Bedding in Sis Boom Fabrics

I just want to thank Sugar Creek Bedding for their styling abilities and putting together beautiful fabrics that create such a Happy space!!  So grateful to be a part of their vision!!!  Was so excited to see them on facebook where I live most of my life.  They have got something going on and I am a huge supporter of all small manufactures as you know working within the USA.  Hats off to you Sugar Creek we are wild for your designs.


brightspot shine-on


Decisions, Decisions…

So Katie needs your help!!  Which would you choose..Fun party coming up and not sure which clutch!!!  Do yourself a favor create the Jamie in Good Company and go dancing!! Clutches $35.00! email us!!



Stash for next year!!

So my first line for Joann fabric and craft store is perfect for Christmas stockings banners, and tree skirts!!  Just take a look at all of these beauties and the combos of lettering and backgrounds are endless. Throw in some James Thompson Ticking (available in so many rich colors) We are thrilled with the stocking and hope to have a pattern next year in time for the Holidays.  The vintage pom poms are all available on Ebay!  Check out the green dots and the red dots cause they are fab for Christmas!tickingre





January Launch

Some of you know we are now represented at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores and we couldn’t be happier with this partnership!  Throw in the Talents of Hickity Pickity and her daughter Blue Pelican with an amazing photographer Sarah Cardenas and it all adds up to success!! We love to give you tactile images to get those creative juices flowing and for those of you who would rather purchase than sew we can make that happen!!!  Hickity Pickity with their debut for babies and kids is unstoppable and they have an extensive line of products sold through Harvey’s on first and Snappy Turtle in Delray!!


We are in heaven with these amazing results!!!  Thank you to Springs Creative and Joann Fabric and Craft Stores for this amazing Launch.  I’ll be looking for everyone at the Milford store!!  Load up your carts and show us your goods for a chance to win a stack of fabric!!!!  Show us on the Jennifer Byrne Paganelli Facebook page!!

We want to see your Jenny Eliza Quilts and clothing and accessories!!!!


Thank you Hickity Pickity for puting together this amazing photoshoot I know the work that goes into these..xoxoxoskirt brand presh bonnie kiss allie hp jenny bows kids tingle guitar hick hickity prettiness secrets bluepop


Big Hugs to the kiddos!!!!!!

I apologies for the lateness of the blogpost especially when I have so much love and respect for this girl…I have been sidelined, by our annual show, Assistant on Maternity leave and overall catch up of running a company but throw in husband away, a nor’easter, leaky roof, and two needy pups and I am so not the burgeoning career girl I’d like to be.  Well Trish I have one thing going for me…It’s still the 10th!!  I wish you much deserved kudos and am thrilled for your success!! Be well!! love, me.

Trish trishp

Because I Love You Sew

I remember receiving the amazing news in person, from the acquisitions editor at C+T Publishing, that a book proposal I had submitted almost a year previous, had been accepted. I was so excited I thought I would burst. I mean literally, burst!

One of the very first people I saw that same day, who gave me a big bear hug and whispered “I knew you could do it!” was a sweet friend who had mentored me, had been a listening ear, had been supportive and encouraging in so many ways. That was Jennifer. I am so incredibly thankful for friends like her.

Rarely do I work on sewing projects that don’t incorporate some piece or part of Sis Boom fabrics. My love of vintage and eclectic bright colors are what have always drawn me to be a huge fan of Jennifer’s artwork. It was only natural that I would want her beautiful fabrics to be a part of this book.

You will find hints of Jennifer and Sis Boom all throughout this little book of mine. Her gorgeous fabrics make me happy and they inspire my sewing.

This book, Because I Love You Sew, is all about sharing your love for others through hand making gifts. It’s also about telling the story of the why and how of the process so that everything from the first stitch to the finished product and the use of the item, all become one seamless story of your life’s journey. Marking a place in time.

I hope you will find a way to make some of these projects a part of your story for friends and family. It’s a wonderful way to tell them how much you love them sew.

C+T has been so generous to offer a giveaway of a book to one of Jennifer’s readers. To enter, simply leave a comment telling us about a favorite handmade gift you have made or received.