Thank you!!

I just needed to get that off my chest!!!  I'm going to see my son this weekend at University of Vermont! He's a sophomore there and it's parents weekend.  He absolutely loves it there.!!  So thankful it's all working out cause I fret over everything!!  So  I'm going to dress real warmly and be the best adoring mom I can be…Talk soon and thanks again for taking the time to write and encourage the Sis Boom aesthetic. You guys are the best!!


Stand Alone

I do a bunch of Stand Alone fabrics which in the industry sometimes has difficulty when there is a coordinated sentiment from our clientele.  I feel a need to discuss and certainly in no way apologize for the way I design.  Believe me I love when things come together and things all coordinate but its not what I'm called to do.  I try and try to make it all match but sometimes the blue in one fabric has no meaning for me in another and I am not at peace.  For awhile I thought oh you are just making it up because you don't have the skill to make it all work together but that's not true.  If I could do one fabric and introduce it in a million stand alone color ways I would but they don't make for great quilts I'm afraid.   Sometimes I look at the quilts of our ancestors mostly patchwork made from all different categories of fabric and I am moved to tears nothing matches and could be construed as irreverent but they  are so innocent and ill conceived that in their naive way they are beautiful. I go on ebay just to look at the mismatched patchworks!!..I love and respect all my designer friends who have the gift to make it all work together.  There is such a huge resource of talent and certainly something for everyone.  But if for any reason the greens don't go together understand its my intention and in their irregularity for whatever reason is my brilliance appearing insane. I think Sis Boom fabrics all work together in their islandy appeal and if you like them they will all work for you. just needed to talk out  loud!  Thanks for listening.


Patchwork Paper

So I go to have this invite printed which is still witchcraft to me something I'm not getting.  I design in photoshop and whenever I send it to print there's a me if you can ?? So to reduce to 4 x 6 they tell me I'll have white space and I say oh no!!!  But being the tinkerer I am I said ok I'll work on that.  So back into photoshop I go and like any good patch worker would do I added another design to the top of the card and it looked a bit dumb so I said wouldn't it be cool if I could put stitches along the line where the designs meet it could look so cool!  So I google Digital stitches and after rummaging around I found this link ! Katie Pertiet designed this and I can't thank her enough sooooo fun !!  I could do great things with these fun elements..anyway it's a great site get a cup of coffee and look around!!



Not enough smoke and mirrors

ok I don't have a collection coming out for fall.  I think you have guessed by now !!  After three in a row I'm on the downlow and busy with other fun things like our winter show !!!  This is quite a big undertaking and I'm trying to keep in mind the economy!!  I hope you'll stop in and have some coffee and bide a wee!  Great stuff on sale because I need to find my living room so come on over bring a friend and lets dig til we find it…xo Jennifer


Driving 101

It's here my sweet daughter Kate is now Driving!!  2 1/2 hours at the constantly  consolidating DMV!! Accompanied by fellow newly celebrated 16 year olds we were giddy with the prospects of getting on the I ask for your prayers (not Kidding) as my teen ventures out in the world !!

Here's some pics of funny earlier times with miss Kate! Holla back if you have time always look forward to your comments..xoxox Jen




Go see Carla and win a chance!!

Carla has a nice raffle on!!

A Happy Camper

We love our girls in their Sis Boom!!!  Judy Buchanan of Florida has gone crazy with Pretty Please!!! She's using it in some of her offerings.