So much excitement over here at Sis Boom I'm telling you!!!!  Just take a look at what Jenny over at Sew Pretty dresses has come up with!!!  Her son is the photographer on this one and she expressed apologies for her lack of hairstyling but I must tell you this is one pretty dress and even if she had a bag over her head she would turn heads with this pretty she made!!!  Jenny is a soul sista who screams from the tops of mountains the importance of using Sis Boom fabrics and I feel very fortunate to call her my friend!!!

Next up is our friend Melissa Stramel from Lilac Lane . Get this she made this from the fatquarters she won!!!  She didn't waste any time at all in getting something beautiful created.  Melissa we are Lovin this so much.  Thanks for putting this in folks imaginations, it is so inspiring!!!  So please check out their blogs and tell them you are a Sis Boom girl.  They would love to connect.  They love to help.

Please know that we love to share and appreciate all the photos you send and share they make this world so exciting..ps enter the raffle and pick a face below. Winner will be selected Sunday.


Face off and another Poodle raffle!!

Here goes!!  Pick your favorite face!  Make it 1,2,or 3 and when you leave a comment enter to win a fatquarter pack of Poodle!!!!!  I had so much fun doing this!  As I embroidered each face they actually came alive!!  One is actually kinda pouty!!!  So if you love the dolls and have to have a pattern and all the clothes to go with it get on Carla!!!!  Could be a fun kinda thing to make.  It's a ways off but we'd love to hear from you!!!  So enter the raffle by leaving a comment and let us know your thinking. Raffle ends Sunday!! #1 is Priscilla, #2 Natasha #3 Tory ! 


Have a great Monday

You all mean the world to us here at Sis Boom and we are crazy about you!!!  love, George 


Grab your French Press

Melissa P. from 100 Billion Stars is always inventing and coming up with unique applications for Sis Boom fabrics.  I also understand there is a tutorial in the near future.  This looks so pretty and makes you want to sip a bit slower and take your time a little longer. I love it in our Poodle!!  Thanks Melissa for another amazing project ..You light up my world!! 

Dessert 00038

Bringin it Sis Boom Style

Lynn Whelan a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer is making her way over to the Sis Boom Collection and I am so honored!!!  I too have grown up with Lilly and Merrimecko and my work is grounded in that but the departure is evident in the way I use graphics and large scale toiles to build my collection.  Love the use of the dot here too!!!  Not sure whose fabric the bow is but it is a beauty and ties it all together literally!!!  So take a look at her lovely aprons on etsy!!!  Lynn it's so exciting to watch how you put your spin on our fabrics, thanks for the salute our way very much appreciated!!  Best wishes!!!

Apron half jp st. croix4a

Sending a Dear Friend off to College… In Sis Boom Style!

Natasha Babchak, our dear, dear friend, is on her way to Chapel Hill NC! We are so proud!

When the opportunity for a Sis Boom graduation tent presented itself, we immediately thought of fun and easy, layered fabric table clothes, big, huge, poms, Casey Scroll votives, and flowing ribbons… A grouping of things that can instantly transform any setting. 

After working with the Grad Gal to figure out her favorite fabrics, we were able to transform a plain white tent with basic tables and chairs to a heavenly sea of vibrant pink and orange, complete with Natasha's College flag (gotta represent!) The transformation was so fun to see. A special thanks to everyone who helped that vision come to life!

What a way to show our love and send Natasha off to Chapel Hill in style! (You go, Girl!).

Madeline, Myself & Natasha get excited after setup is complete! That's one reason to celebrate!


Each table was complete with 3 different fabrics!… one main layer with an alternating circle accent, and Ball jars full of flowing fabric in the center. Little votives, and flowers, which were added later, made the look complete! 


Step back and take a look! Very happy with the finished product!


You are not gonna believe this!!!

Heidi Porth of Quilt Home just alerted me of Poodle on sale.  She says there is a coupon code for 25% off the fabrics and the patterns!!  She must be delirious! (code is PAG25)…from all the heat!  So take advantage before she takes a dip in the pool and realizes what she has done!!!  Oh and sign up for her news letter so you won't be left out the next time she has heat stroke!!  Thanks Heidi for such a great opportunity!!!!


George of Customer Service is goofing off!!!

I hope it hasn't been too obvious that summer is here !!!!  Shipments of Poodle have all gone out or so he tells me.  He is lovin' his job!! 


Painting by number

and other fun things.  Coming back to the work that has piled up, mom has been visiting and we giggle a lot and don't accomplish much.  Hope you are all well I could never thank you enough for all those raffle comments. I read and reread while I was home sick and they made me swoon..thanks for always reaching out and touching my heart with your words.  Talk soon J

Pattern red

CONGRATS to our Poodle Fat Quarter Winners!!

And the winners are….

Thank you to every single one of you who submitted a comment in the raffle. We love all of you and all of your comments are SO appreciated and so wonderful.

The four winners of the Poodle Fat Quarter Raffle are… (drum roll please)… Angel of TaDa Creations, Tarrah of Adorabilatee, Karen of Bighon, and Melissa of Lilac Lane! What beautiful sites, Ladies!!!

We can't wait to see what these lovely ladies will whip up with Poodle! Congratulations on your win — we know you're going to have so much fun with this fresh, new line!

For everyone else– thank you again for participating! You're the BEST!