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PSSSSSSSST   They need are help today.  We adore Jo Packham and all she does for the creative world and she has done more for women entrepreneurs than anyone else on the planet..  So today let’s rally and give back to her!!  Let’s vote. It’s the last day and she can use our support.  Please vote!!

Where Women Create and Stampington & Company are applying for a grant from Chase: Mission: Small Business. It is an opportunity for all of us to help each other. The $250,000 grant would be used to create a website so that we will all have a place to go when we have a business question that no one can … or will .. help us with. A vote for “where women create Business” is a vote for a resource that is so needed by all of us in our artisan entrepreneurial worlds. This grant would be the beginning of our new and or continued success of our passions!

Go to https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/ click on “Log in and support” search for “Where Women Create Business and click vote. We realize it is a number of steps and appreciate your help.

Please cast a vote today … you are voting to help so many!  Vote Today!!
Thank you all!

Jo Packham


I love Zebra but when I blew up the scale I loved it even more!!!  Judging by the orders you all can not get enough!!!

I like to show you anything done in this scale because it is so hard to visualize.  Check out Children’s clothing.  This is one of our facebook friends and she sells them as far as I can tell.  Meet Mickie-Allen Boothroyed stop by and say hello and tell her I sent you!!

Both Sides Now

Sassy Stiches on Etsy you are just so fun !! I love your stuff and so do the Sis Boom Followers!!!  Hey you guys so affordable and so lovely..I say winning combo!!  Lori sells the pillows the purses, This girl does it all.  Thanks Lori, love your shop!



Saluting a long time Friend!

Judy Buchanan has become so popular on our facebook page and Sew Beautiful noticed!!!!  This is what it’s all about for me.  I am over the moon.!!!  You never know who might be watching and now she is on their blog and next they might ask her to do a project or two.  Hey you never know.  Ask Carla, your story unfolds you don’t have to chase after it,  just step into it and watch the magic unfold...oh and I almost forgot the most important thing. Always be grateful for where you are at.  Even if you think it’s not the most desirable place to be it can always be worse.  So a toast to all you folks who make me look good you are the stars in all of this. xoxoxo

Article here!

More good news the fabrics are available at Martha Pullen.



Here they come

Super Fly is getting it’s due.  Just to fuel your imagination we borrow from Judy B. at Hickity Pickity.  She used the Super Fly collection to create the beautiful Lucy Halter !!! Go Judy!

Up Next Kristy a wonderful new fan we can’t get enough of Kristy from Hopeful Threads  created the lamp from Girls World !  Great job Kristy hope you never stop creating these lamps!!!

Then Alyson Ray from Brick and Mortar Thread store in Alabama, is just tickled with her customers.  She’s almost sold out of Pink Zebra Super fly!! Holla!!!!

Add to the mix the girl that steals my heart ( Sally Keller) time and time again with her sweet ways has contributed her blog love on the Jenny blog love Train.   Apron found in Happy Home!




Happy Home Photo Challenge PRIZES GET EVEN BETTER!!

So this Happy Home Photo Challenge is going so well, with submissions pouring in left and right! What did we decide to do as a thanks to all of you talented, wonderful participants?

We’ve UPPED the prizes!

Yes, you read it right! Originally, the ultimate prize included Sis Boom note cards, A Sis boom Flexi Journal signed copy of Happy Home, a signed copy of Girl’s World, a surprise stack of Sis Boom fabric and $100 worth of Chronicle design & decorating books… Ok, well, we said we were going to make it better.. and here we go. watch us…

We’re turning that $100 worth of books into $150

AND we’re adding 5 Sis Boom PDF patterns of your choice to top it all off!!!!

Get Excited! Add your photos to our pile, we’re loving this! Tweet them at us using #HappyHome or email them to us here. This current challenge is to submit a photo of your favorite use of color.. that means anything! It doesn’t have to be Sis Boom OR from Happy Home. Just send us your favorite use of color! It’s that simple. OH, and HAVE FUN!

An Artists View

Give it up for Melissa P. We adore you Mel!!!



Take an Online Sewing Class!

A while back we launched a wonderful online class we Judith Norman & Rick Rack…. welll… It’s back, and it’s better! There are more options this time around! Check it out…

ENCORE presentation of Rick Rack’s popular

Girl’s World “Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress” online sewing class

featuring Sis Boom designer/author Jennifer Paganelli

and sewing expert Dolin O’Shea.

Happy Home Photos are Rolling in! Send Yours!

Don’t forget to submit your photo! We’re on Week 2, so that would be your favorite use of color in your home... Simply snap a shot and email it to us here OR tweet it at us @SisBoom using #HappyHome. Have Fun


It’s our FIRST Happy Home Photo Challenge WINNER!

Thank you to all of you wonderful peeps who participated in our First week of the Happy Home Photo Challenge!

We just LOVED seeing all of your handmade details and we so admire your creativity, talent & excitement! We are always beyond inspired by each and every one of you.

Let me just say that picking a winner was NOT EASY!! How could that be an easy task?! With that being said.. drum roll please…

Put your hands together for Stephanie of Tabbo Design / @TabboDesign!! Here are a couple images of the wonderful project made by the lovely & talented Stephanie of Tabbo Design!!

We featured Stephanie’s beautiful tablecloth creation on the blog last week, but this is something different.. Look closely… She’s embellishing Sis Boom fabric by BEADING it! How awesome is that!! We just love the combination of everything going on here. Way to go, girl!!! Congratulations Stephanie!

Stephanie’s prizes include: One signed copy of Happy Home, a fun & random stack of Sis Boom Fabrics, and a feature on the Sis Boom Blog (viola!) and Sis Boom Facebook page!

And now it’s time to get ready for our SECOND CHALLENGE! Get those cameras ready!!!….

Same rules apply, which can be seen here