23


Prelude is so beautiful the colors so rich and saturated…Yeah for me!!!!! I got Katie holding them while I flashed a few for you. Show me the goods when you start whipping things up You know I always want to see!!!Img_2899

Back by popular demand….

You asked for it and Freespirit is delivering…(still about 10 weeks away) do not wait!!! Get your orders in
cause like all of you I needed me some and it was gone!!!! You all have been e-mailing me and I forwarded them all to Westminster Fibers (parent company) and Voila! It will be available in the black and white and the brown and white and I’ve been told no more reorders. I hate to create hype but don’t hesitate!!!! Okay if I scared you into ordering then Have a Happy Halloween… you guys…JenniferImg_1381