Something to LOVE

We spotted something very special on a very special blog… Weblog of an Ordinary Woman… and might we add that this “Ordinary Woman” is a rather extraordinary woman!!!… She whipped up TWO maternity tops in ONE day… and what was so cool…?! One of them is in Poodle! The extraordinary woman shares that the pattern was made with Newlook 6887. How fun!

Check out her blog for tons of inspiration on adorable little baby clothes, clothes for mom-to-be, and Mother – Daughter matching outfits!!!

psssst…. February is less than 24 hours away! The Official month of LOVE!! Get ready!

Crafting for the one you LOVE

Now that we’re pretending it’s February (we’re only a few days off, ok?!) … aka the month of LOVE, we will be updating the blog regularly with fun, lovey, heartsy, red & pinky sorts of crafts and inspiration!

Today we have this sweet Valentine Garland on bakery twine. So delicious, right? String this baby over a doorway, above a bed, over a mirror… basically anywhere, and let your heart smile!

So simple, yet SO sweet… and of course, oozing with loads of LOVE!

Don’t you just love the color red in February?! It makes our heart sing!

Move over, this seat’s taken!

Let’s Kick Off February! The month of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

Well, here’s the deal… we had every intention of waiting until the 1st of February do kick of the Sis Boom Month of L-O-V-E… but we just couldn’t do it! We’re BURSTING at the seams with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Love for you, Love for our families, Love for our friends… basically love is flying in every direction and we can no longer contain it!

Here is a colorful, happy, trinket that is just FULL of love! It’s being posted today, before the start of February, to show just how serious we are about the love thang.

And another version…

And some more.. it’s no coincidence that a Barbara Strawser painting is peeking from behind … we’re SO full of LOVE for Barbara!! (is all this Love talk making you sick already?! Well, Get ready for a month full of it 😉 )

You all sent in such beautiful comments during January, our month of renewal and loving oneself… will you please grace us with your beautiful comments on love?! Pretty please?! Your comments make us SO happy!

Sis Boom Room Marcella in Blue!

Clean and Modern with a slightly rustic twist (thanks to our Anthropologie (6) Coiled Rope knobs and (7) Capri Candle in a Jar), this Sis Boom Room has a totally pleasant balance. What we love about this concept? Sis Boom can be paired with any style to achieve a happy, cozy room!

Our vegan friendly, Giant Cardboard Taxidermy (1) allows for an animal friendly wall decoration that can be left alone or spray painted to one’s desired hue! Even though it won’t be out ’til May quilt market in Utah, we’re obsessed with the idea of tossing Honey Child into this cute lil’ mix. The combo of (2) Dana and (3) Danielle seem to hit the nail on the head in this particular scheme. Sexy, simply Ikea floor lamp, (4) Kulla, gracefully lights up our imaginary room with dimming capabilities.

You’ll never guess where we discovered this (8) Avenue Six Yield Chair… Sam’s Club! It’s wide open arms beckon you and a blankie to curl up and read a book! While you’re being fancy, cozy, modern & rustic, toss some pennies into an adorable (10) Buddha bank, which also makes a sweet decoration for your mantle or bedside. Last but not least, (9) Moxi Lolly Roller Skates are a MUST in this snowy weather… get some exercise by skating around your living room!

With the focal point being a blue (5) Marcella pillow you just can’t go wrong! Its chunky flamestitch is so cozy, clean and colorful!

Remix, Refresh, Renew

Melissa P of A Hundred Billion Stars sure knows how to mix it up! By Pairing Loopy Vintage Floral & Polly Stripe, a la Flower Power with our new Queen Street Maritza, we got a whole new vibe goin’ on here, and we’re in love!

photo borrowed from 100 Billion Stars

photo borrowed from 100 Billion Stars

Oh Honey…

Talk about sweet, smooth, delectable honey… This Honey Child quilt is as yummy as it gets. The masterpiece was designed by Marsha Moore. Don’t you crave a hot Summer picnic atop this beauty?!

College Bound

Make that kid a whole cloth if you are short on time and long on love.  It’s just two sides a fabric with batting and long arm quilted.  Yes add poms to make it a real statement piece.  These were found on ebay for a song.  Make  the quilt  seasonal, spring on one side fall on the other.  So make one just like this or give Nancy Geaney a ding a ling and she’ll whip one up for you.  Most of you know Nancy from Dark Horse Farms who makes the most beautiful quilts.  Nancy is a terrific and is so easy to work with…your basic lovebug.  Look at Queen Street just begging to be sent off to school!!!

And the Winner is…

Thank you to all for your inspiring, beautiful comments! It is so fun grazing through everyone’s wise words and learning about all of your strong, powerful goals!! You go, girls!

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Our winner is… Karen Veneziano !!!!!! Congrats, Karen!!!! Your goodies will be on their way shortly!!

Keep checking back for regular raffles!!! Thanks again for all of your beautiful comments!! xo

Too much fun here at SB

Yup another raffle over at Where Women Create’s Blog and a little insight into my life so get on over and take a chance.  Yup Poodle lovelies right here right now. Think of the things you can create!!

Raffle prize!!

Flip That House!

Hey friends!! Boy, do we have a renewal story for you!!!… We had a bunch of these really sweet little vintage houses, and while there was something very special about them– the color and happiness just wasn’t there.

The cuteness, but lack of pizazz inspired us to flip them… and so we did just that! By dismantling each house, re-painting, glittering, adding charm in the windows, and re-assembling them, it’s now clear to see that these were much needed renovations… these houses are soo sweet, shimmery, and happy!! If only we could figure out a way to live inside

Each home comes complete with plumbing, heating, washer, dryer, backyard, and electricity. just kidding.

Aren’t they so sweet!? Thanks Tim Geaney for capturing the magic of these little houses in your awesome photos!

Loving what you see? We just put ’em up FOR SALE in our store (that’s right, Houses for sale!!!)!! And the market in this housing department proves to be very good :)…. Plus, the super fun part about purchasing a little house is the surprise element… order either a single dwelling home ($25 including shipping) or a double dwelling home ($30 including shipping) and we’ll surprise you with your one-of-a-kind abode.