This is a new style for us but very similar to the Mary Fancy Sash Dress in Girls World done up in the new West Indies. One of our favorite models Abby loves all of our dresses and we couldn’t be happier..She is the sweetest loveliest girl you’ll ever want to meet.

You all know this fabric is going to be a winner so stock up no holding back on this wonderful West Indies design. Chandler JP52 in Brandy see other colors and designs here.

love you miss Abby and your brother Tyler and of course little Brady!

Are You Signed up?

Haaaappy Saturday friends!!! How’s your morning so far? Amazing, we hope!

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She Stops Traffic

Wherever we go folks want to know this beautiful woman.  She Glows.  Happy from the inside out folks see that when they meet her.  She has taught me so much over the years but mostly how to love, how to forgive and how to walk by his side.  She reminds me of how good life is even in that moment when the world feels like it’s falling down around me.  She’s a rock and in the summer I am lucky that she spends time with me and helps with the biz.  She’s actually wearing one of our newer styles called the  Claire which she named for one of my nieces. She loves that name. The business keeps her young and she loves to be involved and I love when she lends her sensibility. She’s a special lady as you can see by the light in her eyes that has been captured so beautifully by Tim Geaney and her make up by Nancy Geaney .  Yes that dynamic duo!!  love you Mom!!

What’s Your West Indies Fave?

Have you noticed our Fabric page?? Any changes you see?? Ok, Ok, we will just tell you…

It’s WEST INDIES!!! All up for you to see! We did blog about it recently, but now all of the fabrics are proudly displayed on our fabric page so you can spend some time with each individual one. Sigh. We love West Indies. Hope you all love it just as much!

Which is your fave?

Download the Jamie or Marissa Tonight

You’ll want one sooo bad. After you see these!! you guessed it Tim Geaney was in the house!

Laminate on the Wall!?

You read it right, friends!… Why not? In a recent photo shoot for the Marissa Dress and Bosco Bowtie we experimented with our laminate in a new and exciting way… we hung it on the wall!

It created not only a really awesome backdrop for a special photo moment, but also gave off a great vibe and transformed the room into something bold and exciting.

Had we taken it a step further we may have framed it with some delicate wood pieces to create a panel on the wall. I smell a DYI project! Quick and simple! Give it a shot- get your Laminate here!

Grandmas YO YO Quilt

Sometimes it’s just cool to find a place that makes you happy. I just love the bed with it’s wonderful Yo Yo headboard and the wonderful Sis Boom Pillows from Peking.  Places on the blog to purchase our products..just a snapshot of life here at home..I hope it inspires you all to do great things and look at life a little differently.  By the way you and your wonderful comments mean the world to Me and I’m so glad you like West Indies!!

A pretty Place to Nap

Available to ship in August

You guessed it!! West Indies. The West Indies Collection : Columbus named them thinking he’d found a shortcut to India. But he found something equally exotic: The West Indies. Sitting above the equator, home to loose fitting garments, outspoken colors found in schooner sails, the flags of many nations, the hat-wearing church ladies, the turbans, dashikis, moo moos, all of it!  The tutti frutti colors of homes raking up the hillsides that would have had to have been inspired by the guavas, mangoes and plantains hanging outside.. The soul of the West Indies is inside me. The signature of all of my textiles is about an untouchable time, innocent but cosmopolitan , highlighted by the sun the fabrics dazzled everywhere on the island. I am grateful for the opportunity to keep bringing them to you.

A Wonderful Friend

Just meet Tom Jordan, the man behind beautiful clothing for his daughter.  Tom stepped out into Quilting as demonstrated by the beautiful pinwheels you see in this photo and has just completed the Memory Board from Girls World.

So nice that we get to see his beautiful daughter in her Girls World surroundings.  We love this glimpse and am so touched  by the fact you included her with her book!!!!  You are so good to me. I’m so grateful for that fateful day you were introduced to me by our girl Carla!!! …That famous girl who writes all our patters and is going to wow you next month with some amazing new patterns. Just in time for the hot month of August. Tom, my long time facebook friend ,you are a gem.

Jenny from the Girls World Block

Here she is, she teaches Girls World Classes She hoards Sis Boom Fabric and keeps it in a locked box (not really) the kind of girl you totally get!!  She dresses She and her daughter from head to toe in Sis Boom. All the while she is happy happy happy.

The Sewing machine sings when the kids are at camp and now runs a sewing camp herself. We love our Jenny and so will you. Melissa P from 100billionstars who also makes darling items and is infamous for her Girls World Pin Cushion works closely with FreeSpirit and recieves  a small advance of fabric and she inturn cut up her parcel and sent to Jenny.  It doesn’t get any better. Make sure to visit her ETSY . The spirit of sharing which defines us at Sis Boom is alive and well and lives on in the wonderful customers of Sis Boom.  Paying it forward is commonplace .

One thing I will also add is that the special people who keep coming back for more Sis Boom are such a grateful bunch.  We all know gratitude is the bottom line because with out that we’d be miserable lot.  Thanks for the gratitude of  your vital spirits which help us thrive.  Oh and have fun with the suitcases be patient, try putting glue on the suitcase and pressing firmly down. The choice to go back over with mod podge is yours! just be gentle with yourself! oh how many things I attempted and never finished cause I had no patience..

So take a look at West Indies up close and personal..