Craftsy cuts all that!!!

That’s what I’m sayin!!!! Make some beautiful quilts with the pre-cuts under Craftsy deals!! Non-stop coolness!! It’s all about quilts and letting your imagination soar.  We will always be grateful to them for making pre-cuts available to all of you!!!  Gold Star just like back in school for this great website and the folks behind it all.  These below are made with Girls World Vibe and the first is Elaine Schmidt and the one below is Marsha Moore both for freespirit!!  The quilts are available on the Freespirit Fabric website for free!!!  They also have West Indies which is posted on the bottom a beautiful quilt from Nancy Geaney.  And that’s a stack of West Indies Fat Quarters.  Pre-cuts make my life easier!!   Your choice Girls World Vibe or West Indies..Craftsy has both.

She’s a Sweetheart

Ranell Miller Pogue has been following the blog and facebook for awhile.  She’s just the kindest and most supportive gal and loves everything Sis Boom.  I always love seeing her pretty face pop up after I post something. You all make it so magical.  So lately Ranell has been posting the prettiest frocks and all of a sudden I am taken by her sweet little Etsy shop The Mulberri Bush!!!  She’s doing an exquisite job and the details are priceless.  I was so happy to put her in the spotlight today and share her sweet sensibility.  Ranell, This is our official welcome to the community and we are so glad you love our fabrics.

PS Craftsy still has some deals left. Crafters and Quilters take note just the right size to create amazing crazy quilts for framing. See mine below. Great gift ideas!! Are you in??  Have a great weekend..xo

Also Holiday fabrics..Just saying Crazy Love Natasha in red and green are the biggest show stoppers!! Thanks Hawthorne Threads.

School Girl

I love this new dress by Jenny!!!!!  She’s digging into her Happy Land and coming up with some amazing stuff.  Just love that girl.  I can’t believe I am going to meet so many peeps when I travel with Carla this next month to the Houston Quilt Market.  Lawdy I will never be the same.

Carla Crim Debut

Have you heard?!??! Carla Hegeman Crim just came out with a book!! It’s called Sewn Hats, and it features a vast array of different types of hats suitable for all ages… and they are all sewn! It’s really awesome.

We are so honored to see Sis Boom fabrics throughout the book, and to have been featured among a set of wonderful and talented artists. We LOVE our Heloise Floral Hat SO much!!!

For those of you who love and have asked about the vintage hats that appeared throughout Girl’s World book, now you can design your very own alongside Carla’s beautiful instructions and illustrations!

Ok so I wrote this awhile ago but am republishing for a giveaway..I took my Handy Dandy Book to the Ohio Columbus Fair and made quite the hit!!! Carla’s debut is so hot can’t keep it on the shelves.  So leave a comment today to win your copy!!

Craftsy Hollaback

ok guys for years you’ve been asking for pre-cuts and now finally I get to offer them to you through your favorite destination for all things Sis Boom.  We just saw that the 1/2 yards of Super Fly are back!!! They’ve also got Sis Boom Design rolls and charm packs and fatquarters, oh my!!! And they’re on sale … It doesn’t get any better.  Listen I would cut them if I could but someone has to walk George…..and pet Charlie Kitty.  Craftsy thanks for stepping up and making it easy on the Sis Boomers we are so grateful.  So get out there… craft , create, make Quilts and charm pack accessories. and lets give Craftsy a humble I always say #someonehastocutallthat  And for you crochet folks and yarn people they got it coming at you in all ways.  See the quilts below for some inspiration..Now get going and be the first.

Marsha Moore using Girls World Vibe


Elaine Schmidt using Girls World Vibe


West Indies Crazy Sew



Beauty Distilled

The curtains are up and I can’t wait to show you how Super Fly creates the most modern of Interiors.  Just love it.  Thought I’d post a Pouf and a Meghan Peasant to inspire you!!  Those circles are just card stock sandwiched together on clear jewelry thread.  How cool is that..Thanks to Lauren Cody our fab intern this summer who makes all things beautiful.  I miss her.  So here is beautiful Kate in her chunky zebra enjoying the porch breeze and the sweet one below her is Lauren !!  Have a great day..I am hand sewing for things to come. xo

Sis Boom Caravan!!!

Sometimes we be silly but always with great style.  Like this car for example if someone steps on the gas all that stuff on the top will go flying or if you send a model after a beautiful SuperFly pouf it may look something like this.  Always at the end of the day we are smiling.  We are in it for the joy it brings you. That’s our mission and that’s the way we roll we just want to extend the happiness we have for what we do to all of you.  Thanks for giving it back so completely.  xo



Happy Land Quilt!

This is why you will love Happy Land!!  Monique Reynolds wrote the book “25 ways to use Happy Land and never get bored”.  I just see her work and I want one.  Look at the wonderful character she exudes in this scrappy Happy Land quilt?  It’s so inspired. It is perfect for quilts!!  It’s a dynamite collection and one that you will treasure for years to come.  Can you believe I am still waiting for mine??  So put it on your Holiday wishlist.  You may find Santa would love for you to have a pile of fat quarters.   Craftsy  we are hoping you will have pre-cuts.  Please say yes!!!

Hear me out!!

There is no one quite like her.  I met her early on in the blogoshere and we were both fairly new at it and with each day that goes by her talents and inner beauty have emerged.  She’s the girl you bookmark and keep coming back for more.  Jen of Tatertots and Jello has it all together and I’m amazed at how she continues to do it so well .  Jen my hat is off to you and so grateful you agreed to do a giveaway I think it’s a great fit for both of us.  So my friends get to know Jen, say hey and enter to win Happy Home.  The Halloween crafts are starting to appear and she will floor you with her ideas.  Jen again heartfelt thanks and I can say I knew you when. xoxoxo  Leave a comment here to be entered in the raffle.  Hey guys sorry leave the comment at Tatertots and Jello!!  Press here.

Talking Hexies!

Check this out, it’s the age of Hexies!!   On the runway or on your sofa Hexies are Hot!! Granny Chic is in and we are on it.  On the cover of Happy Home we have put our wonderful Hexagon pillows and we believe they are smashing.  Various collections comprise these patches showing you once again the continuity of Sis Boom fabrics. We love the colorful vibe.

This and so many other home projects make up the wonderful pages of Happy Home.  Do you have yours?? Shop amazon or purchase a signed copy from me with a special surprise inside.  Thanks for making Girls World and Happy Home a huge success!!