Mix it up

Take a look at this groovy apron! Luann Smith has combined my fabric Patricia with an old vintage tablecloth…I loved it so much I bought it!! …then it arrived…so well made and fits me perfectly! I’m the Hostess with the Mostess now…. so kudos to Luann my new best friend!!! Visit her etsy shop and tell her we want to see more…


We made the book!!!

It is a very exciting day here today!!! Browsing through Country Livings New Book Merry and Bright I came across some of our old photo shoots for them…So great to see all the stuff we had made once again…The first three photos after the cover is Christmas Sis Boom Style and the bottom picture is from Jennifer Vreeland a uber stylist with Country Living who requested some product for her photo shoot and Voila she created the prettiest Christmas ever!!! Loved working with her choice of colors!!Google

Kits available!!!!

The class kits from Silver Bella are available…..$40.00 each !!!Go ahead and pick your project from the two choices below…!! Remember these kits come with embellishments but consider adapting your own ribbons, flowers, jewelry, and other vintage findings to these wonderful projects…Includes two reproduced wallpapers,1 sheet music and one Victorian Song Book Cover and plenty of pre-sewn crepe paper and sweet embellishments…Have fun and show us that out of the box thinking we so admire from our Bella sisters..Hanging_2

Those Three Girls!!

If you have seen these three women please contact me…They are wanted for having excessive fun in the late night Schultuten class….lots off enjoyment at the corner table…..cones on steroids, cones made into party hats. cones overly embellished…total craziness!! On top of that Circus dogs and Holiday music!! They are also guilty of influencing other parties at their table to do the same. Then they had the hutspa to try and butter me up with very precious gifts…If you see any of them contact the authorities of Silver Bella immediatly!! Cutiepies

Not sure what to say

except…. thanks for supporting me through the teaching process..I have to say I love it very much!! Watching the bellas putting there signature on a project I created was the most rewarding experience….I said it a bunch of times that out of the box thinking fueled me!! You were the most creative bunch of folks ever….and guess what you taught me!! I love the variety of people and the range of creativity!! Please know that the Bella teachers work painstakingly to bring you the best projects…we do it with perfect heart….we sweat and worry that the end result will be greeted with ooohs and ahhs!! So thank you for loving what we do…and challanging us to bring you the highest quality of kits..Please forgive me while I digress because I need to take a minute to thank Jenny and Aaron for their belief in me….Over the years we have come to know and love each other so much!! We were open and honest and shared our love of the craft with one another so when they found Teresa McFayden, Pamela Garrison, and Kim Kwan doing blogs that expressed our sentiment they immediatly contacted me!! I have been in love with these people ever since and the mood at Silver Bella reflected all that I believe in…sharing…!! I call that event a retreat because the level of sharing is so deep and profound and through sharing our creativity we help one another in our handicraft as well as our souls…..We were meant to create!!! So thanks for the love you showed me! It is great to be a Bella!Prettygirls

It’s Silver Bella time

I’m probably somewhere over Kansas when you get this but I had to say farewell and tell you how I wish I could jump out of these pre -teaching jitters….I know it is going to be an amazing experience just in terms of fellowship…and I also won’t be the only one with artistic insecurities …. and I hope I can enlighten the class to new perspectives in crafting but bottom line I just want them to like me….I want to bring warmth and compassion and empathy into every situation….Thanks Teresa for this amazing opportunity for pushing me out of my comfort zone and offering me the opportunity to share my artistic style…I look forward to meeting all of you..Love, JenniferImg_1905


Look at the brilliance of these photos…I love Sis Boom of course but love when edited by amazingly talented stylists like Ingrid Leess the end result is perfectly poetic. I am mesmerized by these photos for Shopsmart a new glossy magazine put out by Consumer reports. Ingrid has the experience to know what works and how to strike a balance! Do me a favor e-mail her and tell her we want to see a blog with more of her magic….Sisbookstockingshook

Bring the Fog machine

No matter how thrown together Halloween is when the lights dim and the strobe is blinking and someone fires up the fog machine it looks straight out of the Adams family…the most innocent of costumes (The Flinstones)
take on a sinister appeal…the fog machine is priceless making the whole scene very murky and forbidden….not too forbidden cause there is no candy left but trepidation with a bunch of screaming…..At the bottom you all remember Miss Sophie in Atlanta doing a very good Wednesday Adams impersonation…But then the Rochester contingent sent some whackiness in that I wanted to share…Img_1955_4