Fireworks Raffle

Ends July 6th 5pm…Just leave a comment and you will be entered to win 5 packs of fat quarters 2 in each of a random selection in the BellBottoms Line from Sis Boom. Good Luck friends!!!!! Just one lucky winner this time!!Img_1426_2

Sweet Friends of mine


Thank you Ellen!!!

Wow , opening the mail today I felt I’d won the lottery!! I have long admired owls of every kind!! They intrigue me! Lately I’ve gotten into funky vintage ones! So I noticed these on Ellen Crimi-Trent’s blog the other day and I flipped …..they are so cool! Her collages are so sweet and she is so talented in every aspect of design and she has little kids running around!!!!….How does she do it???? I’m just glad we struck up a friendship when she reached out and wondered how the blog thing worked and we have been friends ever since then. I like her energy and can tell she is a very good soul!! So look at me now, the very lucky me, with a signed print of Miss Ellens. What a hoot!!!!!!!!…oh I just couldn’t resist…Thanks Ellen I love it all! Img_1209_2

It’s Here my baby boy has graduated!!!!!!

Didn’t I just push him down 86th street to the local bodega for fresh vegetables and give him a lollipop for not touching anything???? Here we are at 18, graduated and on his way to UVM??? Saturday loved ones will gather and wish him all the best life has to offer! My feelings are jumbled and unpredictable even at times feeling inadequate as my husband and I send him off into the world. Have we done enough? said enough? Back when Band-Aids healed boo boos what will be the balm for his soul? The places that hurt? The sadness that occurs to every human being as they navigate the world? The disappointments, the rejections, the name calling, the feelings of lack and insignificance, at this juncture what kind of wisdom can you send a child off with??? My son has taught me so much about life even recently saying “mom when you yell at me it feels like you don’t like me…”
that was hard to hear but the good news is I heard it and was able to in turn listen and tell him I was sorry that I made him feel that way. It could be that I am trying to show him how hard life will be if he doesn’t do what I say…cause I know better but do I??? The one thing I have learned is that the big predictor of wisdom is experience and that I can’t give him. So why do I continue to insist I know better. Maybe his experiences will show another outcome. The one thing I do have is an enormous capacity to love and care for others and bring hope to a situation that may be dark and bleak. That is something I can share with him, that is my gift to him. Life doesn’t have to be hard when one has faith and I’ve always told him God is there to listen. So to my sweet boy I say take all your fears to that happy place where God is listening and watch the magic cause his plan for you my dear matty boys is better than you can possibly imagine.Img_0869

My Girl Tanya

This girl is one to watch. Many of you got to see her in Portland at that amazing booth of hers with her very talented mom by her side. I thought I’d fill you in on some of our show background noise that makes these Markets so fun and giggly and we get to feel like school girls with the family back on the East Coast…..looking for Soda when we were totally parched just to have our last coins swallowed up by these mean mega machines that looked like they new better than us……putting a chair together from IKEA a big joke until lovely Erin McMorris showed up !! Getting a lovely corner of the hotel restaurant where I got to know her mom ! LOL moments because we think the same. Somehow Tanya and I made a connection long ago when I first met her maybe cause I saw so much of myself in her as a young new designer wondering which way was up!!! Look at her now , Her Textiles are fresh and exuberant, Her palette sweet as Tupelo Honey ..(Both big fans of Van Morrison) and her sewing patterns couldn’t be anymore straight forward…..Take a look at her Quilt Market Posts and see that fun booth. I give it a smashing thumbs up award. Look at this photo of Miss Tanya I love it !!!! It says it all…Tanya2

Mom told me there would be days like these….

Wow, You took me by surprise! You came from near and far, you brought gifts, you brought flowers, you brought cake and cookies, you waited for the day, announcement on your fridge, or a bulletin board if you have a sub zero, but you waited, anticipating the days we could be together…..You shared the joys the sorrows, the giggles,the handmade items from Sis Boom Fabric, You made me laugh you made me cry, You showed me your humanity, your goodness your failures and successes, Your rejections your approvals but most of all the buoyancy of the human spirit, We are a family , a community of folks who celebrate handmade
and the joys of creating from the heart. Some strangers, some close friends, but you you knew with a name Sis Boom it had to have that element of surprise…that twist, that something special. We don’t take ourselves too seriously because life happens when you least expect it……we’ll look back and see the kids jumping on the beds outside, the wet dog smells running through the house after George was squirted with water from the hose outside by the neighborhood boys that grew up here helping my husband work on the garage. We will remember the fresh Strawberries Barbara brought from PA and the Angel food cake to go with it… The cutest couple ate lunch under a tree, Children used Barbara’s paints to squiggle while mom perused the halter dresses. Close friends came with their posse when the book publishers showed up at 2pm on friday…ensuring we looked busy. Saturday 90 degrees and you never stopped coming up the driveway. Mothers and daughters came to be inspired! Young Girls wanting to work and be a part of the Sis Boom Legacy of girls encouraging other girls.. So many people showed up to help and be the experience. Barbara painted outside under the tree having lots of chats with various folks who love her and her fabulous work. At this point I think its important for you all to know many years ago I had a dream and for years I wanted more and rejection and disappointment was never easy even though I was grateful for the small strides. My mom always reminded me to be in the day and enjoy the goodness in the day. She always said God has a plan and for years despite my insecurities and doubts I prayed for for the willingness to believe. Well fast forward ten years of shows hard work has revealed itself…never give up!
Lastly a huge thanks, I see all your smiling faces, but I could never name you all and as a sensitive person It would kill me if I left anyone out. You all matter!! You all matter to me! Thanks for showing up with your
love of the craft. You have moved me greatly. Love, JenniferDsc_0398_2

Merit Awards

Thanks for all the great suggestions!!! Look what I came up with…long enthralled with Merit awards, badges, winners ribbons and ceremonial bling . I wanted to create something to honor the graduates on their special day! With ribbons, crepe paper and glitter I found away to commemorate this happy occasion. How fun are these…Img_0624_3