I just thought it would be a cool place to start.  Did anyone else crossstitch this and then frame it when they were about 10.  Kwitcherbellyakin was a popular phrase and it made for quite the chic sampler.  I tell you folks I'm loaded with them.  So lets face it getting a college room ready for a girl can not only be time consuming but if you don't want your child to bellyache get over to Go make your bed.  She is hoppin over there trying to meet all the college deadlines!  But they are soooo pretty.  I love Nancy Geaneys bed in a bag because you get something different and unique that only you will have.  She is the master and I love how the bag is employed as a pillow case when not carting the duvet and quilt around. Go Nancy!  The last picture is the new book by Judy Lake aka Lamp shade lady. Judy will also be at Brimfield signing her new book so check her out and stay close to her blog updates. The book just hit the stores so it just just came out and she devulges the secrets of making lampshades!!!  
I've watched her in awe for years sell her one of a kind beauties and
now she is disclosing all her secrets….get in line behind me!  She
also used one of my Casey Scrolls so I am extremely fond of that
girl!!!  It doesn't take much, mention me in your next book and we can
be bff's..:)  Talk soon  Oh and Judy will be at Brimfield with her books so stay close to her blog to find out the dates.  It's all good in my hood!!!




Come Play in my Yard

October 10th 1-5 in Wilton, Ct. just check out upcoming at Sis .  We would love for you to come.  We are going to make these three girls and you can take home and have framed or cut out individually and use for the Christmas tree or decorate the house with them..they promise to make you happy.  We did these for Country Living magazine once and loaded them with tulle and sparkle gems around a window…..perfection!!!!! I believe that was my girl Jane Dagmi who edited that piece.!!  So come sit with me a spell..get glitter all over your clothes and get busy with my embellishments or bring your own.  A good pair of scissors is a good thing to bring!!  Hope to see you there!!  Coffee and treats and amazing good hearted people make this a pre-season must.



Can I just say one thing?

It's freakin unbelievable!!!  Look what Carla C went ahead and did with my blessing!!!  She scouted out a brilliant embroidery person by the name of Heather Sue who makes the coolest embroidery designs.  Take a look at her yummy etsy shop!  Carla then takes elements out of Sis Boom fabric and has Heather create them for downloadable embroidery designs!
You then just get creative and have a ball. Just go to SWAK embroidery over at you can make this and join the embroidery party!!!…..tooo fun or what????  Carla plans to show you some of her work when she's done so peak over at her blog and as always take a look at her patterns on etsy because they are fun and easy peasy as only Carla could say!! So start the party the disco ball is twirling..on your marks get set go!!!Stephaniechart Amandafleurchart Casey2chart

Shout outs!!

I haven't thanked you individually for the shout out to my mom but she read each of your comments and loved them so much!!  She left today and as many of you experience with your mothers it's just never enough time.  I love her for the values and beliefs she imparted and for the gentle way she nudges her offspring never critical or judgmental just wise and loving.  There are no perfect words for the love I hold for that woman.  She saved me many a time from the lure of self criticism and self doubt and gave me a new way of seeing the world.  Now she gets to enjoy her daughter doing the very thing that she loved doing.  Mom delights in the beauty of things and loved to share that beauty with others.  Mom is tender with people and touches me with her welcome spirit.  Thanks for embracing her!  She really and I might add humbly was a style icon for many women.  She was an avid Jackie O watcher and always loved fashion!  She's a great color editor and I was glad to have her eye over my shoulder when designing the next collection.  I think you will like what we put together.  Once we get approval we will show what we did!!  So thanks mom for coming , for your input, and your informed color sense and your love of everything beautiful.  love, me

So now we switch gears and take a look at my friend Missy Barze latest collection for Nest Couture her children's clothing brand.  I feel so honored that she debuted with the fabrics from Dance with me!   She is a lovebug and you can not help but fall in love with her wonderful designs.  These designs are so special and so dreamlike and I couldn't be happier for her.  This is a tremendous launch girly girl!!  Missy so happy it all came together you've been through quite a bit and I can say it was all worth it and you deserve tremendous praise for hanging in there.  You are such a special lady!!  So please visit her ..tell her I sent you and enjoy the beauty Timi Carl gave to her website!!  I wish Missy only good things.








Where I get it from!!

