Baby it’s cold outside!

So Maddie and I are sitting here giggling through a WordPress tutorial and we decided to use this baby shot to express how we are feeling.  It’s 6 oclock and pitch black out the kind of night that you sew up something pretty or take a snooze  after a long day at the office.  We are just writing to say we hope you have a warm and cozy night  however you decide to spend it.  Sweet dreams.  Oh and if this is your baby we think it’s so adorable .  Let us know!!!

Give it up for our Raffle Winners!

It’s time to announce our winners! Each will be receiving a complete set of Queen Street fat quarters!! Put your hands together for….

… the lovely Victoria over at Bumble Beans, the wonderful Sue over at The Monomanial Quilter, and amazing Angela over at Cut To Pieces… Congrats, Ladies! We can’t wait to send these beautiful fat quarters off and see what you come up with!

Thank you to all of our wonderful, amazing, special, lovely, supportive readers and friends out there to made this raffle so much fun!! Your comments mean the world to us!

Have an awesome morning, everyone!

Above All Fabric

Look what Melanie Thornton has been busy doing???  love to see the Queen Street designs start rolling in!!!  These are both so wonderful and I loved that her daughter chose the fabrics. Just so you know Melanie also sells the fabric on her website! Please thank Haley for her pretty poses!!  Just so you know Madeline is busy selecting the winners for our raffle and she’ll announce tomorrow.  We love that you keep coming back for more Sis Boom.  Have a great day!!

Layered Pink

Dream in pink

I Pick Purple

Pilgrim Puppies!!!

Marie Madeline!!! Sis Boom loves you for your enormous spirit !!!  My next life I’m coming back as your dog!!!  So sharp and festive.  I can tell you love that Madeline print.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.


We love dogs and kids!!!

Look at da babbies!!!!!  How cute is this sweet girl with her home made quilt!!!!  What a proud moment for mama and featuring none other than Sis Boom fabrics and her favorite pooch.  Michelle Renee posted these in our flickr group and I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.  Raffle below goes til Sunday so get on it!!

Happy Times

I love my quilt

Ruffle it up Raffle Winners!

Wow… say that 10 times in a row… Ruffle it up Raffle Winners, Ruffle it up Raffle Winners, Ruffle it up Raffle Winners… ok!! I give up!!!!

So happy to announce our lovely Ruffle it Up Raffle Winners! Thank you ALL for participating- You totally rock! Our Friends over at Noni and Looli, The Villas, and Blue Mountain Daisy are the lucky winners!!

For all of our lovely friends who didn’t win this round, don’t give up!!! Keep trying with our other current raffle!! It’s a pretty big deal! Check it out here and enter yourself by leaving a comment!

Big Opportunity!!

Ok we are a bit late so we are making it worthwhile. 3 fatquarter bundles!!!  Yes that’s three not kidding..Leave a comment and Miss Midas touch Madeline will let you know next Sunday who won these Queen Street complete fat quarter sets!!  The 28th of November!!!!  Also a big shout out to Rosie at Fabric Shopper who keeps you coming back for more Sis Boom.  Rosie we appreciate what you do for the lifestyle quilting world!!!! Also

Carla has something up her sleeve so stay real close.

Leave a comment and say a prayer!! xoxoxox

What to make?

Dream Big

Think of all the goodies you can make.

A ton to tell you!!!

ok so we know Marie Madeline has their Queen Street in but did we tell you that they have already made the greatest skirt!  Look at this number.  …and if the truth be told have your picture taken with a dog and you will get right on my blog but one of you has to be sporting Sis Boom fabrics!!!! The other fun thing to share with you is this puff piece from Two Hip Hippos. How cool is this?  We all want one!!  I’d put my feet up on that so fast or is it a pincushion????  Hard to ladies let us know how you made this beautiful orb!!!!!!  So in closing I just wanna share that is practically giving away the very beauties you die for…get on over there.

A place of your own!!!!

Madeline knocks my socks off!!  I want to live in her rooms.

1. Kartell Frilly Chair $299.00, 2. Sis Boom Back Bay Embroidered Pillow $110.00, 3. Caboche Piccola Chandelier $951.00, 4. Crate & Barrel Owl Ornaments $5.95, 5. Sis Boom Back Bay Hook Rug, 6. Anthropologie Big Easy Knob $12.00, 7. Sis Boom: Queen Street : Madeline $10.00 Per yd.

Ruffle it up…

Rosetta Bag is here and it’s a big hit!!!!!!  Get your pattern over at You Can Make This!! You can look at the beautiful bags our wonderful testers have made and our girl Carla made it in three sizes!!!!! Thank you Carla!!!!  Oh and if you love Carla’s Patterns leave a comment and win your favorite download free if we select your name this Sunday at 5pm !!!! 3 Winners!!