Rewards of following the inner Artist!!

To all the attendees of the Sis Boom workshop thanks for making it so special!! I have to say it really is about the journey so I won't be posting any pages from their journals. I just tried to teach what I believe and that is the rewards of play, of creating time for oneself….of being less perfect and more committed to the nurturing process of collaging. These women were so on board, so thirsty, so joyful for the opportunity to be granted permission to make a mess, be silly, and form meaningful friendships!!  This group really got that you have to discard to be truly open to the flow of creativity. The best part for me was giving them each a positive affirmation to work into their day.  I love the power of words!!  Actually this is something you can all do at home.
Take these words, cut them up, fold them and put them into a favorite box.  Everyday shake the box take a word and reflect on that word throughout the day.  Let me tell you a word a day can keep the negativity away!!  Hey when will you guys be back to clean up??  Rachel no picture of you????  So sad!  Next time sweet lady!  Maritza and Nancy bring back the fabric!!! 

Download Powerful Words Liberate


Crafternoon rolls out!

It's almost here and I'm so excited with anticipation.  I've been getting ready and for all of you.  For those of you  who can't make it I'm listening!  Someone e-mailed me and said the photos of collages made them want to collage!!!  Yay!!  That's what blogging's about sharing ways of finding our inner selves through whatever we find that works for us!!  Let it work for you!  Collect things you love and you will be so inspired to take it off the page and into your own life.  One day we will have an online course but for now I will leave you with this…Believe and trust in your abilities.

Come get your Artist on!!

This Saturday come join me as we take simple steps to be in the flow of creativity!!!  With over 20
scapbooks to my name I have consistently used Julia Camerons technique in the Artists Way since I first met her at a book review at Shakespeare and Co. book store in New York City.  That was back in 1994.  I hope you'll join me this Saturday as I talk about what this journey has meant for me and how to work it in your own life.  There are a few slots left and we'd love to have you.  Fun Gift bags and surprise endings make this a class not to be missed.  I look forward to meeting all of you!  Have a great week!  That girl on the horse is my mom!!!  Don't forget this is a simple collage class that will inspire you to take it off the page and bring it to life !!  Don't be late!!! 

We have a winner!!!!

We have a winner for the wonderful bag from Caroline Ritzer Pink Lemonade Boutique bags her name is Renee Erbe from Treasures of Joy. So please congratulate her if you have a minute. So I thought about all of you and I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you are entering all our raffles and I wanted to give you a treat and inspire you to play today…..without judgment, without concern of outcome, without rules, just play!  I picked up some dolls at the fleamarket ,  covered their heads with tiny forget me nots and other vintage millinery flowers, had them pose on a chair covered in our new Pretty Please as a back drop and got out the SLR!!!  Tell me your favorite! I knew you'd love the bride!!! Show me yours!


Name calling 101

Ok so I meet Scott Hansen from Blue Nickel Studios and we begin this wonderful correspondence
he even sent me a blue Nickle once which I never even knew existed :)  I say to myself inside myself this is one good guy and he has such a great warm spirit.   So I mosey on over and see that he's got real talent and he's eager to get his name and talents out there.  So the other day he shouts from his computer hey ya big fabric putter outer how bout an interview and that's when I fell in love…I knew this was a guy that we could have fun with and he'll make Pittsburgh Quilt Lifestyle market a memorable one!  So I guess I need to explain three lines in five months.  Well I got this big idea last February to design a few lines and sit back for a couple of years and before I knew it they were charging out of Freespirit like one continuous line.  I am not complaining Joyce!!
(She's the Commercial Director  for Westminster Fabric Division a heap of fun and smart as a whip!
Great at what she does.)  I am excited about all the fabrics coming on the market ..I couldn't have dreamed a better outcome.  So Scott interviewed me with great thoughtful questions some that even tickle. I want to thank him loudly for being such a good friend. Please check out his flickr badge for some amazing original quilts.  and say hi to his wonderful wife Linda  of Miss Mabel's Studio who will be holding the fort down so he can come and visit us in Pittsburgh. Oh and don't forget he has a fun raffle so make sure to leave a comment….Let the fun begin!


You can win this or make it!!!

Starting  March 9th Caroline Ritzer from Pink Lemonade Bags who makes the snappiest handbags on line (I might be a bit partial)  made this wonderful shaggy patchwork and starting this Monday will have a download on how to make it……!!!  She's the very best!!  I love the colors she used together and the fabrics are delicious!!  ( OK I'll stop!!)  She's a busy lady and I was so grateful she is including the download!!  Give her a minute we are trying to sync our posts!!  The page takes a minute to load. So leave a comment here
and we will enter you to win this clever bag!!  Good luck to all of you! Please note  raffle ends March 15th at 6pm.  If you'd like to enter our other raffle at the famous Craft Sanity podcast blog  please do so here!!DSC_0031 Episode 94 I'm told was just the greatest interview ever!!  (I'm done I swear)…And don't forget to post all your lovlies at Sis Boom Sightings on Flickr can't wait to see what you are making.

A Quick Update!!!

Sweet Miss 
Caroline@jCaroline Creative got her Flower Power Stash and is ready for your online orders and for all my friends in CT. and beyond who are looking to do their children's rooms get up to Quilters Alley I have a feeling it's going to go fast and Roxanne will order you bolts!!  I am on the verge of doing my bedroom so we'll have some photos in a month or two!!!  Thanks for all your love notes here there and everywhere they mean the world to me.  Check out the Quilt Roxanne made I think she's even kitting them!! Then theirs my friend Annie from Firefly Hill  who made the wonderful leash for charity available in her etsy store.  So check things out…


Raffle at CraftSanity

This is so wild, technology is moving so fast and I'm trying to keep up even twittering these days..but for those of you that know me on facebook I throw beads and pillows and think that I am on the cutting edge of social networking.   Oh you haven't gotten beads or pillows thrown at you …facebook me and let the fun begin.  So the other day Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood of Craft Sanity calls for an interview and  I just act like I do podcasts everyday !  So if you have the time take a listen to my jabber…..way too much about me..but if your bored and looking around for things to do and I guess are out of beads on facebook then please stop in.  Jennifer is amazing at her work and her blog highlights designers and crafters all the time..she even does a local craft TV
program.  Love this girl and she is truly a professional. Her blog is quite addictive!  We joined forces and are raffling some fatquarters of Flower Power over on her blog !  Oh and by the way Jona at Fabritopia and Ruth Jakiela from Sew love fabrics who took this gorgeous photo an Etsy seller are the first to get their orders so contact them ASAP!