Long and Lovely

leave it to the wonderful Marie Madeline Studio to come up with a long, graceful, adorable skirt pattern. I can't believe how beautiful it looks in Poodle!

Can't you just see your special little girl running through an open field, with a huge smile on her face, sporting one of these sweeping skirts?! I know I can.

Check out this adorable pattern cover. I love how the look is topped off with a simple white tee, and a fresh, big bow around the waist. 


Emerson skirts pattern front

Keep scrollin' for more adorable looks with this skirt in Poodle! Gotta LOVE it! So fresh and So happy. And to answer your next question- No… it does not get cuter than this. Check out more photos from the photo shoot here!

Emerson and Darison 079

Emerson and Darison 060

Emerson and Darison 033

The Magic Touch…

Morning, Everyone! Look what Shannon Winters added to the Sis Boom flickr group yesterday morning!!! …now that's what I like to call the magic touch.


It's almost a rule of thumb that rosettes will take something from absolutely beautiful and amazing, to that place of extra sweetness, and extra fun. Who doesn't LOVE the texture, both visual and physical, of a rosette. They almost seem edible! Same goes for that big, delicious bow!


So, Thank you Shannon, for your spreading your Sis Boom love and for making something so beautiful and sweet with Sis Boom. We are certainly drooling over the way you brought your dress form to life!

Go on! Make some rosettes today! you know you wanna…

Quicky Fat Quarter projects!

Hey all! Madeline here– Jennifer's Assistant! Hope you had an awesome weekend!

How many of you are inundated with amazing Sis Boom Fabric, but don't always have the time to create a masterpiece? It's time for some quick, simple, fun projects– easy peasy things you can do with a fat quarter pack (or two), 20 minutes, and just a few other ingredients.

Before we go any further… I bet that 98.6% of you know what fat quarters are… for those few who don't, here you go… (don't be ashamed, when I first started working with Jennifer I had no idea what she was talking about… I was like, "a fat, what?!"…)

A fat quarter is the result of cutting a yard of fabric into four pieces. A fat quarter (usually) measures 18" X 22".  In order to get a fat quarter, you would cut a yard of
fabric (which usually measures 9" X 44") across the selvage and the crosswise grain. There you have it, my friends. A fat quarter.

psssst… Need some fat quarters?! Buy them right here, right now! $15 per pack including shipping (add $15 to order if you're outside of the US).  That's four fatquarters all together !!We'll surprise you with the pattern!  Mostly from our new Poodle collection!

And onto the projects!…


The no mess, no stress project… supplies needed? 1 fat quarter, one small charm with a hole (you'll see), needle & thread, about 5 minutes.

Nice and simple. turn that fat quarter into a neck scarf. Viola. That was easy! Wanna kick it up a notch? Grab a needle and thread, and with a few quick stitches sew a little charm on the corner of the scarf. Bling bling, baby!

Home decor in a snap… supplies needed? 1 fat quarter, 1 old frame, 1 special photo, about 10 minutes.

Have an extra frame lying around the house? If no, maybe you can find one that holds a dated photo.. or perhaps a photo of an X? Bingo. Take it down, pop out the picture, and replace it with a beautiful piece of fabric. Place your new, little creation on a bedside table, coffee table, or powder room. Kick it up a notch by putting a photo in front of the fabric, so the fabric forms a border. Cute!

Banner time!… supplies needed? At least 2 fat quarters, piece of ribbon, glue OR needle & thread, about 20 minutes.

Take the back of a notebook or notepad, ya know, the cardboard piece. Trace something triangular, or measure a nice, generous triangle. Prefer a bib shape? Create a half circle shape with the cardboard. Use this as your template. Place that triangle or half circle atop your fabric, trace on the wrong side, and cut away. Create as few as 3 triangles or half circles, (yep, even 3 little pieces will create a sweet frame). Find an old ribbon or gift box bow that's sitting in your kitchen drawer (the everything drawer). Either use a hot glue gun (careful!), some fabric glue, or hand stitch, attaching the base of the triangle, or flat side of the half circle to the ribbon. You've got yourself a darling, little banner. Step it up by adding some Sis Boom embroidery! (I know! how cute!)

