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I did it, I announced Lucky Girl on Facebook. It’s always thrilling to launch a new line but it can be terrifying simultaneously!! You just always want everyone to be happy and that you continue to raise the bar for yourself.  Achievement can never really be measured so it has to come from within.  I like this line so much and know that you will have so much fun putting the designs  together. You know how much I love seeing your work and if I can help you launch a little biz so you can stay home with the kids I am happy to do so!!!! So I hope you are enjoying the summer it can be difficult juggling kids and your biz but take heart in knowing it will come when you are ready and not before.  Savor the notion that you are right where you are supposed to be!!




Beauty unbound!!

I can say that because Michele Conroy Andy Whitby from My Georgie Boy hasn’t put the binding on yet.  This is drop dead gorgeouness at it’s finest. Holy Cow!!  Made in Australia I’m sure she will ship to the US.  This huge beautiful double quilt is amazing made from Circa!! Only one available!!! I am so inspired by this each block looks like framed artworks.  Way to go my Aussie friend!! You are on fire!! I had the wrong name posted..forgive me Michele!!

So there you have it !! Hawthorne Threads has plenty on reorder so you should not have a hard time finding it!!! Make sure to put your name on the list or contact her!!

Love the Dreaminess of the photo!!

Way Cool Hipster!!!!

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE has added a new pattern to their tiny but growing steadily pattern collection!!  Smash Hit each and every bag she makes!!  The she is Suzanna Marosi McKeon and she is on a serious path to success!! You can buy from her Etsy shop or you can make one your own with her  wonderful patterns!  Remember size is everything and I love that these are such wonderful works of art and yet hold so many items.  Keep her in your bookmarks..more to follow.



That’s what Circa gives us!! It’s a Glance at the past but not a stare. We love to borrow from the past but we love to fussy it up with all your favorite colors.  There is something you relate to something you can’t quite put your finger on..that would be the sentiment from an era gone by!  Hickity Pickity , along time friend of Sis Boom has embraced the sensibility of Circa and as always spins her own style amongst the folds.  We love her creations and we hope they inspire you. Get to know Judy Buchanan on facebook because she sells her wares and if you don’t sew this is your chance to get lovely affordable clothes made from Sis Boom Fabrics. Thanks Judy and of course the lovely Georgia who takes the beautiful pics!!

Pom Pom Party Pouf & Garland Tutorial!

It’s time to craft!!! Join Jennifer as she walks you through the Pom Pom Party Pouf & Garland tutorial from Happy Home.

It’s a GREAT project for the Summer — think of all those special moments you can decorate… from BBQ’s, birthday parties and beach parties to weddings, kiddo parties, and well, even a special room in your home!

These are fabulous projects to do with kids, as there are kid-friendly options. The Plastic poms you will see come wrapped up in a twisty tie. It’s a safe alternative to the hot glue gun, and still achieves the same, beautiful result.

As always, we like to remind folks that the glue gun should ONLY be used with parental supervision. It can get very hot and can be dangerous.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Did someone say Zebra?!….

Adore is a great word that comes to mind when we look at this beautiful woman in a classic chunky zebra (Lauralee) from Super fly.

The zebra will live on forever, in its playful simplicity. We LOVE how this darling sewer of blog, Goodbye Valentine used Lauralee in brown to create such a classic dress. Clearly, with some shades, a sun hat, and turquoise chunky jewelry the look is complete. BEAUTIFUL!

A Perfect World – Sis Boom in Australia

Dear Australia. Thank you for all that you do.

Today we are taking a special moment to share our LOVE and APPRECIATION for dear friends and supporters in Australia. These friends support Sis Boom wholeheartedly, and consistently provide us with mesmerizing eye candy that we are able to enjoy from afar! We’re so happy that the land of Oz loves what we do!!

We recently requested that fabric shops in Australia provide us with their links, so that all of you Aussies have the opportunity to snag up some Circa!

Sis Boom is so blessed to have worldwide support. We love each and every one of you so very much!



Fabricoholic for Oz Handmaidens

Tiger Pickles

Little Cherubs Craft

Funky Fabric Shop

Sew This and That

Tea Tree Fabrics

Fantazia Fabricland

Jiddi’s Patch

Miss G’s Fabric

Fabric Love Australia

Fabric Pixie

Crafting with Sis Boom!

Aren’t you lucky… this is a fun announcement…

This summer we will be doing a series of CRAFTING VIDEOS! Your host will be… Boomer. (he’s lovely, really).

Enjoy the snippit below, introducing you to Crafting With Sis Boom. It’s time to get your craft on, Sis Boom style…

You have 2 weeks to gather your supplies, which are all listed in the Resources section of Happy Home. Get your signed copy HERE.


Winner Winner!

When I threw up the Circa 1/2 yard raffle you all SHOWERED me with kind stories, memories, tid-bits about yourselves, and I had a BALL reading through EVERYTHING. As always, thank you for the endless support and for filling the blog with your loveliness and kindness. Sheesh, we should have raffles more often 🙂

As you know, I never manually chose a winner, everyone’s comments are equally precious and warm my heart so very much. Our randomly selected winner happens to be someone that I just met recently at Surtex in NY. Thank you, Kim Moulder, for the awesome comment and for stopping by my booth. You ROCK! You’ve all gotta check out Kim’s designs. What a compliment, that comment was, coming from the lovely and talented Kim 🙂

Hope you all have a seriously awesome day. Stay posted for another raffle sometime soon.

Lots of Love!


2 Days left to enter Circa Raffle!

In case you forgot, we’ve got a Circa raffle going on!! It ends at midnight on 6/15, which means you’ve got all day today and tomorrow to enter! Read more about the raffle and comment on the original blog post HERE. GOOD LUCK!