Any Day Now!!

Flower Power will be shipping next week !!  The long anticipated wait is not in vain…more pretty in person!!!!  At least that's what the High Officials are saying!!!  Ok so their friends of mine but I swear no monetary exchange!   So take a look at the free downloaded quilt design from Marsha Moore resident quilt designer for Freesppirit and she does commissions so contact me for her e-mail address.  Soon the download will be posted here.100_0920

An amazing man!!!

My friend Tim is just such an amazing photographer whom I feel privileged to know.  He's just one of those once in a lifetime photographers who can capture the most amazing moment.  I rah rah for this man because he has such an exceptional gift but also he has an exceptional heart.  He and his wife Nancy are an amazing couple.  She's a former super model and equestrian and now  an amazing quilter.  What I love is their humility and belief in doing good.  There are amazing things in store for them I just know it!  So to them I salute their craftsmanship, their companionship and their golden hearts.  Take a peak at his latest work in the Sunday Times Style Section. DSC_0001

Coffee Filter Skirts and Cupcake Holder Hats

This is where you get to see the everyday banal objects performing different tasks!!  I like to see the world upside down and make it work for me!!DSC_0032DSC_0006

Craft Tutorial

So simple!!  I found a wire circle but I bet 16 gauge would work, pulled apart a couple of artificial silk roses and glued them back to back around the ring with my hot glue careful!  I filled in the front with more petals where it needed added some seambinding ribbon and a glass ball ornament and voila!!DSC_0039DSC_0049
Show me yours, in fact make one for Valentines day using a heart shape. Always have fun and don't take yourself too seriously!  oh and find places it looks good in and shoot some pretty pics!!

Counting Backwards !!

See now I'm 49 today.  Birthdays are the best!  and I share mine with my twin brother Jim!!!  I can say Two is better than one!!!  So here's where you gush !!  My mom special lady that she is had a total of 6 kids and believe it or not 2 sets of twins in that sum!!! CutekidsJenandjimkidLastpage
  My twin sisters are on the 11th of January so that's four birthdays in 5 days right after Christmas!! Also remember this is all without the advantages of fertility so it was like winning the lottery…I think anyway!!!  So there you go an interesting fact about Jennifer Byrne Paganelli that you could probably have lived without!!  Give a shout out to mom cause she would love all the attention!

Think Pink

So much snow!!! So much cold 12* degrees today!!  So offering up pink as the solution to the doldrums.  It's the one thing I can count on to bring a smile to my face.  I don't think it's a surprise to my peeps that I adore it and can't get enough of it….truth be told I would live in a pink house with a pink door and pink curtains, a pink poodle and pink fluffy slippers….but as wonderful as the hubby is this would be a hard sell!!! So here's some pics of lots of pink to express that wonderful soothing quality pink brings.  Unleashed I think it could even bring on an early spring.  To all of you there are better pink days ahead! xoxox  JenniferDSC_0008DSC_0016

Not so long ago

This was my husband!!!!   Now he is Fifty!  The big 5-0 and it's quite a time to celebrate this wonderful man!!!  I'm a lucky gal as most of my family and friends know.  Peter has been the biggest supporter of my creative dreams and for that I am most thankful.  What struck me most as we toasted his 50th year was his amazing integrity a characteristic that makes me so proud. He always does the next right thing without hesitation.  I love him most for all the silliness that makes our relationship so special….He can make me bellyache with laughter.  So for you dear hubby , without a doubt, you were the answer to my childhood dreams.  DSC_0014DSC_0017

It won’t be long!!!

It's almost here!!  FlowersinblossumJP09RoseJP09GreenJP19SkyJP18Emerald
  Flower Power!  Thanks for your patience!!  Can't wait to see what you make.

I'm told it is shipping next month!!  Thanks for all your love and support of what the Freespirit designers do.  We love bringing you the very best.xoxoxo