Take a nap on this cute little creation!Supplies needed? 1 or 2 fat quarters, needle and thread OR sewing machine, poly-fil (don't have poly-fil? grab an old tee-shirt, about 25 minutes.

Either fold one fat quarter in half, right sides together, or press two fat quarters together, right side facing right side. So simple, So quick, So satisfying. Pin your right sides together (making sure to leave a nice space open for stuffing). Depending on how much time you have, either pass the edges, all the way around, through the machine, or do a nice hand stitch – don't forget to leave space for stuffing! Flip your pillow-to-be right side out. (how pretty!) If you have poly-fil, squish it in there and bring your pillow to life! Don't have poly-fil? Cut up an old tee shirt into long strips and then cut those strips into small cubes. Stuff those in instead of stuffing and there you go! Hand sew the little gap closed, and take a quick nap on your new pillow if you so wish.

That's it for today! I really hope you were able to enjoy at least one of these projects! Let us know how it went!



Made a New Friend!

I could never thank all of you enough for your generosity when it comes to blogging about what you are making with Sis Boom Fabrics.  Obviously it's not one sided I love to inspire others and you help me do that ..like the little detail on this sweet top Vicky of The Rose Garden on etsy just did!!!  As designers we love the details we love the spark that gives it the bit of difference.  We see something like this and we wonder how that detail would look at the neck of a dress or at the bottom of a pant.

It can really get those juices flowing.  But at the end of the day it's your willingness to share these ideas that matter to me.  I used to be one of those that covets and keeps it all to herself so that no one could see and my vision got narrow.  I discovered  it was when I shared and put it out into the light that I got so much back.  Designers go to the well and if my blog can be a well of inspiration than nothing would delight me more.  So keep showing up at our flickr group and showing us the goods chances are you will be enriched by what others are doing.  

So Vicky I was touched by your email and love your work so you are in the spotlight today.  Thanks for sharing your pretties with us!!


Our very own Cathy!!!!

Way to go girl!!!  She is one of the masterminds behind everything Sis Boom and Scientific seamstress…for ease lets call her the motor !!! and she can now add Quilter to her resume. Cathy this is so amazing and with a scalloped edge too?????  Look at you go.  Thanks Cathy for all the little things you do for us we so appreciate it!!  This will so inspire the beginner quilter!!!


A new cool pattern

Sorry this one doesn't come with the house!!!!!  Isn't this a great photo?????  gotta love this!!!! Fat Quarterly blog posted this and the reviews are superb.  Go take a look!!!  Make yourself this cool quilt and then find a house to put it in!!!!


Sweet Baby Jamie

Jamie Harned of Sweet baby Jamie's got a surprise over at her place..Leave a comment and enter to win some fatquarters!!!!! Poodle fatquarters!!!


Tell someone you love them!

Nothing says I love you like Poodle. Print this out and write a note to someone wonderful in your life. Pop it in the mail and surprise them! (When's the last time you got snail mail from a friend?!)  
Download this template!

I love you so much

$2.49 per yard at Fabric.com

What are they thinking??????  These will be collectors items in 50 years and worth lots of money!!!  Yes Fabric.com put a bunch of Sis Boom Fabrics on sale…Shopportunity!!!!!! Thanks Melissa for the shout out. It's great whenever we can pass savings along.  Go take a look at these and many more Sis Boom Fabrics on sale now!!


Meave ABC’s

Make something cute and fun today! Print out this Maeve alphabet (Maeve is from Poodle!) and use it to spell something special on a card, in your scrapbook, or just hang it up because it’s so, so pretty! Coincidentally it’s my God daughter Maeve’s Birthday too!

Sis Boom Letters

Click on ME to download these Fabu Sis Boom Letters