Color Splash

Check out my girlfriend's handiwork!  Nan Richards' illustration blog is dedicated to her wonderful whimsical talents as an artist!!!   This girl can command the color like no one I've ever seen.  She's a local celeb and her work can be seen all over town!!  Many of you know her work from cards I've mailed to you but I thought I'd unmask her and not keep her to myself…….cause that would be selfish!!!!!!  You all know me better than that.   Convince her to have a raffle and tell her I sent you!!  Seriously she's available for your next special event just holla!!!! 

NR Sisboom Jen portrait 2004
NR Sisboom Jen portrait 1
NR Sisboom Jen's Favorite Things

My Girlfriend Jenny

Jenny is one of those girls who visits often and I wondered why she had no blog well guess what….she's got one now…From the girl who had nothing to say ….a mouthful!!  She is just one of those sweet generous souls who jumps through the computer to say hey I like you and I like what you do, unabashedly and that's what endeared her to me….and now I love watching her spring forward to show us what she puts together for her pretty daughter.  Look at the smile on this little one.  So go to Jenny's blog and watch as she sews pretty dresses right before your eyes.


3 is better than one!!

How sweet is this!!!  We have several different sweet swags and would like to send them to three winners!!  All different all will inspire you to play!!  So leave a comment and we will contact winners shortly.  Ends the first of the month! This is just to tide us over while we wait for So St. Croix to come in so we can have that fat quarter raffle I've been promising.  Thanks for your patience.


A sense of wellbeing

That's what you folks bring to me.  I love the road we're on and I love that I get to live this one life with all of you.  You are all so special to me and I want you to know we here at Sis Boom will always leave a chair open for when you stop by!!!  You may have to rub customer services belly but you already knew that!!!!!  Thanks for your oodles of sweet comments.  A raffle is up next so don't touch that dial.  xoxoxo


I love these two guys!!

Nancy Geaney whipped up another beauty!!!!  I love this type of patchwork!  Simple small squares and a great big expanse.  I love the colors she chose.  I love how they salute the colors of Lily Pulitzer !  I can't help it I grew up in a place where that's what everyone wore.  It's a part of me. I was having so much fun with this old pull toy imagining where they would be going over this colorful land.  I'm just glad they have each other. Have you ever noticed from an airplane the geography below actually looks like a quilt?  Do I know my audience or what?  Remember to take time to play today. xoxox


Keep Journaling

Years ago I learned a wonderful way to keep inspiration alive and creativity flourishing.  I read Julia Cameron's book "The Artists Way "  and it had a huge impact on me. There is even a site devoted to working it!! It's about slaying imaginary dragons that hold us back from achieving our dreams..not really but that's what I got from it.  It helped me to move past my negative demons and to go about art in a new way by turning down the volume of self-criticism.  I've discovered those voices can be loud for most women but if we exercise our spiritual right to be here then somehow the noise in our head dims.  I love what Marianne Williamson said in one of her books that noone has a corner on anything.  It was the first time I gave myself permission to pursue a career that already had extreme amounts of talent and not be intimidated.  What could I possibly contribute?  That's the voice that can kill us off in a whisper.  So today armed with beautiful affirmations and the love of our family and friends lets make beautiful things together that rock this world out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I believe in you!


Happy New Year

oh yes and never give up on your dreams.  I've been at this a long time and have been very fortunate to have plenty of press but let me tell you and be comforted in the knowing that it takes what it takes and I am on the slow curve of success but I'm ok with that.  Success has come slow and steady but you know what they say.  I marvel at the folks that keep coming back and I am so grateful for your friendship.  Just another thank you in the long line of thanks.  So maybe some of you remember this from 2002 Country Living.  Yes that was me.  xoxo your friend Jen.


He’ll leave the light on!

This is George from customer service.  This is where he sits and shouts "What will I do if the phone rings?"  Just thought I'd insert him here while I wait to finish up other projects.  I know most of you are dog folks and will get a big kick out of seeing him sit here.  He's a mushball and I can't live without him even when he pops my hand from the computer to say let's go play ball. Enjoy your evening folks.

Photo 4

I had a dress like this…

I love the lines of this dress and look at it in the Dance with Me Paisley but before I go further can you get a load of this beautiful baby Carly!!!!  She's so amazingly sweet!!!  Sugar Sweet!!  Her mom Debra was around at every turn to make sure she didn't tilt.  This one year old is very new at the walking thing but doesn't know it…….Well I'm sending this off to Carla to make a pattern and she'll even design bloomers to go with it.  That Carla always working on something special for you guys.


The Happy Bride

My young sissy Meghan got married on her 40th birthday!!!  Gotta love that!  She was surrounded by folks who love her and her new husband Vinnie in a small ceremony that took place in her home.  It was truly magical, his Daughter's Elizabeth and Genevieve and  her daughter Sophie who you all know and love had a special reading and are each practicing their lines in this photo.   We are so happy to get two new beauties in the family and we are the richer for it.  God is good!   The fabric I used to make the dresses is Amanda Fleur in black and is available in the stores on our sidebar.  Elizabeth the oldest girl looked amazing and has on the long sleeved Peasant pattern called Meghan. The young ones have a pattern that will be out next year in 2011. I promise it will be worth the wait. Meghan's wreath headpiece was made lovingly by her daughter Sophie.  It was an amazing day in Atlanta.  Love you all so much.