Chronicle Discount Take 2!

Hi Everyone!

We’ve got a second attempt at the Chronicle Books 40% discount for you!

Word on the street from Chronicle is that there may have been a glitch with the first one- to say sorry, they’re giving it another shot and adding some more specials– new books just for the holidays, including the best-selling Olive, The Other Reindeer, and Eight Winter Nights. MyChronicleBooks is your one-stop shop for custom keepsakes for all your loved ones.

Click on link below to access sale & be sure to use Coupon Code MYCB40

40% off Personalized Books and Gifts at with code MYCB40. Ends 11/08/12

More importantly- we’d like to take a moment and recognize what’s happening right now on the East Coast..

We hope this message finds you all safe and sound post-Storm Sandy. Our thoughts go out to those who are experiencing difficulty during these times. We’re sending tons of Sis Boom love and positive vibes out there and hope you can feel it from wherever you are.

Be well and stay warm! Love, Jen

Book signing updates

Hi all! Due Ito inclement weather, Jennifer will be leaving Houston Quilt Market this evening. Her book signing today (sat) is still on from 2-4, while tomorrow’s signing (Sunday) will be cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. Stay safe and sound!! As always, thank you for the Sis Boom support!

Look for Jennifer’s Pillows on Joss & Main!

THIS SATURDAY Starting at 11 am EST, Jennifer’s (and Kate Spain’s!!!!) Pillows become available on Joss & Main!

Happy Shopping!

Meet up with Jen at the Houston Quilt Market!

Chronicle Books SALE!

You should all DEFINITELY know about this!

Thanks, Chronicle Books for extending this awesome sale!

One week only! 40% Personalized Books and Gifts at

Use code: MYCB40

Ends 10/30/12

One week only! 40% off Personalized Books and Gifts at with code MYCB40. Ends 10/30/12

Book Signings and Schoolhouse

Please come by I want so much to meet you.!!  I’m already misty eyed to meet those I have never met folks that I converse with almost every day.  I have real friends from doing the thing I love to do in this world. How cool is that???  So come by because I am terribly excited to meet you.  If you must know I am doing book signings Saturday and Sunday 2-4 so please come by with your Happy Home for me to sign or purchase right there from Westminster.  We will have such a good time.  Oh the things I will write in your book,  just amazing!!  seriously Freespirit Booth Saturday and Sunday 2-4 Get a signed copy of Happy Home!!  Booth number 1608.  Please come by!!!!  School House is at 11am with myself and Carla and something exciting in store for Brick and Mortar so stay tuned.

PS Monique made another Devon!

Under a rock!!!

Look at this amazing tutorial from Stitchery Dickory Dock!!!  Amy we love you!!!!!!  These are just wonderful treasures!!!! Glad that I poked around Freespirit’s website!!  I think you may have told me and as usual it was lodged somewhere deep inside with no access due to quilt market brain.. Please forgive me. I want everyone to try this!!!! I want one in every color but I must say exquisite in Happy Land!!!!  Stichery Dock you Rock!!! Thanks Amy for this buzzworthy tutorial and thanks to Freespirit for finding the best!!  Go see Amy Gibson’s new additions and you will wonder how she got that room all cleaned up in the first place!! 🙂


Chunky Zebra

On facebook there was a photo of Ann Romney wearing  a Chunky Zebra tunic and that lady is one fashion icon if you ask me!!  So we are on trend and it’s so exciting to see all of you embrace the chunky zebra..It will never get old!! Thanks to Becky Snider Collins of Granny B’s clothesline we can all be part of the buzz!!  Get in touch with her.  She is amazing and does shows and always has plenty of stock.  Thanks Becky for loving what we do here at Sis Boom!!  And let’s also give a shout out to the photographer of this pretty shot  Mi*lolli.



Linda H from Flourishing Palms.. You won!!

Give it up for Linda H!!!!!!  You won the fatquarter raffle!!!!  We are so excited for you.  That was a fun raffle and you will have a ton of fun with that.

Before I let you go there are just a few things to mention here.  Found on twitter wonderful bags made with Girls World Vibe for a colorful rainbow birthday party!!!!  right from the pages of Girls World this tote is just amazingly easy!!  Angela Bowman , She goes by the name Angela B. on her blog is fun loving and gets google +..go figure, I was on there all of ten minutes and got so very perplexed and she was so kind to try and teach me how it works.  When she came over to twitter I was so excited because it’s a language I understand!!  Angela love getting to know you!!  Next up is a dear friend Jacqueline Maxman who is a very special cheerleading kind of gal that I have gotten to know from since my early twitter days.  She is such a lovebug and she floats through all the chaos of her life with such amazing grace!! Read her fabulous blog and check out what she’s done with Crazy Love!! I love these napkins!!!! Be inspired.  Georgia Pape Handy has a wonderful new Christmas Card!!!  The clothing designs by Hickity Pickity inspired a under the sea type of inspiration and all I can add to this beautiful photo is Dreamy!!!  Oh how could I forget Alana Kelly and Yumminess Textiles bringing you the ruffle bottoms!!!

Do not disturb, Studio Time

I don’t even answer the phone when I’m in the zone…..Getting ready for Christmas Show.  Do not miss Barbara Strawser!!  She’s the most amazing American Folk Artist..My hero!! Oh little Gift pillows perfect for the Holidays found in our book Girls World.  Talk soon.