I've blabbed about these guys before I'm still unsure of who's who cause its one big happy family!!
So let me present Marie Madeline Studio! These folks love the excitement of creating and they are happy to share ideas!!  The Long Ladies also do patterns so now you too can make their sweet brand of clothing!  I love these photos of the happy colorful girls who I'm sure are part of this amazingly talented family. Next up would be girlfriend Anne Bolles Galeone of Fire Fly Hill Designs who makes the most amazing items from Sis Boom Fabrics. Make sure to check out her blog.  I think she has every fabric we've ever created!!!  But look what she's created for our show.   The most fabulous dog leashes ever!!!  We are so happy with them! Thanks Anne for all the pooch love!  Hope you make it to the show!! Lastly is wonderful Kristen from Gock's Frocks who I was fortunate enough to meet at Quilt market who was also goo goo over April Cornell almost as much as me. Well Kristen greeted me with the most incredible skirts for girls at market and I can't stop looking at them. Well guess what she's coming to the show in Wilton, CT. and she's bringing more. I almost forgot my girlfriend Simone Howell who will one day be the next Tory Burch for her infinite pizazz and style. Check out her bags cause you will definitely want one. She brought the most beautiful bag to me at market.!!  She doesn't quit either look what I just stole from her blog…yes that amazing dress at the bottom. All of these women have the unique ability to make color an experience and to you I dedicate this post. Thank you for enriching my life.  6a00e54f14327c883401156fabbbdf970c-500wi 6a00e54f14327c883401156fabc69b970c-500wi
6a00e54f14327c8834011570a0c6f2970b-500wi DSC_0095

Tiffany+dress2 Tiffany+dress+back Exhibitor+tote

Check the sidebar!!

Dance With Me is hitting the Stores and it looks like it could be a sell out!!  Please look at our sidebar for online sellers as well as your local quiltstore to find the latest Sis Boom Collection!!  The quilt is perfection!!!! Marsha Moore' Hexagon quilt is causing a stir!!  The Kimberly cheater cloth is fooling everyone!! t's super exciting to see Dance With Me used in quilting, apparal, toy making, homedec, and anything else you can think of. Keep coming back to see how we put it all together!! Don't forget to check out the amazing freedownload quilt on Freespirits site and as always thanks for loading up Sis Boom Sightings with your amazing work….It's like opening a treasure box!!!

It’s almost time for the big get together!!

Looky Here , get out the road map or the GPS whatever works but come on down because the fun never stops at 40 East Meadow Rd  in Wilton CT!!!! So many surprises in store for you !!!  Even pony rides on Saturday from 1-5 for those under 10 years of age.all donations going to Lyme prevention and research of course.  So lets get this party started…Barbara Strawser will be here with her amazing folk art as well .  Take a turn on our sewing machine for $6.00 and make a sweet sachet..once again that donation goes to lyme researh… Come say me what you are working on!!  I'm even selling lots of vintage linens!!Please when you sign in if you are not getting our mailings print your address in the guest book…and we love e-mail so put that in as well !! If you are not getting our e-mails or snail mail please let us know so we can blast the latest news about Sis Boom to you…so glad you are having fun making rosettes..Don't forget your graduate!!!  Can't wait to see you!! DSC_0020 Summerpostcard
Back card

Freebie for you nice folks!!!

Ok so you are lovin our new pattern so we thought the best way to thank you is to give you a gift.
So I'm looking at these sweet Download SisBoomFrayedRosettes and I say to Carla Crim , who you all know as the next best thing to sliced bread, ..can we do a tutorial??  And her response is always "Easy Peasy"!!  So the next thing I know Carla has created this masterful and artistic download for you all to enjoy and my wonderful assistant Dana gave it some photoshop finesse and a week later here it is!!! It takes a village trust me. So enjoy the results and always share!!  Hey to all my friends from quilt market I'll be in touch soon..lots of shout outs to the Michael Miller gang!  Wish you weren't all so gosh darn talented but what the heck ..who knew competition could actually be fun???  FYI you can now buy our Tunic for girls ebook on our own website under patterns in the Sis Boom Shop.  The womans Patricia Tunic will be rolling out by the end of next month …Glory Days!!!!

We’re off!!

Enroute to Quilt Market but couldn't leave you dangling about the raffle.  I know some of you are waiting to hear.  Jean Burke of Jean's Quilted Memories has won!!  One more thing before Nancy Geaney and myself hit the road.   Marnie Ruane makes these wonderful memory boards that also
when put against a wall over a bed make a great headboard. Marnie is debuting her quilted memory board here with Flower Power.  So read her wonderful blog and take it all in and I'll be back soon… ya all!!


We did it!!!

Our very first pattern!!!!!  It's too exciting for words and the story behind it is incredibly serendipitous.  Most of you know I taught a class a few months back for collage and journaling.
Well a wonderful young woman from Maryland came with her husband Delmar and beautiful boy Louie!  Delmar and Louie went to the childrens museum and parked Carla here with me!  After three hours of giggles and letting go,  before she left to go back to Maryland, I found out she did patterns.   Carla Hegeman Crim also known as the scientific seamstress not only does patterns but she has a dedicated following that love her to bits!!!  Carla is such a warm and loving person that I just know you are going to love her.  So the next thing I know we are partnering and the rest is history.  So Carla molecular biologist turned patternmaker has introduced me to the most wonderful people who love beautiful fabric!!!  So lets go there!

You can make this a wonderful site developed by Kimberly Christopherson that is all about regular folks doing incredible crafts.  Kim makes crafts and sewing projects accessible and fun!  She is all about getting folks to try !! She also just launched You can make this blog  Incredible right???  She has certainly found a special audience with crafters and sewers alike.  While you are there make sure to load up on Carlas other wonderful ebook patterns.  She has the applique thing down too!!   So lots of exciting things from Sis Boom.  Make sure you've entered our raffle on the previous post and get on over and download your ebook pattern of our Sophie Tunic over at  Thanks for an incredible response to the fatquarter giveaway …you made me soosoo happy!! I'll announce the winner very soon. Please never forget to show us your Sis Boom on our flickr site Sis Boom Sightings!!

Sophie tunic new 




She so gets me!!

This wall speaks to me!!  I just wanted to say thanks to Jona from Fabritopia for her love of color..I discovered this photo when I was on her blog the other day and it made me so happy!! When you see the Sis Boom fabrics all together it makes me swoon.  Now if only every room in every house across the nation had a wall like this I'd be the happiest woman alive.  So in honor of Jona and all of you dedicated to selling our fabrics I just wanted to salute you all with one last raffle before quilt market to kick off a sensational time for Lifestyle fabrics that are blazing color trails in fashion!!  So leave a comment!!  Pretty Please fat quarters for one very special winner!  Drawing held May 12th at 9pm!!