This is a basket for my brother who collects bobble heads what a sweet pair they are!!! I found them on ebay…I’ve never seen them quite like this I’m used to the Hula Dancers on dashboards..I think he and his partner John, whom I adore, will love their basket…now onto the kiddo-kaddos…Cimg0171_2

At the Mac

I am determined to conquer all my computer demons!!! I keep plugging away at this I feel so empowered to do more and more on the MAC because the results are so immediate and dramatic… makes me feel like I could have been a graphic artist in another life….Banner


You know when your authentic voice shouts try it and you do and you take all your knowledge and you develop something new and unseen but you swear came out of Grandmas attic…that’s how I feel about these…I love them and want to make them the rest of my life but on a whim tomorrow brings something new and unchartered and I’m there full on…Cimg0147_2

Molly and George

Taken a bit of a hiatus but will show you later on what I’ve been up to….until them George(white Labradoodle) has been loving his girlfriend Molly(good neighbor’s Portugese Water dog)in the melting snow…not a pretty clean-up by any means but fun to watch!!!Mollygeorge005

Eggs to glitter!!

My computer eggs I can’t stop!! Try to download and glitter kids will have fun with that just don’t ask how…it just sounds like a good idea……Eggsellent_2


Her tea is today….Artsymama……Make sure you get over to her blog today and don’t forget your teacup she has plenty of comfort at her place today so bide a wee….These guys are running to the festivities, nothing like last minute at the Pags Farm…..Cimg0137

All is Calm

Trying to relax and create as the world spins around me thank God for my anchor that is art…Cimg0135

Sweet Love

Please see what Cammy did for her daughter, incredible cones for the birthday attendees made from none other than Sis Boom Paper for Daisyd’s …..I told her she did me proud….love to see what you are making out there in blog land…..Pict0003jpg

Pattern Play

These are my MAC musings….so much to learn…sometimes I want to say enough already I’ll never remember it all!! Put I keep showing up and learning more…..No more shrinking…I’m ready to take it all on…Nbvc

No Yolks

Okay I am covered in glitter,paint all over the floor.scraps in heaps, glue from glue gun trails me and I’ve never been happier but I must clean up as I go resolution number 488 of 2007….the eggs are from D.Blumchen and Companythey are cardboard to make and paint your own
and a whole host of good beginnings for the Spring festivities….Have a ball.Cimg0120