Like I promised!!

The Three winners of our raffle are….Patrice Heisler from A Sentimental Journey, Alison Gibbs from Creative Arts and Craftsand Kim
of Kim’s Play Place. Thanks for playing along I so appreciate all of your enthusiasm and support of this new Collection! Okay ladies show us your talents! We can’t wait to see….Please as a last request for everyone using these fabrics please post in Sis Boom Sightings on Flickr we love seeing what you all are up too!! JenniferImg_0938

It’s Official !!!!

Nancy Geaney’ s now one of us!! She is uber model turned superdeduper!!! Love this gal! From Marzipan to quiltland she is working all sides of it and with such fluidity and grace please welcome her and tell her I sent you, it will mean the world to her! Look at the fun things she has created with Bell Bottoms….The bathing suit works too! We forget before the 1950’s lycra and spandex hadn’t come on the scene and cotton was common place. Not only is it good looking it’s reversible….!
It’s the simplicity of the halter dress with the iconic bird that makes it so original. She will dazzle you with all sorts of ideas! I have to rest after she leaves because it turns into a creative frenzy with one idea spinning off another! I thought I had a ton of energy…JenniferSunbathe

Raffle starts now!!!

Winner to be chosen on March 30th. I like this one !!! Three Big Winners!!! 3 stacks of Fat quarters with approx 16 fat quarters each are going out next week when the winners are announced next Sunday……Good luck to all of you!! The image below is some of the new colors in Casey Scroll!! lots of good things are happening here at Sis Boom so stay tuned…Crazy about all of you…JenniferImg_1352Img_1347_2

Hippity Hop!!

First let me say thanks to all of you for your take on the “H” word! What I found out by blogging about it is that it’s all good!! It’s all how you interpret it! But if I was at all feeling a slight I pull up my favorite prayer in the whole wide world which is “God’s rejection is my protection” so even when I want something so badly that doesn’t work out I can rely on my faith. Speaking of…. It’s Easter and look what my girl Kristen at Sew Mama Sew has come up with! They are the best aren’t they so inventive and so inspiring. They make you want to get out that dusty sewing machine from the 1970’s and get your zig zag on!!! Kristen used Sis Boom Casey Scroll and the coordinating stripe… Look what she’s come up with now…6eggs

Just a note!

looking through blogs earlier yesterday I came across my dear friend Clarice Fox-Hughswho embraced my blog from very early on and must has stopped everyday until she was sure I was up and running..She’s a mother hen that way and keeps close tabs on her peeps. She was so loving and encouraging and I have a special place in my heart for her! But yesterday I have to say I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this photo because recently I was pegged as being too “Hallmarky” not sure what it means but when I see this I see someone who gets what I’m about…..Refreshing the timeworn with a splash of color and these in turn will be tomorrows time worn. This picture is a celebration of what I am about..” I can see yesterday from here” One foot planted firmly in my roots the other possessing a very modern and relevant handle on today..ok so humor me! Thanks Clarice !!!
and if you can describe Hallmarky let me know..


Laundry Day

No more drudgery with these wonderful bags..can almost hear the birds chirping! We are combining velvets
and applique and the wonderful Bell Bottoms get out the Tide and lets have some fun!! These are lined and heavy weight just waiting at the top of the stairs with the kids laundry ready to go! Let me know what you think, oh and next Monday the 24th of March watch for the best raffle ever!! Img_1478

Oh My Stars

I am so struck by the beauty of these combos …. Taking a design cue from the very talented Luann of Back Home Again we’ve been putting more thought into the patchwork philosophy of creating our aprons. We are so psyched the way these turned out and of course we dipped back into Mod Girls and Basics to achieve the ultimate in paired treasures. Hope we make you proud LuAnn! ..and of course since we sold one of our Tunics I thought I’d list a couple more.Img_1454

Infinite Possibilities!!

I know I’m spending lots of time romancing these but it’s because I love them so much. I’m having a hard time making decisions because they play off one another so well! May will be here before you know it and I still haven’t made any reservations to Portland Oregon not Maine which I could have easily flown to and wondered where the party was… I sound crazed?Untitled2

See right through!

Happy Monday folks, I’ve developed another fun banner project that can be done in a few hours by just a simple prep. For this one use pictures, letters, mementos, to create a one of a kind inspirational banner or hanging scrapbook… Once again, we use the iron on backing, then sew clear contact paper to surface in the center just like a picture frame, sew around the sides and bottom, leave the top open to pop in your computer printed letters or pictures,” I love the exposed stitching” This is quite simple if you just use rick rack to sew pieces together and don’t want to tackle with any pipings. The nice thing is it’s Versatility…create for any occassion. I think this one steals the show! Thanks for coming by…oops almost forgot the font is called Coffee Tin!Img_1436

A little Birdie told me!!!

Fun with the new line begins with shapes…look at these fun circles!! We know Stores are always looking for ways to display fabrics in their shops so clients can see the scale and how fabrics work together…well look at this grouping. The bird template is from Maya Road. We simply traced the bird onto fabric and ironed it on to a fusible webbing so that we could use the bird for just about anything…For the circles, Just get yourself a round cardboard circle, cover with a round piece of fabric a bit bigger than the cardboard….hot glue edges to back of cardboard, cover those edges on the back with a round piece of flannel which just gives a nice finished look….This is great for coasters too!! These circles are great to have around the shop for inspiration! Buyers pick up the circles and carry them around to create their quilt stories….. I also like creating banners to show different snippets of fabrics in an arrangement…Share with us how you display fabric and what has worked for you….As always I love when you all drop by….have a great week.Img_1277_2