A Star Shines

Tammy Gilley is one to watch! She walks in the path of her very talented mother who left a legacy of amazing quilt designs! Well Tammy , a passionate girl by nature, has stepped out and is now creating her own designs
and as you can see her use of color and pattern are so lyrical and engaging……Tammy took a leap of faith when she started her business and we can all learn from her undeniable courage! Thanks Tammy for gracing the world with your talents..all my best, Jennifer
This quilt below Tammy calls Foursquare and was made with the new Sis Boom Bell Bottoms for Free SpiritFoursquare2

Another Fun Raffle!!!

Much to quiet in blogland so we thought we’d have a twofer!!! Make a comment and you’ll be entered to win two checkbook covers one for you and one for a friend!! Just pick from the selection below! ….If you want to purchase that’s ok too! We are soooo flexible! All our best, the Sis Boom Staff! Drawing will be held this Monday and we will notify the winner promptly!Img_1302Friends

This is something to look forward too!!

Look at this wonderful quilt!! My good friend and design assistant Nancy Geaney is teaching a fun class in CT. Mod birds is already a hit and who could miss the opportunity to work in pink and green! I love her design and I love her! Join Nancy in a very relaxed non – judgmental atmosphere as she teaches her craft! She will be teaching two classes March 1st and 15th from 12-3 at Quilters Alley in Ridgefield CT. The fee for the class is $50.00 Nancy says “with simple fabric selection and an easy bird template this project makes it easy even for a novice.” For more info or questions contact Quilters Alley or Nancy herself !Treatyourself_2

Late Bloomers

Forgot to mention these wonderful blooms that have just been added to the Bell Bottoms collection I masterminded (?) them to coordinate with the lovely bohemian stripe. I wanted to post them while the large scale is still in the previous post. Please show me your wares I can’t wait to see. Mid march hit the suppliers on my blog for more info !! And once again from the bottom of my heart thanks for always cheering me on and delighting in what I create because its definitely with you in mind. Lots of love, JenniferImg_1247_2

Spring Blossoms

I found a place to hang my fabric so you can see the whole repeat..I wanted to give you an idea of scale too!!
But then George the workerbee that he is sat down in his cozy chair and I couldn’t resist…I’ll post more giant pieces throughout the next few weeks…all my best, JenniferImg_1230

No Sew

Just a quick one but then mine always are!!! This is so easy and fun…get yourself some posterboard 14″ by 4 1/2″ to be exact but you can vary size depending… Cut a piece of fabric twice as big and wrap around posterboard clipping away any excess and glue down. (I only use hot glue I refuse to be slowed down by drying times) and fold your fabric tightly around all sides and glue into place. Next fold in half and if you have any trims, pom poms work best ,glue to the inside bottoms now (be certain that both sides are glued down to the inside cardboard and let dangle……what you’ll have are letters that you can just slide right on to the ribbon one by one. I glued mine in place by just hot gluing the inside top centers of each posterboard letter. Then for fun I used a scallop shaped die-cut and pre-glittered letters…..and of course these are the new Sis Boom Bellbottoms I was chatting about!!! The possibilities are infinite……so go crazy.Img_1164

My Love

When cupid strikes go with it!!! 22 years ago I married the man of my childhood dreams and it just keeps getting better….He knows and gets me completely and has never run when things get ugly or difficult. He’s pensive , thoughtful, generous, and humble and speaks my language! I am forever blessed by his caring and open heart…he teaches me the beauty of everyday and loving unconditionally … I love my man!!Insinc

One by One

The fabrics are in!!!! At least mine are so I can get ready for Portland Quilt Market…..Hope to see some of you there! Here’s a sneak peak hope you like….they’ll be available mid march so start dreaming now…...Freespirit will have them up on the site beginning March..Img_0959

Take Note

Barbara Strawser whose artwork adorns my home will be joining me at our next home show in Wilton,CT. Her stuff is amazing . I call her an American Folk Art Hero. Her work has been seen at the American Folk art Museum in NYC and sold in various places , ABC in New York City and various craft shows around the country
…and here last summer! I’ll let the work speak for itself ! Please come meet this extraordinary artist in person…Look forward to seeing you all in June.Postcard

People that make my day!

Bari of J.Bari gave me this wonderful award which I am totally grateful for but feel totally inept at awarding others because everyone in blogland has done so much for me! It may be a cowardly excuse to bow out of naming names but sometimes feelings get hurt and to minimize favoritism I just would like to say if you care to
scroll down my blog roll you’ll see the myriad of woman who impact my life on a daily basis and have helped me to pursue my dreams in so many ways and it is to them and for them I tip my hat and celebrate with each of them this humble award.Award_2