A Gift for Kate

Can I just say that I was so touched by another blogger who was moved by my daughters story that she made her a special sign for her room and this sign captures my angel girl…she is so full of love and has struggled with Lyme disease for soo long missing school on and off for several years running…..and yet
she issupported by sooo many angels Heidi being one of them..Her signs are so precious please take a look you can tell so much heart goes into them….HeidiCimg5282

The Best News

My friend Cari is teaching me how to do a typelist so I will be able to add all my new fun pals to my Blog
please forgive me that it has taken soooo long!!! So please bear with me! Be sure to take a look at Cari’s goods in her Etsy shop and my friend Jenny has wonderful things for Valentines Day!!! Look what I got for my daughter shhhhhh it’s a secret!!0a_1jpg

Love red and pink together


Creation City

Well I’ve been busy my handwork has diminished somewhat since all the licensing and photoshop classes began so it feels good to jump back in sometimes it feels like a struggle to create because as you know the demands of a household can be great! Like any job the more you do the better you get so its been good to be up in the studio with music and George and zoning out for the afternoon….Take a look at what has transpired!!Cimg5276

Valentine Girls

I just adore these two girls so I made a girlfriend Valentine…..if you are anything like me the girlfriends
make life worthwhile and I love all my new Girlfriends..oh that’s right ..I named a fabric line Girlfriends!!Cimg5247

My First Job

My sister called and wanted something for a baby shower but no time to send anything to Atlanta…and then an aha moment…She told me her colors and I said I’ll make something you can make in all different sizes…for favors, place settings, hanging from the ceiling by ribbons…So I made her two to decide from…they don’t know the baby’s sex…let me tell you photoshop 101 can produce some nice things…so don’t quit, It’s worth hanging in there…Heltoninvite

Enough with the bird

Ok but I’m learning new techniques and I wanted to share a great book with you Graphic Frames is awesome You can find it on Amazon but I can’t seem to copy the link anyway I used it in the frame around Sis Boom is that sooo cool…There are restrictions on some of the art so check for usage but it’s a great one for custom cards etc…unbelievable frames inside…I have the hardest time finding ones I like…905768003301_scthumbzzz_v35435936_aa90__1

So Surprised

I’m always amazed when I do a show when something I relish doesn’t sell the good news is I don’t have to know why I’ll just get to enjoy it a little longer…lucky girl I am…I just love the Victorian postcards such
creative mongers they were…they crack me up…Cimg5246

Half in Half out

I want to create but room is still not organized well enough so I’m creating with a bit of angst must do something about that…Trillions of ideas but not on toe! So here are a few quickies to show for Valentines Day…and then I need to calm down and focus…Just needed to move that creative elbow…Cimg5243

Two is better than one!

I can’t believe the progress!!! Not one but two birds and they are facing each other!!!!…..Can I just say miracles never cease….I never thought I’d get here…My first day of photoshop was so overwhelming and now look at me…..Don’t worry about ego here though there is still a long way to go but I am starting to love getting on the computer and making designs…I never did learn to sew that well so this is like hands free! So this is applique cyberspace style you like??Birdland