We Love a Flying Girl!

A favorite personality of the Quilting World is Melissa Stramel , She is simply put..Lovely. She has no idea that I am a big admirer of her work and love for life.  She is one of the loveliest folks I have found and she is going after her dreams which is always a positive message to carry to others. The Beloved pattern is hugely popular but because her daughter requested a ball gown she made some changes and added a couple of things and voila, she has reinvented the pattern for her daughters whimsy and now so can you! Purchase the pattern here.  We love her use of Happy Land found at Hancock’s of Paducah.   Just a reminder Happy Land is moving fast to make room for Circa so don’t delay your decision. Getting harder to find. Melissa thanks for delighting the world with frills and fancy!!!!

Do not miss the raffle June 15th.


Circa Love from down under

Denise Walker another fan from Australia has done such an amazing job with Circa and the overalls are just the most exquisite for your baby.  Photo ops welcome. We are loving the styling at Butterflybees and as of right now there is not a pattern but you never know. You can see her items on Made it!!  We are so delighted to have her as part of the burgeoning group on facebook. I’m telling you they are chatting up on facebook and lots of sewing sites on FB to help you along!! Join the Scientific Seamstress Lab for updates, happenings, sew alongs and coupons!!!!!!  Carla has an infinite staff ready to help and answer questions.  Make sure you sign up today!!!

So Denise we wish you all the very best join Butterflybees on Facebook.

Circa Land

I can’t get over the beauty you are all creating with Circa!!  You have all been so patient so loving so supportive of one another, sharing and giving yardage away to help another quilter or passionate sewist!  You are all making me so happy and I can’t get over how many lovely people knock on my FB page everyday. You are all so delightful and you know I love seeing those pretties you are sewing.  I don’t have to tell you the word on the street about Circa and it all started here by listening to your requests and at the same time upholding the Sis Boom Legacy of Happy!!

So check these out.  Another one of our Aussie friends is creating to die for sunsuits that are just dreamy! Lil Luscious on facebook needs to get more in stock because she does it so well.  Serenity Worell you are making our day!!!!

She’s taking orders..just sayin.


OH MY, Oh! Veronica

You can just IMAGINE our delight when we stumbled upon this beautiful site, Oh! Veronica. They’ve taken Circa to a whole new level with this absolutely darling little vintage party frock. The silhouette is to die for.

Handmade in Australia, your little girl will surely be the best dressed sweetie on the playground. That’s for sure! The photos are so beautiful, borrowed from Oh! Veronica.

To peep this sweet frock, or order it, please visit Oh! Veronica.

Sis Boom Room, Circa style

It’s a Sis Boom room kinda day… and what does that mean? We’re imagining long, flowing Circa curtains up in hurr… Fresh, whimsy, vintage-vibed, and sweet, Austin (JP073 – Green), took the cake in the curtain department. How were we to choose?! (Actually, we couldn’t, so we closed our eyes and pointed to one randomly. It’s the truth!). The scale is a little bit larger in this photo, but we wanted to enhance the detail that Austin has to offer.

Imagine Circa as a curtain in your sun room? Bedroom? Dining room? Baby’s room?! Closet?! Ok, ok, we’ll stop.


1. Jeremy Scott Smiley Sunglasses

2. Circa curtains in Austin Green (JP073)

3. Jonathan Adler Vase

4. Vinnie Cradle Chair in Blue

5. 642 Things to write about book.

6. Dolce Vita High Heel Sandals

Keeping my word

As you know Circa is truly sweeping the nation and because of that I am holding tight to mine.  I have a photoshoot to do!!  But I thought that because all of you mean the world to me that I would at least offer up half yards of all of Circa for all my pals out there. So here’s the deal. The comments have to be here for us to really know what the heck is going on.  So share with your neighbors we love that about all of you.  Tell us your favorite Sis Boom story if you like but you don’t have too or maybe how you know Jennifer (me) or maybe how you got into sewing.  We love your stories!!  Tell us about your business and what it means to you. Short and sweet , we love getting to know you.  If you know me from facebook / twitter  you’ll know I try to reach out to everyone.  As we are growing I’m still the same girl who launched Sis Boom and know the heart of what goes on here is because of all of you.  It’s a special place with lots of special people and it does take a village.

So leave your message here and you will be entered to win a big stack of 1/2 yard of all Circa’s.  I kid you not.Offer ends June 15th at midnight so everyone gets a chance.


Sweetest little one!!

You have to love Violet Fields new pattern.  We are crazy about it. The Emmaline dress can be found here.   We adore it in Circa and love how the Taylor in blue was just made for little girls, priceless, precious!!!!  I just couldn’t wait to show you this photo and have you watch the fabric come to life.  An abundance of floral bouquets tells a beautiful story on this little girl. Fabric found here.


Modern Maxi

We love our Betty Ann pattern named for a beloved mentor of mine.  This Maxi looks so terrific on Jeanne Hamling, one of our long time testers daughters.  Look at the shoes my friends , that’s what caught my eye!!!  I love her confidence and pride in wearing one of mom’s creations!!!  All of Jeanne’s kids are beautiful and I had the pleasure of meeting this one Miss Lily out in Utah!!  Folks I’m sorry I won’t be at quilt market but I will be thinking of all of you!!!  This pattern can be found under patterns on this site as well as many other pattern platforms! This fabric is part of our Crazy Love collection and can be found here.  Thank you Glam Fabrics on Etsy..  In Australia we found some here.  Thank you Fabric Traders AU

So there you have it , a pretty girl in a pretty handmade dress and coordinated shoes..We love you Lily!!



In preparation for Mother’s Day we sent out a blast this morning to share some exciting news!! A SIS BOOM SALE! Everything available for sale on sisboom.com is 20% off through Monday at 12AM. Shop til you Drop! xx Happy (almost) Mother’s Day!

Hurry up and start shopping! Coupon Code expires at 12AM on Monday. HAVE FUN!


Aside from the rainy few days we’ve had it’s been super amazing outside. Don’t you just wanna soak up the sun? Peep our NEW Sis Boom expression pillows and sundial pillow (that’s what we’ll call it for now!).


These pillows wanted to live in a warm, cozy sun room filled with plants, natural light and the sound of birds chirping. Don’t have a sun room?! Don’t fret!! These pillows will transition beautifully from sun porch, to living room, to kids room and all the way back around to a cozy den. It’s all about carrying out your own vision and making it work- with these, anything is possible!

Circa also wants to live in this sun-soaked room. Curtains, bench cushion cover, DIY pillows.. you name it!

1. Zuo Modern Ceiling Lamp, 2. Shane Powers Ceramic Wall Planters, 3. Circa Fabric JP072 Green Lilly 4. Circa Fabric JP075 Lauren, 5. Sis Boom sundial pillow (available soon), 6. Sis Boom expression pillow (available soon), 7. Dexter Outdoor Bench, 8. Mosaic Tiled Bistro Table, 9. Melamine Plates