My glamorous mother!!!!   We made a wonderful zebra top for her in the black and white and brown and white zebra!!!  Carla I think this may have to be a pattern!!  If you want this style as a pattern please let us know by leaving a comment here!  I just love the bell sleeve and neckline!  She's going back to Puerto Rico and I think she is gonna live in this fabulous Tunic.  I love you mom thanks for imparting your gifts to me both physical and spiritual!!! I love my mam!!

Carla Hegeman Crim is the Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took us awhile to find each other but we are stuck like glue now!!!  As you know she's the greatest  pattern designer of all time and is the brains behind our patterns.  Carla has produced  4 patterns in the span of 5 months!!!! its unreal!!  What I love most about Carla is her professionalism and dedication to the product.  This girl involves more testers then I ever knew existed and they are all charged up with the love of the craft. Thank you best testers in America!! Carla attracts good to her and you'll read about her friends who are behind her, making sure she is out in front because they believe in her so much.  Some folks only buy Scientific Seamstress patterns for their straightforward instructions and illustrative guides that make them simple to follow.  They also know that they have been put to the ultra test and would highly be granted the Good Housekeeping seal of approval if there still is such a thing…How about the Sis Boom seal of approval!!  Please take a looky at her etsy shop and get those downloads now and see how handsome that son is of hers!! That's right she also does boys!!!  I'm afraid Louie's heart belongs to momma!!!  I've tried, believe me !!! 
So below see what this girl has done for Sis Boom !! The peasant is here and we couldn't be more smitten.  A simple silhouette with 100 ways to wear! Not kidding!!  So thank you Carla you are a blessing.  Testers please add all your amazing shots to our flickr group  so folks can see long and short versions!  A special shout to Meg from Brassy Apple for her amazing talents too! The Molly Peasants for girls and Meghan Peasant for adults at You can make so what are you waiting for???Highrespeasentwomanfinal Revised girl peasent

Pretty Please Quilt Kits!!

Laura at Fabric Square Shop has Pretty Please quilt kits all ready to go and a free one for one very special winner!!!  I wish you could see the quilt in person.  It is so amazing that yellow  pops just like it would in your garden.  After that bop on over to Mirindas Fabric Hound and get Indygo Junctions new wrap skirt pattern and pair it with your favorite Sis Boom Fabric just like Eileen Pa did over at Facebook!!! Doesn't she look like a celebrity??? must be the skirt!!  She's such a beautiful trendsetter!!!  Thanks to all of you for showing how Sis Boom makes beautiful quilts and chic clothing..  PS Carla tells me the Peasant dress pattern should be rolling out next week…..OMG I don't know when I have been this excited!! So stay tuned!  Mechelle !! so sorry the winner is Karen Rhea and she wants a yard of her four favorites! She says "I think I would like, 1 yard of Pretty Please – Ann Flower Mural JP12Blue, 1 Yard of Pretty Please – Amanda Fleur JP21Royal, 1 Yard of Dance With Me Kayla JP26Aqua, and 1 Yard of Dance With Me – Libby JP25Red."  oh and then she exclaimed " PS I LOVE YOUR FABRIC!!!!!!  but to be honest I don't have her blog name will post when I get!!



who doesn’t love a party????

Blog Party this Tuesday over at Artsy Mama for the release of Tara Frey's book Blogging for Bliss.  It's an exciting time to be blogging and Tara spells out the easy ways of getting started!!!  I totally believe every woman can find her place in the blog world.  Just begin posting and while you are posting you'll see ideas formulate, passions take meaning and dreams are decided.  There is no better way than to find your bliss.  It is as Tara says 'online journaling' that takes one to ones bliss.  For me it has been an amazing tool in discovering other like minded men and woman who share the same passion. Find her book here. Many bloggers were chosen and I am grateful to be included.  Thank you Tara!  So get over to Kari Ramstrom blog for all the party info and get to know the blogging peeps.  Follow this wonderful blog link designed by the very talented Hope Wallace and get your book today!!!  You'll be on your way to blogging for bliss!!  Jump into the facebook fun!   I also wanted to let you know of another amazing quilt  raffle going on now!!!  August 8th the winner will be decided so I would get over to Marie Madeline studio pronto!!!!     Also our raffle winner has not contacted us but as soon as she does we will reveal the winner.  Also please note during any raffle we send out 4 to 5 fatquarter packs (two in each) to random commenters !!!  It's the way we roll……