More Inspiration

Take a look…Nancy Geneay designs the prettiest quilts…. Taking a cue from one of my Bell Bottoms announcements she hastened a beautiful quilt that is just blocks of the fabrics free formed together….I even pretended it was a rug in this photoshoot!! I know I’ve shown a ton from this collection but I know I’ll get an e-mail from someone who will see it for the first time so please indulge me…..Maybe you’ll see something that inspires you and be glad I posted so many Bell Bottom views…..Next week watch for my blog aboutt Bari J designer extraordinaire who makes the most beautiful items from quilting fabric so stay tuned……Img_0092

Creative Play

It was amazing!!! I got to see Meleen and her beautiful daughter Caroline who I met at Silver Bella!!.Terri Ventura was a fabulous Host even participating in class and designing her amazing cone with the face icon she has become synonymous with…Do yourself a favor and visit her new website…The glittered Maya Road die-cut embellishments were a big hit…and of course I brought the ever supportive girlfriend Nancy Deweir Geneaywho after making two amazing cones disappeared and was held hostage by the Tinsel Trading lure of creativity!!! Now because Tinsel attracts those that find inspiration in the wealth of creative fodder we met Heather Huey an incredible millinery talent who is camera shy!!!and then Lisa Kettell came by to say hello!!
The day could not have gotten any better…Thanks to all those who participated !!! xoxoxo JenniferImg_0034_2

So Blue!!!!

Not me…… this lovely skirt my daughter is wearing!!!!!In the Arcade of our Vegas Hotel she played the Arcade slots for juniors and won a $300.00 dollar stuffed animal for our dog George…I know you moms are nodding your head…Matt and Kate kept winning thousands of tickets to cash in and could only afford a small stuffed thing…oh well…’s the fun that matters…I guess….Lets just say we lost more money in the arcade downstairs then in the Casino upstairs!!!!Img_0213

Last Chance

In the City that never sleeps join Jennifer and gal pals as they create fun Victorian Style Cones at the most wonderful store in New York City, Tinsel Tradingi , my personal embellishment store of all time…..Do not miss this extravaganza…
Bring a cup of Joe and settle into class this Saturday the 26th of April from 12-3pm and watch the creativity unfold in the most inspiring place of all time……..oh and don’t be late for class!! No need to dress to the nines like my show offy friends be comfortable…see you there..JenniferLadies

Something exciting in the air!!!!

A beautiful day here in Wilton. I just got back from Vegas!!! Just some family fun time but I had never been there so needless to say still in awe of all that it holds and the forbidden fruit juxtaposed with family fun!!! It’s crazy!!! The hotels are amazing and I’m telling you it’s one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Fantasy on steroids. Rollercoasters and Highrollers, Lions in the lobby, shopping and great restaurants. Magic Shows and Arcades for the kids. Our first hotel had about 30 pools!!! Can you imagine? We saw “Spamalot” and “The Cirque du Soleil “KA” and did I mention the Grand Canyon??? My son is off to College so we wanted to show him the world and believe me we found it in Las Vegas!! I’ve come back so inspired and feel ready to conquer the world!! Forget the slot machines I’m betting on Bell Bottoms!!! Looks like wonderful new friends are helping me launch this line in a very big way and I can’t thank them enough!!! Please get over to their blog to see what exciting ideas they will be showing all of you!! Please go take a look at Trendy Textiles and what they are about You can even sign up if you so choose. If you need info on signing up go to Trendy textiles guidelines check out the ETSY shops of all the participants and you will understand the quality and craftsmanship behind these incredibly talented women….Thanks for choosing me I am so very honored! Can’t wait for the big reveal! Watch for updates!Bblogo11

Pass the Pedestal

Do not let the kids use this as a frisbee!!! How fun are these little doo dads…I found round cork at Ikea for hot-plates and had my wonderful seamstress ladies come up with a way to create a platform to exhibit special little trinkets well lookie what they fashioned…put a nice amount of fluff over the cork and then pull this bathing cap looking thingamajig over the whole thing…How fun !!! Then I took a crown that I made and Voila! A pedastal fit for a Princess…You know you want to make one and have no idea what to do with it but they are great to look at…oh go ahead use it as a frisbee I’ll never know…Oh and the tablecloth is the new Georgie Bouquet …….Blessings, JenniferImg_0018

….and they’re off!!!

Bell Bottoms is available on ebay!!!! Use the sidebar to go direct to Sis Boom Sellers on ebay. I love seeing that because that means its shipping……so keep checking our other suppliers if you need all under sidebar on places to buy…then I had few fabrics from Mod Girls and Bell Bottoms made into the most luxurious of quilts…by
The Little Red Quilt House !! They are the best! Ship Janice or Mark the owners of The little Red Quilt House your fabric and they can make any size quilt!!! And that’s how you make these without breaking a sweat….so how cool is that little box fabric as a binding…Img_1534

More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys

OK folks living in and around New York City. I’m going back to the place that started it all for me…Tinsel Trading. Terri Ventura of Dime Store Daze has asked me to come teach a class and I couldn’t be more powered up!!! Tinsel Trading for those of you who don’t know is where I got my first taste of vintage millinery and have been hooked ever since.
Marcia Ceppos having inherited the store and inventory has created a contemporary visual feast that salutes her grandfather everyday! Definitely read about us on her website. She has no idea but at every Javits show I would stalk her booth because it inspired me so!! Plus she’s just the nicest and most interesting person to talk to. Imagine inheriting a basement full of treasures…It’s a dream come true!! Sometimes when I’m upstate I fantasize about finding a barn with loads of goodies from the early 1900’s but then I wake up….So for now I get to teach at the most fabulous findings store in NYC.
Below is a sampling of the project we will do…Glittered die-cuts from Maya Road add to the festivities. Crepe Paper in Pink because I love pink and paper to complete the project. So check the calender and sign up soon, classes fill up and I want to meet and greet you…
That’s April 26th a Saturday don’t miss it…Img_1582Img_1579