My sissy

Here she is reluctantly in her beautiful home she shares with her daughter Sophie, my beautiful niece!  I wish I could show you all her wacky poses but they are not suitable for primetime. So the background story goes like this.  I had this dress made by my seamstress from a dress that my sister had, which my sister loved!  It was a nice chocolate Brown Dress from Banana Republic. DSC_0169
  Here's the part where you wince… my seamstress had to cut it up to figure out how it was made, something she never does…well I had to deliver the bad news to her in person  so lucky for me when I saw her in Atlanta I had this dress with me ….it could have been real ugly!!!  Not the dress, the situation.  Anyway here it is The Matt Tux fabric worn beautifully by my precious sissy.


Big Surprise

I've decided to teach a class closer to home in Wilton, CT.   Years ago I got stuck creatively and have used a collage technique that helps me shape a creative direction.  Based loosely on the Artists Way by Julia Cameron it has helped me get out of my own way and to be focused in a world of distraction. Begun over 15 years ago this process of collaging has been a compass of sorts in helping navigate the path I am walking.   By supporting myself  in a parachute of spirituality I have learned to trust in my innate abilities and be comfortable in my skin.  It has taken years but I have been fortunate to allow this wisdom of the ages to infiltrate my life and keep me grounded when the force of camparing myself to others can become so unbearable and I end up feeling less than.  Please join me as I take you on a journey that will help you find that next right thing.  That thing for you . That thing that will give you bliss.  If you are interested in taking the class you can sign up here.  Oh and I will demonstrate a simple craft for those of you who can't get enough…Tissue Flowers made from Vintage Dress Patterns.  Oh and don't be late for class!Brillophone

I’m back!!

A quick trip to Atlanta and South Beach all in the same week!!!  Taking shots of Sis Boom Couture
the whole way.  If you haven't heard from me this is why!!  Lots of picks to share and I saw one of my favorite South Beach homegirls Jane Dagmi!!!! (who did the rooms below!!)  Jane is an editor at Large for Country Living Magazine  who I met while riding steere,s at Marberger Antique show in Texas. So not kidding!! We had the best time and that's when I fell in love with this tall amazing looking bohemian named Jane!! Jane has an unbelievable eye for the details that comfort!!! Watch her closely and keep an eye out for kick butt style and a writing mode that captivates!  Can you tell I love this girl and oh that's her below making the Sis Boom day dress a knockout at the South Beach Hotel!  Drop her a line and tell her we need more Jane!!!! Also if you want her signature style feel free to contact me for her info.  Actually leave a message here because this new typepad won't let me leave her e-mail!!!  oh and one more place here in the blog archives of Country Living.Also let me tell you South Beach filled me with inspiration so be looking for the Latin influence next year!!!!  Thanks to all of you for coming by and supporting me and loving all the latest collections!  View them here .DSC_0378

Love tucked in!

I love Valentines Day but mom was great at expressing love everyday and that's where I learned about love tucked in…..Everyday some where some place mom would plant a love note….In and on the bed, lunches, new party dresses, under pillows, in our suitcase whenever we traveled without her, taped to mirrors and doorways…and most often with something little..a piece of candy…a charm or something we saw that we wanted!  At 51 when she left the house after staying with us for a month last summer I checked my pillow as soon as she left.  There it was a ceramic angel tending to a lamb that I saw at the fleamarket that I had loved.   Can you believe I actually checked??? I will always be her little girl.  She left her token of love  as I do my daughter and I may not be good at the notes but not a day goes by I don't tell my son and daughter how beautiful the world is with them in it..  Mom still does that but we rely on snail mail to carry these love messages over the Atalantic to the Carribean sea…something circled in a magazine and tossed in an envelope or a Psalm from the bible circled and mailed off to me or some wisdom from a new age guru!  The woman had 6  children and she is always thinking of ways to tuck love in……so to all of you this day of love letters find ways to say something special to someone you love and tuck it in!!


We passed the 100 mark over at Sis Boom Sightings!!! Thank you all so much for uploading all your pics Keep them coming
especially Bellbottoms!! Love to see more of what you made with that group. Oh and our shop is filling up in our new website Rachel
so take a look inside. So lots of firsts and new beginnings, it feels good it feels right. As a few of you know Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame is filing chapter 11. It’s a sad day when someone we admire and holds the torch so we can all see our way better has a difficult time. It is my humble belief that she should know how much we all care and every success she made was one for womankind. Rachel made roses a part of our daily life. We wouldn’t think to be without them ever! I remember when I walked into her store in Soho so many moons ago the beauty and comfort was almost unbearable I wanted it all! So during my lunch break from Knoll I would fawn over every tiny touch every placement of tokens and mementos. What I remember most on the starched white linens
was a rose sweetly placed on a chair or seat cushion. Cracked and beloved china given reverence. Distressed was the term given but it was so much bigger than that..we were given legacy,cast off treasures, secrets of a timeworn past. As a working woman concerned with timing and precision I felt I’d come home. I wanted to be her. That woman behind the desk with the casual jeans surrounded by an elegant history.
Do yourself a favor read her blog or should I say prose. Everything from her photos to her words is pure poetry. Also read Carol Spinski’s tribute to Rachel which moved me so. We all march on during these uncertain times and see that some of the best of us have had to succumb to the economic Tsumnami
but we will be brave because we follow a different truth that during the hardest of times we keep the faith that there is a better plan unfolding. He wouldn’t bring us this far to drop us. Don’t quit before the miracle. To all of you and especially today, Rachel, I thank each and every one of you for believing in beauty the kind that lights us from the inside.

Simple Projects

Here's two Easy Peezy Projects!!  The votives I ordered from Quick Candle  so easy so fast and real cheap….great for weddings or big affairs.  So I sponged brushed on mod podge and craft glitter and voila!  Then I put about 2 dozen across the mantle lit them and added friends and an ordinary night buy the fire took on a magical glow.  The next project was once again exploiting the uses of
coffee filters!  I took the smallest filter about three inches in diameter dyed them pink with a crystal light powder (no food coloring in the house) soaked them for an hour ,make sure you pull them apart so they are a bit easier to use when done drying DSC_0037
and so they get saturated with color.  Drain and let dry for two to three days or more.  Find a round wooden wreath shape about an inch or two wide. Then take that filter fold in half and half and half again until it looks like a flower and hot glue around the wreath base.  Make them tight together so it looks full add until it's got the look you want!  Some seambinding ribbon to finish off!!  Show me yours would love to see.DSC_0028