Our ERIN pillow in Adore Home Magazine!

We ADORE Adore Home Magazine like CRAZY.. so you can imagine our excitement this morning when we were surfing through their uber colorful, beautiful pages.. and spotted our ERIN LINEN POLKA DOT PILLOW!!

You know how much we LOVE a polka dot over here at Sis Boom..

We pumped up that polka dot on the ERIN pillow, infused it with color… and boy, does it make a statement! Imagine this polka dot beauty on a side chair? Bench? Bed?! AHHH! Unlimited options! This design also comes in GOLD and BLUE

Love it?! Available at Wayfair!


Happy Shopping! Thanks Adore Home Mag for the awesome feature. we <3 you!

Happy Home’s Playful Pattern Pillow

One of the many gems inside Happy Home is this sweet, Patterned Pillow (can be found on P.42 for all of those that have Happy Home!).

These sweet hexies would be awesome on any bed, armchair, kitchen bench, or even as a throw pillow in a child’s room. Here we used a mash up of Sis Boom oldies.. from Poodle to Queen street (and more).. Imagine this in the softness of Circa?! How lovely would that be?!

Sigh. Love this so much & we hope you do too!


Scallop Wonder Banner

We’re loving this banner in a kiddo’s room!

(Say hello to our first KIDS Sis Boom Room)

Umm… Curtains anyone?! Happy Land would add the perfect touch!

It doesn’t end here… our Scallop Wonder Banner would look WONDERful :

  • Hanging high above a crib
  • Swagged across the back of a bench
  • In the dining room as a birthday dinner embellishment
  • As a just because statement
  • Soaring through a child’s room
  • As an every day greeting in the faywer (why not!)
  • Well, really, anywhere!
  • Swinging from tree to tree at your Spring picnic!
  • As a welcome home greeting
  • Secured around a desk-top (as seen in Girls’ World!)

It can be left out in your home all year for some serious cheer, or used for special occasions and so easily stored ’til next time.

Varied Sis Boom fabrics ensure a bright, happy statement. Measures 80″ from first to last scallop + length of ties. Handmade with love in CT.

Get the point?! This fabric, Scallop WONDER banner will work wonders.

1, 2 & 3: Sis Boom Happy Land

4: Jennifer Paganelli’s Girl’s World

5: Jennifer Paganelli FRANCA embroidered pillow

6: Jennifer Paganelli ANTONIA embroidered pillow

7: IKEA Minnen Childrens Bed

8: IKEA VITAMINER HJÄRTA heart-shaped Rug


Also pictured: Ikea elephant & Easel


Colorful Love

See how fun??  no perfection, no judgement, just have a good time..then cut them out string them up make a sweet banner..bring the love along.  Thanks for all your twitter and facebook hugs we appreciate them so much. 2013 is your year, give it all you got!! xo  Notice my lovely laminate tablecloth for making messes.  Has anyone seen Happy Land Laminates for sale?? looking everywhere..xo


Trace a Heart and doodle

and I’ll get back to you!!!!!!

PPSSSSSTTTT, don’t tell anyone but get your watercolors out when you are done!!


What I do in January

So here you have it!! Jenny Fish asked if I was doing my Vision books I actually was in Country Living several years ago for my journals.  I mix family and ideas and dreams all in one place.  This is when I hibernate and get cozy with the animals inside my warm fortress!!!  I love these I love imagining a world of Sis Boom Color everywhere.  So tell me what you are dreaming of these days.  Look for a giveaway soon.  Oh and thanks for stopping by..it means the world to me!!


So get cozy and watch a good movie while you dream of taking yourself higher!!  Always here for you!


Give those scraps a home

Ever wonder what to do with all of your tiny fabric scraps?! We love Mod Podge and scrap garlands (get inspired!).. but we love this the MOST…

Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars has taken some scraps that sat idle in a baggy and gave them a new way to shine and be useful! It reminds us of a beautiful Sis Boom rainbow! What’s better than that?!

Peep Melissa’s Bits and Pieces blog post for the full scoop!




A Pretty Valentine

She’s gorgeous.  Found her on facebook !! Georgia  Handy one of our favorite photographers took her photo and just happened to be a dress by Becky of Granny B’s Clothesline!!  Becky you all ready know we are crazy about you and tickled that this beautiful photo showed up!!  She certainly is a pretty Valentine.  So sugary sweet!!! We love you sweet one. Fabric is Natasha from Crazy Love..Perfect for your Valentine..


What we are Loving today…Quilts

Rachael of Blue Mountain Daisy is a good friend to us!!!  She is a magician!! Look what she has done with Super Fly and some West Indies Scraps!!  By the way lots of your favorite fabrics are on ebay right now!!!  Search Jennifer Paganelli!!  I digress! We love Rachael , we love her photographs but most of all it’s her enthusiasm that resides in her quilts. They are energetic , happy, prose!!  Ok so grab up some Super Fly and get inspired!!  Thanks lovely girl!!!! and thanks to your handsome helper too!!!


Sis Boom Collection

sometimes we like to share what else we do…Take a look at our embroidered pillows available at Moxii .  Thanks Moxii, we love your site and are so grateful you are representen!!! xo