What an honor to have been featured like this at the Oklahoma Quilt Show!!! Word has it that Honey Child was loved by all and that Girl’s World sold out!

What a STUNNING presentation! Make our day, why don’t ya!

The Beautiful Kate

This is the real beauty — this beautiful face was missing from the original apron post and we couldn’t hold back from sharing it with you today!!— beautiful Kate’s face!! We just celebrated Katie’s graduation from high school. My, oh my, how fast time flies! We will be sending her off to Endicott in just a few short months.

Brand New Aprons in the Sis Boom Shop!

Who doesn’t love the idea of creating anything from baked goods, to glittery craft sensations… in a Sis Boom apron!! These beauties are brand new in our shop for $40 including shipping!!

Sooo… which are you?? Are you a Celia? Camelia? Or Orchid??

Thank you to the beautiful, amazing Miss Katie for modeling these aprons… we’ll be putting up some more photos where you can actually see her beautiful face! That Katie is something special.. you just wait!…

More about the aprons: Get snazzy while you bake, create, and host! This crisp, colorful Sis Boom apron will keep you clean and vibrant as you create culinary masterpieces, craft your heart away, and host a dinner party to die for! Long ties around waist will form big beautiful bow in either front or back, depending on your heart’s desire. Halter neck ties behind neck to create the perfect fit, and empire waist is flattering on all body types! Two big pockets on front skirt panel provide a perfect home for odds and ends.

Price includes Shipping & Handling. All orders outside U.S. are subject to additional $30.00 s&h fee.

Honey Child Clutch!

OMG we are in love with this sweet little Honey Child clutch!!! There are a whole bunch of perfect little clutches on Sassy Stiches by Lori‘s Flickr page and you’ve gotta go check them out!!! Let’s see … hmmm.. what could we wear with this adorable accessory….

We couldn’t help but to have a little fun planning an outfit around this clutch… we wanted to show you how versatile these prints can be!… From a little girl’s dress, to a sophisticated woman’s purse, Sis Boom does it right– spreading cheer and happiness!

My two favorite ladies

There they are my beautiful mother and one of my all time favoritist girlfriends  Nancy Geaney sitting together on the sofa!  No it wasn’t striped shirt day it was two great minds thinking alike.  These two ladies are behind much of my inspiration of what goes on here at Sis Boom. Mom since I was a little girl always said you can do anything you want to do and tell them your mom said so!!   Nancy loved Sis Boom years and years ago and got the whole town to pay attention!!!  Then her lovely husband Tim Geaney started photographing for us and the rest is history.  To these two ladies I salute and give great big thanks for believing in me.

oh I know you are eyeing that West Indies Quilt and instructions will be at Nancy’s place by the end of July. She’s got the exclusive!! I’m telling you ultra gorgeous like these two ladies.

I’ll do anything!

So I ordered 8 magnets from Vista Print and now have a fleet of cars!!!  Even in Atlanta  If you see the car in Atlanta let us know you could win something.!!!!!! The kids have been getting questions and people want to know if that’s my car..Why yes that is my car…Can I help you???? 🙂

Coming and Going

Flickr Goodness!

Flickr is our breath of fresh air… our morning coffee… That first day of Summer… It’s what keeps us going, keeps us fresh, keeps us inspired!! Thank you to everyone who posts such beautiful material on Flickr that we can enjoy from our homes!

Today we’d love to feature this fabulously special Gem. It’s of a Sis Boom fan, Austin, bringing George the Puppy to life! How’s this for summing up Girl’s World!?! We love that Moms & Dads can make all of the projects while their little Girls watch on, but to see a little girl creating something on her own it is just so awesome!!!

There is a whole group of talented, adorable, wonderful little girls who made their own version of George.. check them ALL out HERE!!!

Thanks TabboDesigns on Flickr for sharing these adorable pictures with us!!

Sis Boom on Quilt Home!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! It’s a very special day today, as Sis Boom is featured in the Quilt Home newsletter!!!…. and (drumroll) there’s a video for all of you to see!! It’s Jennifer and Carla chatting with the lovely Heidi Porth of Quilt Home taken at Quilt Market in Utah!!! Thank you SO much Heidi! What a wonderful experience!!

Check out the fabulous newsletter by clicking HERE. We LOVE Quilt Home!

Enjoy the video!!!…

My Sissy’s BFF

Lisa is special, the kind of girl you would love to know.  I remember meeting her for the first time , beautiful, striking and the kind of smile that swallows you whole and makes you feel like you belong.  I love her because she loves my sissy and brings her and her daughter Sophie the most immense selfless love. What I love most about her lately is that she stepped into a passion that she had held off on for so many years.  When I saw this I knew she was destined for great things.  Maybe not overnight and maybe not next week but a small smoldering fire was ignited and as artists we all know that we can’t put it out we have to come clean and honor it or we feel like a sell out of some kind.  Lisa I wish you tenderness as you make peace with this conflict and somehow find the balance. Reach back in time to Grandma’s love and embrace those memories. Read her story here.

Lisa Love

For our Last Minute Friends…


and… pssst.. Hey Wives, Daughters, Sons, Granddaughters, and all you others that have a wonderful Daddy that deserves a special card… We’ve all been there– so in case you forgot to pick up a special card, we decided to make one for you!

Print it out, fold it in half, write your special message inside, and then fill out your name on the back! Hurry up! Daddy is waiting! Click on image below to download PDF size 8.5 x 11