It’s here!! Sis Boom Holiday Show!

I have been making wonderful vignettes using y arsenal of vintage finds!!!  I haven’t been to the flea market in a year and I think I could keep going for another year..Yes I am a hoarder of vintage items, and I am parting with them because I know they make you so happy.  Remember no matter what day you come there is an abundance of items and you will be amazed!!! So when you come the coffee pot will be brewing and we have lots of goodies that Barbara Strawser is bringing so come early and stay all day!! Please, for me!!  check out the colors this is what a Sis Boom Christmas looks like. I’m a girl that can’t seem to do red and green..Wassupwidat!!

Time for me

so tomorrow i go and put the natural blond back in my hair,,my daughter asked if i was painting grey right into my stopping and going to try and relax and write while I wait for the peroxide to work it’s way to my roots.  I love to write so calming .  The big blue signs are up , the buzz is beginning to take hold and i am so excited to see you all..I so love your enthusiasm for the handmade.  If you see or know anyone from the New York Times I’ve been trying to get them to come for years.  Being in the New York Times is on my bucket list..

So the elves are putting in final touches ..see you soon.

Handmade Flowers

Yes everyone of these stems is stitched by hand lovingly by me..someday a tutorial of find it in my next book!! Pretty Kate once again in our latest Angie dress…Coming December I swear!!!! Oh and pick up a copy of Girls World for the Holidays you won’t be disappointed!!!   lots in stock and great prices on gently used..The quilt she sits on is by the wonderful Paige Davison!!  Her stuff is out of this world!!! So come to the show in Ct.  Come see where we create..take a tour of the studio and the room where we shoot everything you see here.  Dec 1,2,3, I’ll be looking for you!! This wonderful photo by Tim Geaney.

Wedded Bliss

That Andrea at Thomas Parks Gift had the sweetest job ever to create beautiful lush purple satin dresses for one incredible wedding that of Carey Harrelson!!  Is she stunning or what. If you have a special day talk to Andrea because she is one of our very talented and lovely peeps!!  She used our Marissa pattern for these cute dresses and I can not get over how lovely..Carla is going to swoon!!! I know my Carla!! Carey you are a stunner and surrounded by all the blueberry taffeta you glow..Hope your day was magical!!  Forgot to mention the handsome groom..Match made in heaven!!

Butterflies in my stomach

It’s always hard to open up your home and display your  work to the world and hope that it makes folks happy and  that it brings a smile.  I don’t really ask for much more than that.  I hope that you can see it in your home and that it touches you in a special way that handmade items have the capacity to do.  So come bring a friend there is always coffee and cookies and lots of good convo as they say on ETSY.  I can’t wait to see you. Below Katie in our latest pattern called the Angie after our beloved tester Tom’s wife.  A truly beautiful soul.  It will be at You Can Make this by next week. You know that Carla she doesn’t sleep much debuting both the Leighanna and the Angie in one month. We are so grateful to her.  So keep watching. My daughter Kate also holds one of our burlap hearts with a vintage jewel to give someone special. Oh and by the way the Angie has deep pockets and no will make it your everyday dress!! Try Marie Madeline for Chandler in Blue!  The blue is more like the Blue in this picture.

It’s here!! The Big Day!! We open Thursday!!

Please come, bring friends , laugh with us, be amazed with us!!!  Stand in awe of what a village can do!! Thanks to everyone who makes this so special!!!  Remember Christmas Ornaments, Jewelry, Bedding, Pillows, candles, handbags, oh and bring your book (Girls World) for me to sign or purchase one here..It will be worth a bunch of money one day!!! (I can only hope) I’ve made lots of artwork to share with all of you.  And of course the ever accomplished Folk Artist Barbara Strawser will be in the House!!  You asked for years about the artwork in my home so i thought I’d bring her to you!!  Some furniture will be for sale, Huge handmade Banners, the wreathes that you can’t live without.  I haven’t stopped and the seamstresses are in overdrive!!  Some of you seemed a bit disappointed that you wouldn’t be getting your handmade goodies now that I was big and famous!!!!!  I would never let you down not after all the years you’ve shown up at my doorstep!!  So let me say what I say every year there is plenty of stuff for everyone and there’s no need to set up a tent or stand in a long line..we would never do that to you!!  So watch your facebook and twitter feeds for more Show Highlights!!  Hugs are awaiting you!!  Tim Geaney thanks for the fabulous photoshoot with daughter Katie!!!

Quilting with Honey Child

I love this stole it from my Flickr Sis Boom Sightings Group and had to share and I’m afraid I don’t know more than that !!  At the end of the day it’s the quilts that get most of your attention and that makes me so happy.  Look at the addition of the wonderful pieced pillow in Honey Child.  Somewhere I see beach and waves in this quilt could it be because winter is quickly  approaching?  Tell us about yourself the creative person behind this quilt we are madly in love..xoxoxo  Update!!! We found her!! or she found us! Melissa Quintana from Sew Addicted to blogs you are fabulous!!

The Leighanna

Not much longer to wait!!!! Jenny has one for us to see!! Love her little girl!!  This is our latest pattern for girls from the infamous Carla Crim!!!  The Leighanna is sure to be a big big hit.

Are you sitting down??

Wanted to give you a quick reveal of The Shana  Bell Sleeve Tunic for your Fall plans and designs!!!  It already exists all you have to do is download..Opaque tights nice knee high black boots and you are a throwback to the seventies.  Then with a sweet headband from Girls World Vibe how can you miss?  I love this longer sleeve too.  Remember long or short a dress or over pants.  You are going to be stunning.  Say hello to daughter Kate, she did me a solid and stepped in for a photo shoot with Tim Geaney!! Thanks Kate.  Download yours tonight and find the fabric here at Marie Madeline they’ve got 22 yards in stock!! Love this hipster look!!

Here’s to enticing photos..

Let these images represent inspiration for you to create and we love a hollaback if you saw it here first.  Sis Boom loves to be original and loves to give credit to all of our creative peeps with new and fascinating ideas.  It’s what we are known otherwords we share that pie.  love you guys, get  that creative thinking cap on and dive right in.  I purchase so much at garage sales and flea markets but ebay and etsy make it real easy to keep warm in the winter.  Hope black friday is enjoyable!! xo