Paper Post

I’m having fun with my paper for Daisyd’s …check it out!!! Sooo purdy!!! Love it…Img_1142

Dirty Ball

Here he is George the Labradoodle from Glen Eden in VA. trouble from the get go ……waiting to play dirty ball
that’s right go ahead and magnify that picture and see what I mean….There on the beautiful Ralph Lauren fabric.. yes that’s him with his dirty ball….he gets away with murder…George is one of the greatest prophets of all time…he taught me to just be and that material things don’t have to weigh me down and they don’t rule my life , you wipe it off and move on, no need for a mental breakdown….White sofas, canvas for his dirty paws, oriental rugs…back scratchers,…when the kids were young the house and keeping it perfect (a pipe dream) was all so important and now it’s just not…the pleasure this dog brings far out weighs any mishaps he has around the house…when he thows up…I whisper “mammas here.”.. and when his arthritis acts up we massage him…we throw footballs for him to fetch and chase him around the house.. we even play hide and go seek….the beauty of having George is watching the kids and how they love and nurture too… now that Matt drives there is a towel laid down in the back seat of his car just for George..together they visit Clarisse at Fidos Food Bin and the mention of her name will get him wimpering….At the end of the day Kate and I lay down with him to say prayers and he’ll rest his chin on dirtyball looking on intently….last but not least Rich of House and Pet who takes him every Monday and Friday for doggie adventure and he swims and runs with his buddies Angie,Bella.Lucy.Molly and whoever else signed up for the day…Tell him Rich is coming and he jumps up on the window seat the tail going back and forth wildly and waits with his dirty ball until Rich shows up…That is one special relationship…Rich is his life..He’s one lucky boy..Photo

..and the winner is…

Thanks for that loving tribute to my mother ….it meant so much to her….as promised the 3 yards of Modgirls goes to Valerie Fischer who doesn’t seem to have a blog as yet…Please be watching for upcoming Casey Scroll and KatieEliza Stripe coordinate Raffle. This will be posting within the next two weeks …all my best, JenniferMommmy

New Girl in Town

Look at these pretties, combos I never even thought of work so beautifuly together…These are from Anne Bolles Galeone of Firefly Hill Designs.….we are so glad to see what you all are coming up with….Thanks Anne for making my day so special and displaying them so beautifully…All the very best, you will do so well with these..thanks for sharing the photos with fellow Sis Boom lovers!!!Bags_in_hutch_012_2Bags_in_hutch_013

Pin Ball Magic

I did these for Country Living Magazine about 12 years ago and people still call me around the Holidays for them….so simple…spray paint gold or silver styrofoam balls (the hard ones)….take a pearlized pin ,pierce a big a faux glass bead and then a sequin and pierce it through ball…..go around the whole ball when complete put in a pretty bowl or a bird cage (because they are tooo heavy for the tree) and make merry!!!Img_1130

Happy Birthday Mom

Crazy about this woman!! It’s where all my talent and perseverance hale from…..but more importantly mom has given me and nurtured my faith in God and that is the most profound gift of all…. especially when it comes from your mom…She is still teaching me!!! Here she is at 75 with more get up and go than I can only dream of…always calling me with ideas for the biz..I asked her the other day shouldn’t you be knitting in a rocker for Goodness sakes always nag nag nag about ideas for Sis Boom…love giving the woman a hard time….Look at her… you tell me…looks like she’s up to something…So take a minute please and wish Pat a Happy Birthday and we’ll pick a winner to recieve 3 yards of Modgirls…Img_0862_3

My friend Jennifer

There is History here …..Jen is one of my closest friends since moving to Wilton 12 years ago!! She rocks!! An incredible photographer, horse lover, wonderful mother and beautiful wife to her husband Phil….Every show for the last 6 years she comes to the biannual Sis Boom show and models the latest in Sis Boom Apparel and before we know it we are sold out!!! Thanks Jen! These will be at the upcoming Christmas show so please stop by..also for those of you far away we welcome inquiries….Take a look at previous blog to see it on the mannequin…better on Jennifer!!!Dsc_0110

senior moment x 2

Well when you get in this deep it is embarrasing thanks Lori but I will take credit that you won something it was just not what I was looking for????My pride needs to get something right… The person who won was was Arlene Tomasetti at Lil Cottage Shoppe.

Senior Moment

Hey folks can you believe months after someone won my 3 yard raffle I still have not blogged about it????..thanks to one of my wonderful fans Cheryl Cronin she gingerly nudged me to make that info public….Lori Oles from Vintage Flair won 3 yards of her favorite pink Nicole large floral medallion…..I just touched base with her and she hasn’t made anything as yet loves to see it folded with it’s seambinding ribbon wrapped around it but you can be assured she is very happy with the results of our raffle…so please keep watching there will be one coming up soon…again I apologize for the oversight…D1541619l

Sis Boom Glow

Look at our new friend Bianca , she is one happy camper surrounded by her Sis Boom Bliss….thanks to her mom April for the beautiful photos in her dreamy bedroom and thanks to Bianca for being a great sport….You look so pretty Bianca!!…we like your baby in her Sis Boom Pouch…Bianca