Fabrics at work!!

Pretty things to look at while I’m away!! We had a family photo shoot before leaving to Paris! Watch for a fun raffle when I get back..Img_1678

Away for a little bit……

Just to let you know I will be away and not reachable until mid August….lots going on and lots to share when I get back. Please if you have any questions contact Freespirit for any questions regarding fabric…I am so excited for my trip to finally be here..never thought this day would come but it has and I plan to be wildly inspired and carried away by this place that I have known in my heart for so long. You will probably have to indulge me when I get back because the photos of me and the Eiffel Tower will be numerous. Thanks for your continued support of these textiles and for all those wonderful photos you have shared with me over the last few months….see you all soon Bon Voyage.Bell Bottoms rock!Boot_3

Next up

Then Javis Davis contacts me the other day to let me know what they have been up to and looky here!! Just like Andrea in previous post these guys give plenty of alternatives to Blah!!! These cribs are sensational!! I designed this one so go get your own!! Mary Peyton Peppo has come up with the most inventive way to create your own crib bedding. I am so excited for her!! But she doesn’t stop there!! How about a glider that actually looks good to lull that baby to sleep! My girlfriend Nuala bought her gliding rocker and before she used it she had it slipcovered! No more!! Mary is on the fast track to giving you what you want and reduces the anxiety of custom!!! Bravo and wishing you all the very best Mary!! To see this crib and coordinating pillows and bumpers shop Javis DavisRuff_tail_crib800

Design your own!!!

Wow Uber Technology collides with DIY. Check out these fabulous websites and see how these women are making a difference!! It’s the ultimate in custom Design!! With this sophisticated Design Software you can see your designs in real time. This saves on custom disappointments and guess work!! Voila in seconds a crib, a dress, bedding are even represented in scale!! How do they do it ! My first introduction was to Andrea Marron
even got an amazing write up on Daily Candy so not easy..trust me I know first hand..I had the wonderful experience of meeting this lovely young entrepreneur a couple of weeks ago when she was in Ct. getting ready to make a permanent move….and I am so delighted. Make Studio 28 Couture your next stop and don’t forget the blog!!Picture3

Friends of mine

Look what came in the mail today!!! To order yours get over to the Marie-Madeline Studio The Long girls put the patches in all the right places!! This is the largest summer bag you’ll ever need!! Ask Kristie for your Modgirls satchel and tell them I sent you…I just love what these women are about great design and functional product……Hugs for the long girls!!!Beavh

Girls in Dresses

Check out all my girls in their Dresses!!! This is a basic Halter Dress there must be a pattern out there somewhere!!! but I love it with the little band because no matter what you use it gives it a nice contrast! Let us know if you find a pattern our readers want to know!!!Img_0658

Do you like this idea???

I love applique so much and I have been playing around with some ideas for fabrics but I have a question???
Would you buy it??? I thought I’d take a mini poll and find out from my peeps if this is a direction I should pursue ? I won’t go hog wild just a couple of intros but it be good to have a feel from my guys and gals out there who are always in and out of the quilt stores! I want it to look rather random and appliqued to the fabric. Don’t worry I’m strong and I can take criticism just do it in a gentle way ok??? Oh and yes a lovely gal from California won the second part to my bumbled raffle and her name is Anita Monery no blog but e-mail her and Congratulate her! Don’t worry even the late comers were entered so never fear!!! I am always so grateful to you guys for your dedication to this blog it makes me so happy!!Birdiesings

My Bad

oops…Raffle closes out tomorrow…so we’ll have another winner tomorrow…please forgive me !!! Thanks for pointing it out!!! Watch tomorrow when I pick another winner…so keep those comments coming you still have a chance!!

OMG thank you!!!!!!!!!

What a response to my Fireworks raffle…see previous post! I love you guys!! Thanks for all the folks who discovered us on True up the wonderful blog by Kim Kight where she shares her love of material and may I say how clever that is ????? I just adore women and the stuff they come up with!! The blog is so well done go treat yourself I have a feeling it’s going to be so big!!! It’s a resource as well as a good dose of inspiration thanks so much for the nice write up on Bellbottoms too!!! Then at 5pm like
I promised we had a winner and it’s Jen at Cottagenest who also has an amazing blog and loves and hearts fabric of all kinds has become the latest in line to win a Sis Boom raffle !!! I love her patriotic fabric posts going on now…So thanks to all of you who dropped a line and made all those lovely comments I can not ever thank you enough…!! Now I need to diverge and talk up a good friend of mine who makes the most beautiful Memory boards I have ever seen. A banker by day and crafter/designer by night she has established herself as the go to girl for frames and memory boards. Marnie Ruane has a gift and you’ve got to see how beautifully she puts it together. Below are a couple of her frames she did for our show!Dsc_0272