Confessions of a Pink Addict!!!!

I can't help it!  I love it and can never get enough of it!!!   It calls to me !! It is the Yum in Yummy!! I love this pink toile with its cameo of birds!!!! So St. Croix is laced with pink and I think it's a winner and can only hope you do too!!! Speaking of Yummy our girlfriend Melissa Averinos from Yummygoods has her new book out and it's extremely popular because it's a collection of ideas to use with fatquarters!!!! Didn't get it for Christmas?  then order your very own from Amazon!!! So when you visit Melissa tell her I sent you and ask her if she likes pink???  Judging from her beautiful fabrics she has pink on her mind!! 


Piping and felt!

So I decided while we are waiting for the winner to be chosen on New Year's Day we would start the coming year with a new  fun craft project.  Find some velvet pipe or make your own wind around in a circle then place that circle with fabric glue onto a round piece of felt and trim with pinking shears. Make a bunch of them! Cover a pillow, trim a blackboard or a corkboard with your rose like felt flowers!! The possibilities are endless…then show me!!!!  Post them in Sis Boom Sightings over at flickr 

Don't forget to leave a comment on the dress below and enter to win it on New Years Day!!!

Have a happy , all my best, Jennifer

Raffle New Years Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave a comment on the post below and enter to win that pretty Green Peasant Dress with the necklace!!!   oh and if you see Santa please tell him George from customer service found his hat…Have a very Merry Christmas everyone. Talk to you in the New Year!!DSC_0022

Win This!!!!

It's a roomy size medium!!!!  Our single most popular dress of all time The Meghan Peasant!!  You know our Popular pattern on the sidebar!!!  So if you don't  win make one for yourself!!!  I'll even throw in the necklace!!!!  So here's how it works, make a comment and be entered to win New Years Day!!!  The winner will be announced here on my blog January 2nd!!!!  Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday.  Be well my friends and say hi to the folks!!!Closer

My new Product!!!

Sometimes life doesn't seem real!!!!  Somebody pinch me cause I am loving my life so much right now!!!  Look at these beauties soon to be for sale in a boutique near you. Oh please ask them to carry the Sis Boom line.  I think it's a winner !! I designed the aprons and napkins and tablecloths  for all those who never got enough "Girlfriends" fabric this one is for you.  I'll let you know in February where they will be available!!!!  Maybe even on my site you never know!!!  My friend  Tim Geaney took these pics and his wife Nancy did the styling and you know how crazy I am about that duo!!!  Thanks for stopping I love when you comment!!!  I promise a raffle is coming just waiting for the new fabric. xoxox Jennifer


The Scientific Seamstress: Frayed rosette bib necklace tutorial

Since I was planning on making a dozen or so necklaces, I went ahead and made LOTS of rosettes. They don't take very long to make, and it is nice to have a "stash" to work from while creating. I used a mix of Sis Boom fabrics (mostly soft tonal prints, but I couldn't pass up the wild zebra stripe) and silk dupioni. The silk was very stringy, so it took a little more effort, but the resulting rosettes were so decadent. In addition to the rosettes, you will need:FeltFabric-Tac glueThin needle and sturdy threadAssorted beads, buttons, and baublesRibbonHot glue gunA scrap of knit fabric


OMG she's sharing her beauty secrets!!!!


Wake up Frankie!

Let Them Eat Cake I don’t care what diet you’re on – Atkins, South Beach, grapefruit, slim trim…All I know is — you’ve got to eat a little cake now and then!!! For tips & ideas, check out Decorating Tips


These guys have the very best bed sets!!! They even use one of our fabrics!! Look how beautiful and plush and love that they named it "let them eat cake"…love how they paired it with the soft blue. Wake up Frankie has a beautiful site too!!



Ask Nancy!!

Look at her beautiful treeskirts!!!!  She sold amost all of her quilted beauties at the Sis Boom Show !! She also might make one for you so get on over to her blog and say  "You make beautiful treeskirts can you possibly make me one?" try that, that usually works .  Be super sappy sweet and she can possibly whip one up.  Everything she does is just the best.!!  The horses are my fave!!! Thanks Nancy for working so lovingly with Sis Boom you!!! 


This End Up (I think)

This boys butt is everywhere!!!!  Whenever I get the camera out he's on my tail!  Yes it's George from customer service again! Right smack Dab in the middle!!  People always call and ask for George and I get a sweet chuckle!  Deranged I guess!!  Hey by the way we had a great show and I adore all the people that came and those that couldn't make it too!!!  Just want you to see So St. Croix Paisley quilted up!!!!!  Soooooooo special!!!


Make and Mingle

The post title says it all!!!  We finally got one !!!! That's right a chic, hip, lifestyle fabric store!!  Alexia Patterson brings it!! If you were fortunate to come to the show you saw we were heavily marketing this new concept in fabric store.  Alexia has a lot of wisdom to impart having had a store in Germany at one point and she brings a very fresh and compelling eye to this new endeavor and has partnered with two other creative peeps to make this your one stop boutique.  Make it or buy it!!  The choice is yours.  They are going to have classes and offer parties too.  I tell you it's going to be the place to make and mingle!! Thus the name Make and Mingle.  The best news of all is that they will carry designer fabrics and will be in our own back yard here in CT.  Not sure they know how far folks travel for Sis Boom Fabric so I recommend they stock up!!  Please let them know how glad you are that they are here!!!  xoxoxoxo  Best wishes to Alexia  Karen and Natalie!!!!  Wishing you much success .

Handdrawn - with color
Newbrochure back