New Sheriff in Town

She's coming and she'll have something to say about everything we are doing here at Sis Boom.  She arrives next week and she will be full of ideas…She's where I get it all from. Have you guessed ??? Mama is coming to her first show from Puerto Rico. Madeline (my assistant) is in for a real treat. 



Many of you know Courtney Davis from the blog Sweeter than Cupcakes for her love of sewing and creating.  She puts her pretty daughter Avery in the most clever outfits.  But I had to just bring this wonderful jumpsuit to your attention for its cleverness.  She took the Sis Boom Cathy pattern and combined it with the Whimsey Couture jumpsuit to create this sweet romper. Tell me what you think ..Is that not the most adorable cuteness you ever saw??? Courtney thanks for following the Sis Boom blog and being such inspiration..we are crazy about you!!! By the way looks like zebra is in stock so get your orders in …thanks to all of you that's the best selling item in our collection…all the best, Jennifer




Exciting Times Ahead

Make and Mingle Paperdoll class with the folks at Sis Boom.  Please join us we'd love to have you come play. May 15th 1-4.  $40.00 includes materials. Let them know to reserve you a spot here.  



Paper doll class front

Barbara Strawser

She'll be here at the show with all her wonderful paintings.  We could not be more delighted.





We have a new friend of Sis Boom with a blog!!!!  She's the model on the left!!  The one on the right is my neice Sophie!!!!!  So now we need Sophie to start a blog!!!!  We love Lola please visit her today and say hi here.



Beyond Gorgeous

Nancy will be selling her lovely quilts at the show so please stop by….and for those of you who can't make the show but would like a beautiful quilt contact her soon……She's taking orders for whole cloth..totally totally gorgeous. Thanks missy!!


The folks I rely on!

My friend Nancy who you all know and love (talking with the apron) and her husband Tim, (the only male) ,photographer to the stars, (that's me)  and lovely Miss Mary who is the stylist behind many of the rooms we do here at Sis Boom.  The only one missing is my assistant Maddie who makes the world go round who doesn't care for picture taking. (always happens to the pretty ones)! Anyway big love to them for all they do to make me whole…and of course George is at the center but you already knew that.


opening the mail

Sometimes George does silly things when I'm not watching……Share your stories with me..I'd love to here how your animal makes you giggle or your kids..either way I'm listening!!