Shadow Boxes !

I enjoy making vignettes, I am a born storyteller I just love how Santa knows the party is for him!! Celebrate Santa! Then over the roodftops he goes sailing across the sky..the imagery stays with me for a very long time…
at least until the kids get home and the reality sets in! Thanks everyone for stopping by soon I will learn to link up to all of these talented people so all my friends can see!! By the way the shadow boxes are from my friend
Susan Bridgefarmer from the delightful When-i-was-your-age..e-mail her and tell her I sent you. By the way they come in an assortment of colors!


One More

This is so much deeper don’t you think??Mypoetry

Wallpaper Poetry

Guess what? I’ve decided to develop a new type of poetry inspired by my vintage wallpaper collection!!! Everytime I am at a loss for words I will recolorize a wallpaper and add text!!! Let me know if it bores you to death or it inspires you to higher thinking…I am loving the blog thing I learned all the little doo dads and feel like I can do this !!! Enjoy your evening! my very best, Jennifer Poetrywallpaper_1

This Tops!!!

Wow this is outselling all our apparel looks great on everyone…love the bling!!!Cimg4620

Neat Collage

I bought this box at Anthropologie (I refer to this place as my office should I be out and anyone need me) and
put a few of my favorite things inside….such a clever thing! Anyway take a peek…Cimg4621_1