Sis Boom Sighting/update

This one comes to us from Ruth at Sew love Fabrics who is possibly the sweetest etsy store operator around…all the fabric designers love Ruth.  Well look what she brings to us in the way of Sightings today almost made me cry for the island days..She’s a new face for us but boy are we glad she has moved to the forefront looks like she likes what we do here at Sis Boom.  Meet Amy Routh

from Lottie Da , a wonderful Baby Boutique in Columbus Ohio.  Like all of you working with our fabrics her talents illuminate the sky with their bold colors and magical combinations of color. She works with incredible sensitivity to put these abstracts into delicate baby form.  I just think she will be a great inspiration to many of you.  Look how she works the babydot…so love. Thank you Amy for entering our world and bringing us your amazing vision.

Please if you like what she’s up to go say hi and I’m certain you can order her lovlies over the phone.  This collection is called Petit Martinique and it is so fabulous…and also note the tremendous vibe of the photographer Lauryn Byrdy now is that not fabulous???  I know we all love the birds out there!!!  She captured some magical moments in her studio and I was certain they had traveled to Martinique…yup she’s that good!!!

This just in You can actually purchase these items in her etsy shop!!!!!!!!! First one there wins!!

A Favor

So my adorable nephew called the other day begging me to find the fabric for this suit so he can have it made in Puerto Rico.  This is the Nephew that was born the same day as my son Matthew on May 5th 1990 so almost 20 years old and I'm crazy about them both ..He emailed me this picture and wants me to figure out what fabric this could possibly be. So here's where I need help does anyone know or have a friend who knows a tailor that may possibly have an idea of what to look for. I have no idea where to even begin. I'd love to find someone online that carries it . Thanks guys look forward to hearing from you . J 


I do so sew!!!!!!

People have actually challanged me on my sewing!!!  Well to the naysayers I say what do you call this?????????????????

Hickity Pickity can’t be stopped

Hickity Pickity you’d think it was a factory overseas the way they come up with things overnight. No kidding I love their stuff and you’ll absolutely squeel when you make your way over there cause there is so much cuteness!!! Bring it on girls show them what you’ve got.  oh yes and nicest ladies you’ll ever wanna meet.

Sweet Skirt Award

This award goes to my friend Jen Duncan who I have adored for a couple of years now ….in my early years of blogging we got to be real tight….and look at her go complete with an etsy store and bells and whistles of all kinds.  You go girl. Wishing you all the very best in all you do. J

so long, Summer…

It’s crazy that Summer is over… for us, that means we have to start thinking about winter (yes, already!)… We actually started digging up our holiday stockings and started brainstorming fun ways to display them around the hearth.

In the past we had used a pretty, dainty display of candles. This year we wanted something more substantial.. something very wintery and cozy.The only catch? We can’t really use our fireplace as a traditional fireplace with a traditional fire.

The first thing we saw, and fell in love with, was this beautiful birch log set that comes with a type of gel that lights up and makes flames! You don’t even have to worry about bringing in logs, venting your smoke, or anything else that comes along with burning a traditional fire.


We got this birch “faux” fire set, if you will, and as soon as we lit up the gel and took a step back, it became the most beautiful, peaceful, fireplace you could imagine. We LOVE IT! Now our Sis Boom stockings have some real competition for beauty…

Jennifer Paganelli Fabric


all under $8.00 dollars if there are some Sis Boom Fabrics you heart and can’t find visit my friends at Sew Mama Sew.

A Sis Boom Study haven for my Katie

It’s study time for My Katie, and that means it’s also time to create a cozy, comfy, peaceful spot in our home for her to sit and relax with those SAT books.

When Madeline heard my idea, she went and put together a little haven for Katie in my craft room. Using Nancy Geaney‘s newest and most fabulous quilt (see it? with the awesome blue vintage fringe?!!), Madeline put together a beautiful, Sis Boom Bed so that Katie and her friends could study the night away.

Thank you, Nancy, for creating such a beautiful piece… it completes our study room makeover for sure!!

Everything so top secret

so i thought i’d share some collaging to let you know I’m alive and well and loving life. I actually decoupaged the suitcases the kids are sitting on….xoxoxo

I'll be back soon , we've been making hay while the moon shines.