It’s a hit!!

Our Halter dress introduction in Casey Scroll and Bell Bottoms has made the hit parade……we are so excited!!
Previewing next week at our show! Please come by and say hello!!!Img_0515

The Graduate

My son graduates High School this year so its been on my mind!!! I thought of this clever idea when I thought of all the little parties we will be attending…obviously for the girls (sorry boys) but how about a crown to mark the occasion!! …inside the crown it says “We are so proud of you” now what for the boys???..hellp me out here…I don’t think they will do a crown….I’ll have a bunch at our show so come on by…Img_0499


Heather just informed me that the ebay launch is in two days so come and see what everyone has made out of their Bell Bottoms!!! It’s too exciting for words. This is a sneak Peak….thank you all for participating and making a girl’s dream come true…all my best, Jennifer For further info try Heather she’s got the the last word on this big Internet event…0toqj30e1jbgki9tb0vh

The Happy Couple!!

Forgive me..I almost forgot to post this fab photo!!!! …and they are still smiling…Theinlaws_2

It’s almost here!!!

On my way to Rochester to Toast the in-laws 50th wedding anniversary!! Can you imagine ??? We all know what that takes !! So we celebrate and commemorate this time in their lives hoping to gain a glimpse of their secret! I will tell you it’s extraordinary love when two people can navigate the world together !! I feel I’ve been blessed by these folks who give in such unselfish ways and whose main objective is to give their children and grandchildren the stability and wisdom of loving no matter what!. Congrats Grandma and Grandpa for giving us a legacy of love and for your devotion to the family that we have been blessed to inherit!

Then it’s show mode and you really don’t want to be anywhere around me cause it ain’t pretty!! We will be setting up the house for the Tenth annual Sis Boom Spring Show and continue to dazzle and inspire!! We are so looking forward to seeing you! Barbara Strawser , an amazing PA Folk artist will be here with her Angels and Gardners from heaven! Sneak Peaks below!Img_0428_2

The Girl doesn’t Quit

My good friend Bari J …a household name in my world view, has done it again…This time with Belts! Everything she touches turns to Gold!! When I was at Quilt Market people loved my bag so much I was practically accosted !!! Look at this Bohemian take on Belts with Sis Boom Bell Bottoms! Try saying that…….
Thanks miss Bari J. for always surprising me beyond my wildest dreams…xoxoxoxJenniferImage

Lucky in Truth!

Just wanted you to meet my little God Daughter Kayla and her mother Kimberly they came for a visit and of course we played dress up…….Img_0377_4

Cleaning the craft room

I call anything that takes organization my Squish category cause I sweep it all up and squish down the garbage’s so full!! I wanted to leave you with some fun pics as I get gussied up for Portland.. Hope to have lots of pics when I get back of me and my Free Spirit buds!! I’ve been collaging and inspired by my upcoming trip to Paris…..Oh and another Bell Bottoms launch to jump on!! These are so fun to be part of so if you love to sew children’s clothing jump on this one!!! Ask for Heather Niziolk!!! Show us the goods and meet other like minded people while enjoying doing what you love. Take care and get busy quilting so I get to see what you all made when I get back..fondly ,JenniferReady

Fraidy Cat

George my Labradoodle is new to the cat world and I can’t stop wondering what he’s thinking…The neighbor
Cat lives with a big old lab so she is not afraid of dogs!!! This is a strange phenomena to some dogs who understand fight or flight mentality…. This one loves to bat George on the nose and rub up against him and he tries to hide behind me or pretend he’s a statue!! The innocence is so sweet. This is the closest he’s come in almost two years. We are so proud. Img_0285_3

A Quickie

I love my Make my Day category because it really and truly tickles me to no end to see what comes from all the talented men and women of the blog world…Check out what Nancy has done now…..Folks this is a real genuine floor matt…maybe she’ll do a tutorial one day!! Img_1517_2