Visions of the festival in the Botanic Gardens

I forgot to show you these incredible photos of my trip, the squash mountain was about 12′ high..imagine gorgeous and show stopping, the legs speak for themselves and the baby with the patchwork balls was soooooo beautiful …. tell me your favorite photo from my travels would love to hear….Check out the cowboy too..JenniferCimg3506

so many ideas!!!

Working with photoshop makes possibilities endless ..I just adore it! Still have quite a bit to learn!! But the invite has to go out and I keep playing….I don’t have time for this but I’m possessed!! Tell me what you think!Wooshteeninvite or….

Tremendous experience!!

Thanks to all who came to see me in Chicago,you guys are so wonderful, don’t forget the photos for my blog can’t wait to see what you are doing with the fabric……I had the time of my life! I saw my friends from talk about good stuff…my husband requests their cakes by name yourself a favor and order some for the buddies on your holiday list ….they will adore you for it and keep thanking you for years to come! This is Janie
she is one heck of a good person and so is everyone she employs! Love you guys.. JenniferCimg3496_1

I’ve got the bug supposed to be packing but blogging is so fun….this was a diorama I made for my daughter
one year love the feathers so hocus pocus! Tell me if you like her!Diarama

Jenny’s work

You may be familiar with Jenny Holiday’s work but I wanted you to see this befor I go…Jennycupcake

Away for a week

OK I’m out of town for a week, not taking the laptop because I just get stressed with all the things I should be doing!! I want to enjoy my time at the Botanic Garden Show in Chicago..can’t wait to get you pics of the booth
and meet my new friend Susan Bridgefarmer with When-i-was-your-age..(by the way next lesson in blogging is addressing the whole website link up thing so you can visit other sites from my blog)…Jenny Holiday dropped by the blog the other day…sooooo talented My daughter has cupcakes all over her room that Jenny has given her over the years we adore her work…Glitter and Grunge carries her things and I believe ebay as well …again I’ll get the links when I get back..So here’s to all of you please comment (makes me look good) and I’ll be back soon..Believe in your dreams…Jennifer

Party on!

Ladies on the go…like magic..glitter and crepe paper! Voila! Now show me yours!Doneup