Where can I buy Sis Boom Fabrics?
Click on the following to contact International or National Free Spirit sales representative for Sis Boom Fabric
If you are looking for a Free Spirit online vendor go here

Please Note : These links and this information are not a guarantee that all Sis Boom fabric lines are available in these locations. These providers generally carry the fabrics. Please note that stores sometimes do not carry a line in its entirety. This information is for your reference purposes, please call ahead.

Where do I purchase Sis Boom Fabrics wholesale?
For wholesale fabric orders please email info@westminsterfibers.com.

How do I carry Girl’s World, Happy Home, and the Sis Boom Journal / Note cards in my shop?
Please contact the Hachette Book Group
1.800.759.0190 or customer.service@hbgusa.com

How do the Downloadable patterns work?
We love this downloadable pattern feature on our web site because it allows you to start sewing minutes after you place your order! Once you’ve decided which pattern you’d like to order, click on the “Buy” button. Follow prompts to complete your order. You will then be emailed a link to download the file. Additionally, a link will appear in your account history/downloads page. Once you click on the download link, the download process will automatically occur. The pattern is a PDF file. You will need a program that reads PDF’s, such as Adobe Reader. Within moments you will have your pattern and you can begin your project! Patterns are then printed on your end and assembled. * Please note * should you not receive your Sis Boom pattern via email within minutes of placing your order, please check your junk / spam folder.

How do I Print & assemble MY PDF patterns?
When you select the pages to print, select “none” so that the printer does not change the pattern size upon printing. Once printed, the square box should measure 1″ square on the pattern piece. At this point you will need to cut and assemble the pages to make each pattern piece. There are directions on how to assemble the pieces. Many customers like PDF patterns because the paper is sturdier and you are able to print each size separately. Some people print the directions and others read the directions directly from their computer. Choose the size pattern you need and print out those pages. If the pattern piece is bigger than an 8×10 sheet of printer paper, it will print out on several pages and you simply cut and assemble. There are directions for how to do this. Some people also choose to print out the directions and some people just follow along from their computer screen. The advantages of this method are that you don’t have to deal with cutting out nested patterns sizes (thereby ruining other sizes in the nesting), plus computer paper is sturdier than tissue paper that commercial patterns are normally printed on. These patterns have much more detailed instruction, photos and diagrams than a typical commercial pattern would. That makes these patterns great for the beginner and the experienced sewist alike.

Where can I buy Sis Boom Products handmade by Jennifer?
Here at Sis Boom we have one show a year that will always be announced on our blog and in email blasts (be sure to sign up for our newsletter!). We find that early December is the best time for our show. We give at least 2 months advance notice so you will have time to plan your visit to the homestead. This is really the best way to buy our one of a kind products. Additionally, Jennifer sells handmade goods in her website shop.

How do I see the types of products you make?
To get a sense of the Sis Boom sensibility, give our Sis Boom Facebook and Instagram pages a peep!

What are you currently working on?
The blog is our best means of communication. We typically post a few times a week and tell you what’s going on in my world and what my most current projects are!

Where can I show Jennifer what I’ve done with her fabrics?
Jennifer always loves to see what you are creating with her fabrics and encourages you to add your photos and/or tag us on Facebook and Instagram!
Keep surprising us with your ingenuity!

What Types of Payment do you accept?
To make it as easy as possible, all payments are processed through the secure PayPal sight. Depending on your PayPal account preferences and set-up, you may pay by drawing directly from your PayPal account, or by using a credit card. All further payment questions regarding PayPal can be answered here.

How much do you charge for shipping + handling?
Using USPS, all shipping costs are determined based on the size and weight of your package, as well as your location. These costs are all managed via the USPS guidelines. For all international orders there is an additional charge based on size and weight of package contents.

Do you accept returns?
Because we are a small business it is difficult for us to accept returns. What we can say is that every product is made with a tremendous amount of love, care, and attention to quality and detail. Please take a very close look at our products before you purchase them to make sure they meet your standards, and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions before making your purchase.

Is it possible to find your discontinued fabric anywhere?
Yes! Etsy and eBay are great places to find my discontinued fabrics. Try searching using a combination of the words Sis Boom, Jennifer Paganelli, & fabric. In addition to these sites, there is a long list in the left hand column of my blog linking you to sites that sell Sis Boom Fabric. Many of those stores carry discontinued lines!

How do I sew using the Laminated Fabric?
Click here to download our PDF laminate sewing guide!

For Our International Sewers: Use this Sizing Chart as a helpful guide!

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