You guessed it!

Time for vintage wallpaper poetry!Ornateday_1

Love these beaded trees…

We have plenty of these for the show ready to give as gifts!! Come see for yourself..Sweettree_2

Check it out!!

Sweet adorable Heidi Klum with her precious daughter in Sis Boom Fabric!!! She has a great eye for style !! If anyone knows the maker I would love to give credit…..just wanted to pass this along….More colors in Molly coming out in the Spring of 2007…very hot product I must say …it appeals to the 70’s wallpaper in all of us…
Talk soon…Jenny are you seeing this? Heidi

Mod Garland!

Then I had this wonderful idea to use my wallpaper circles and glue them to silver spraypainted 1950’s beaded
curtain, thingamajigs you know hippie stuff! and I came up with very Anthropologie looking garland…there I said it Anthropologie, the A word, just in case they should stop by my blog……Tell me if I am on track…

and another!