This is Molly!!

Molly is named for an amazing sister of mine….I love it and I love her.. !! It makes me sooo happy and so does she and I am grateful for her love and friendship and faith in God…..This color combo gives my space a huge boost!! Unfortunately I wish I could show you more but I am kinda messy and it’s about time my blogging buddies knew that ! There it’s out of the bag…..Bugjuice

Coming soon!!

I made a big mistake!! Modgirls needs coordinates!!! So I am introducing Sis Boom Basics in the Fall to work beautifully with Modgirls and future Sis Boom Fabric Introductions….Casey Scroll is similiar to Karen the ever popular scroll that was discontinued… We have many fans who were upset by that but I promise you you will love Casey Scroll named for a great friend’s loving daughter.. ….and a coordinating stripe called KatieEliza that I know you will absolutely love !!! Modgirls should see a huge revival when you see how well these all work together…bright sassy color that beg to inspire…So have fun and keep watching I will be working with them and showing you the hundreds of ways to use them…All my best…JenniferAuthentic

My Very Talented friend!!

This is a party hat for an amazing friend!! My good friend Sandi has the most beautiful Garden in the whole wide world and works hard to make it dazzle all year round!…..She needs to start a blog in fact…but until then I made this party hat for her birthday Luncheon..It is so festive and bursting with colorful energy just like her…believe me she can do circles around everyone who knows her!! Happy Birthday Sandi We love you…Img_0993


So many responses to collaging that I thought I’d add some that have been infused in photoshop …I tell you this has been quite the education and it has certainly enhanced my creativity so glad that I gave it a shot….Dottie

Sweet Friends

This past summer, my little neices and my daughter and I were brainstorming about little stuffed things to make with the Sis Boom Fabrics …Claire made Norman and Katherine made the cutest little guy she dubbed Mr. Felix? ok so I’m bad with names!!!!!…………then just yesterday Tatiana from Australia who has wonderful notions on her blog Little – Mysteries sent the cutest critters made from ModGirls and I had to share…So Huggable!! Her Etsy shop is filled with the sweetest bags and stuffed lovies go see for yourself…These will put a big smile on your face for sure so thank you Tatiana !!! So Claire and Katherine and Katie You never know!!!Owl3

Genevieve goes to College

My friend Nancy Geaney ( yes of horse blanket fame)whipped up the prettiest duvet from MODGIRLS for her daughter Genevieve who’s on her way to York College in PA…How cool is this?? Gen we are going to miss you…come back soon…Love JenniferGonetocollege_2

Quilted Scrolls

Look at my friend Nancy, she did it again, I just love seeing this fabric quilted, it’s so yummy….also folks she has a different web address so stop by the Farm and say hello to my girl Nancy!Img_0693

Peeps I adore

That would be Miss Monica Andrade…she’s just the cutest… the funny thing is we’ve been corresponding for awhile and she’s very good natured and quiet and yet each week I am blown away by things she puts together….I had no idea what she was going to make when she purchased the Sis Boom Papers for Daisyd’s but I naturally assumed it would be scrapping…then quietly like I said and ever so masterfully and in what seemed like 45 minutes she crafted all the whimsy in the following photos…seriously if I could decoupage like this I’d be teaching classes..I hope she shares her technique with us cause these beauties look handpainted…Be sure and read her about me it says it all
Thanks Monica for being my guiding light just knowing there is a better way…You are amazing…love, JenniferMonica003

The girls

Most of you know Anna, a wonderfully sweet woman who lurks our blogs and sends us neat things in the mail in special stickered envelopes! Anna loves us to bits, she is always happy for us and hurts when we hurt, she never forgets to tell us how great we are….she has no time for blogging and is concerned with safety on the net so she doesn’t have a blog but I know she’ll swing by and get a giggle from her picture with her big sis who by the way is still not the boss of her! Anna thanks for your love and support from all us bloggers who think you are a peach…Heaven

Miss my mom!!

She went back to Puerto Rico today and my 17 year old boy Matthew and my daughter Kate 14 and of course my amazing husband Peter are helping me through my sadness…By for now mom I love you so..Mommyandme_2